Monday, May 17, 2010

Couple "scanned" in their bedroom

Depiction by SW.

Witness reported to MUFON that she and her boyfriend were "scanned" by a strange device, also of seeing a bright light shining into their 2nd story bedroom window.

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MUFON Case # 23336
Date:    2010-05-02
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Shape:    Unknown
Distance: 20 feet or less
Description:    bright light shining in 2nd story bedroom window, scanning device hovering over me

In recent years, I have been awakened at night, roughly 2-3 a.m. about once every 5-6 months apart. I always have this sort of panic feeling when It happens. I usually first hear a sort of snapping sound.

Just the other night I heard it again. In my minds eye I saw an operating room, and a fuzzy vision of figures standing around what seemed to be an operating table. When I opened my eyes I'm still in the bedroom, all lights were off, everything seems normal. But a bright light was showing through the window blinds. This bedroom in on the second floor.

I looked around and caught something moving in the air. It was very hard to detect. I noticed this sort of wavy motion in the air. I kept starring into the dark to try to catch what was moving around. I noticed this type of a scanner moving very slowly over me and my boyfriend. I could barely see it. It was like a hologram, but I could see this circuitry, very thin wire with a tiny light moving following the wiring. It moved over my head, over my body down to my feet then it shifted over my boyfriend, same pattern. It did not make any noise. And like I said I kept loosing sight of it but then would catch it in my visual field.

I wish I had something I could have thrown at it to see if it would bounce off of it or go through it. I got really frightened and screamed, when I did that the light went out and the scanner vanished immediately. I did not tell my boyfriend of this as I know he would think I am crazy. He was not aware of anything, he sleeps very soundly and it's difficult to wake him.. This seemed to be some sort of scanner for a lack of a better word. It was like stealth.

Are we being scanned by an intelligent life? What is going on? Have you heard of this? I can say more things like this have happened to me in other places over the past 5 years. But I never saw this scanner before. Can you tell me if you have heard of this type of event??

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  1. Last night i awoke to a bright artificial light. I knew I was awake but i was so terrified i couldn't look at it coming through the curtain on my window. I looked across the bed to notice my dog also looking at the light as if confused. It moved across the room making everything appear translucent, and then back across as it left, i felt a strong electrical current go from toe tip to my head. As it left my head I tasted metal, or more like the stuff you swallow before x-rays or cat scans then the light moved across the yard and vanished with a humming sound but only I heard this when it left. The next day i told my mother and grand mother and to my surprise my grandmother had said she saw the same light as she lay back down from getting up to use the restroom. This was about the same time she said. She lives at least 20 miles from me. Is this military or ya know...

    1. Though I have heard of this phenomena being reported before, I am not aware that the military has that type of technology.
      If you would email me directly, I would appreciate more information and perhaps your grandmother could also tell me what she saw and experienced? Thanks!


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