Friday, May 28, 2010

Formation of lights seen in Texas and Georgia Skies

MUFON Case #   23500
Date:    05.27/2010
Time:    05:15
Location:  Irving, Texas
Summary:   Six lights in the sky not behaving like aircraft or baloons

I was leaving my apt for work at aproximately 05:15 5/27/2010.  I checking the weather to the North looking at the sky.

I noticed 6 points of light similar to bright stars moving slowly accross the sky in the formation of an upside down "Y". They moved from East to West.

I held my thumb out against what I was seeing to attempt to gauge size or distance. I cold not. The formation of objects from this perspective were approximately the size of my thumb with my arm fully extended.

My first thought was that this was an airplane since DFW Intl. was just a few miles away. I am used to the various approach patterns of airplanes in the area.

If these lights were from a known type of plane, I would have heard engines at this distance. I would have also been able to see parts of the aircraft. It would have been moving much faster if it were an airliner. I'm certain, it was not any kind of plane that I have ever seen.

The lights stopped breifly. One of the "wing" lights broke away and moved out ahead of the formation and stopped. The formation began to move again.

As the formation approached the single light, the single light maneuvered to rejoin the formation.  Once in formation again, all lights stopped.

The lights were clearly visible when suddenly they began to shimmer as though I were looking at them through heat waves. I glanced around to find that no other stars or other objects were shimmering in this way. Then the lights faded away as though someone had turned them off with a dimmer switch.

The lights made no sound and they did not move exactly together as lights fixed to a single platform might. The size and color of the lights remained consistent with the size, color and brightness of a bright star during this.

*          *          *

MUFON Case #    23507
Date:    05/28/2010
Time:    21:15
Location:  Grayson, Georgia
Summary:  15 to 20 bright orange lights above the trees.. Highway 78 and Grayson pkwy.

I was driving home from my friends house on highway 78 in Snellville/Grayson. Then I turned left on Grayson pkwy and I noticed about 15 to 20 bright orange spheres in a line above the trees to my right.

I pulled into my driveway and ran to my backyard and could now only see about 4 or 5 of them. They had changed patterns. They were circling each other. They kept getting lower until it was almost like they disappeared.

It was hard to say how far away they were. From the time I got in my backyard they were gone within 3 minutes or so.

When I first noticed them I thought it was possibly some lights from a cell tower but then they starting moving.

I woke my husband up and we sat outside for a few hours but they did not return.


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