Thursday, May 20, 2010

Unidentified Flying Objects Seen Over Gig Harbor

A witness has posted a report to MUFON, of unidentified objects over Gig Harbor, Washington.  Here is that report, which contains no corrections.
To see original report, please click on case number.

MUFON Case # 23364
Date:    2010-05-01
Time:   00:00
City:    Gig Harbor
State:    Washington
Shape:    Diamond,Other
Distance: Over one mile

To whom it may concern.
My name is [removed]. I live in Gig Harbor Washington on the water facing sw towards an area we locally refer to as the purdy (wa) spit. The Olympic Mountain range is in the back ground.
Last year 09 around March I think it was, I witnessed the comet that came very close to earth on my way home from work one night and I have been looking up ever since because I found it extremely strange that the media made very little mention of this event as that it would have had the same destructive impact as the one in Russia around the turn of the century that flattened thousands of acres of forest. I am sure you are aware of both of these events.  So I purchased a somewhat powerful telescope and have spent many nights since staying up late scanning the stars.
Three-Four weeks ago while driving down our road at around dusk I saw something. At first I thought it was a very bright star and then realized it was moving. I pulled my truck into the driveway and grabbed my scope, fixed it directly onto the object and viewed something far beyond my knowledge of technology.
I could see it very clearly through my Orion 90 refractor scope. It was the shape of a diamond. The top half was amber red and the bottom half was as bright as a star. It hovered a while at around my guess 20-25 thousand feet and then dropped to around 8-6? in a matter of a minute or two as it approached then just cruised right over the top of us towards Mount Rainier. It made no sound though I felt like I could hear something like being close to a power line or similar almost like maybe all sound went away, hard to explain.
As it passed over I then grabbed my scope and went to the driveway to view it as it moved away. From behind it was no longer the shape of a diamond, it looked liked an elongated circle eight figure of light, all amber red. And no, I am not an alcoholic nor drug addled so I know what I saw.
Two nights ago,coming from the same direction, this time it was around midnight, a round orb like thing with a half circular arc just as bright coming out of the orb from top to bottom. It came from the same elevation and traveled the same direction as the first. Then one hour later another one. These objects were without a doubt not planes nor helicopters.
We have had quite a bit of F-16 type jets and apache/military looking helicopters buzzing over I think as a result these past few nights. We do not normally see these military type craft directly over us. I did some research and found your organization to be the most credible so I thought I would share this with you because, well, I am a rational man who can actually believe what I see with my own eyes and I am now a firm believer that something is going on, and "they" whoever "they" are in our government are very aware of "it".
There is something else, something that actually makes me a little uneasy to bring up. Several years ago, an acquaintance told me about a phenom known by many as chem-trails. At first I paid him no mind however now I think I am convinced that our government is carrying out these practices routinely. Anymore in the greater Seattle Tacoma/Bremerton area, we are lucky to have 1-2 un-obscured blue sky days per month all year long. I watch them regularly with distinct zig zag like patterns, haze up our sky. The jets are usually always solid white or white with a blue underbelly and no insignia ( refractor scope gets a pretty good zoom in).
I used to be skeptical of this but now am getting to the point that I unfortunately believe it to be true, especially after what I have witnessed this past year. I was out the other night trying to find my dog and with my flashlight you could see microscopic glitter like substance falling all around. Gold, green, red and yellow/silver. I have never contacted any organization about this stuff.
You asked about the location. If you look at a map of Gig Harbor and Purdy Washington I am on the east side of Henderson Bay accross from the Purdy Spit/bridge area, looking towards the spit with the olympics in the back drop. I have givin you the best description I can and have been completely honest in all my statements. I do not mind if you call me if you have any other questions. Thank you Sincerely [removed]

Gig Harbor with Mt. Rainier in the background.

Note:  I feel that this is a credible witness, who has seen unidentified flying objects (UFOs). However, I might point out that Mt. Rainier would be to his Southeast, not southwest. Most likely a "miss-type".
Whether man-made or extraterrestrial, it remains uncertain as to what these objects might have been. 


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