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Reports of cloudy substance (vapor condensation?) around UFOs

I received this report from my friend and colleague, Dimitris Hatzopoulos (Website: Best UFO Resources)

Dimitris refers to the sightings that I reported on, as well as others and discusses the "mists, clouds, etc." around UFOs and other aerial objects.

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With regard to reports of UFOs with a "cloud-like" effect around them, recently posted on your blog:

Later in an email, EDavid wrote to me and sent a drawing (shown above) of what he saw:

"I recently replied to an article on your site from September 15, 2009, where a v-shaped, or boomerang type, UFO was reported seen over Belville, Texas.  The description given in the article is quite close, almost exactly, to what my friend and I saw over Red Bluff, CA, on April 17, 2010.  It was flying away from us, in a straight and steady path, silently, with this weird cloud-like substance flowing over the craft from the front to the back.  At first glance I believed it to be a strange, angular cloud, moving, but the movement of the object was impossible for it to be merely a cloud, and as I watched it further I could see that an object was underneath the cloud-like substance.  I drew a picture last night of what we saw, and have attached it to this email."

"I saw exactly the same thing as edavid on April 28, 2010 flying over my neighborhood a little after 10pm, at first I thought it was a v shaped cloud but it was moving too fast and too straight and it made absolutely no sound and almost glided through the sky quickly, rather low, it was not high in the sky.  It was also as if the clouds were rolling off the edges of it.  It was slightly a different color than the night sky but blended very, very well.  I live near Fort Worth, TX, near Carswell Air Force Base. I did not see any lights on it either.  Last night was a full moon. This happened while I was walking my dog.  As I read Edavid’s report Case 22911 I said “EXACTLY!”.  He did an awesome job of describing exactly what I saw.   Thank you.  JV"

I would like to quote some possibly relevant ideas from my Resources about possible UFO physics / propulsion / technology webpage, using the Viborg Denmark 1965 photographic case as an example:

If I were to try to make the case that this is a true UFO based only on this photograph, I would link it to other reports of "mist" around UFOs. On many occasions UFOs are reported to become gradually engulfed in a vapor cloud. One such case is found in James McCampbell's "Effects of UFOs upon people": A highway patrolman saw a strange object sitting on the ground in the San Joaquin Valley of California. It was early morning on a wintry day. Suddenly, the object became surrounded by a mist. Then a brilliant glow appeared as the object rose off the ground. The sudden appearance of mist in the San Joaquin case is a vital detail. That region in California is noted for very dense, ground fogs resulting from ground cooling due to radiant heat loss to the cosmos during long winter nights and high humidity near sloughs and swamps. Water vapor adjacent to the UFO could have been condensed by a reduction either in temperature or pressure.

A repulsive force-field (the hypothetical airflow control force field ACFF I talk about in my UFO technical overview page) used to control airflow around the UFO, may have exerted an outward force on the air molecules near the skin of the UFO, thereby reducing the atmospheric pressure close to the UFO's surface
. A very small pressure change, indeed, would suffice to cross the dew point and condense water vapor from saturated air at 100% humidity. Such condensation can sometimes be observed in the low-pressure zone above airplane wings.

Related: Report by patrolman Luis Delgado - Haines City, FL 19-Mar-1992 "silent, dome-shaped object flew overhead, filling his police cruiser with a brilliant green glow... seemed to float about 10 ft. off the ground, cooling the surrounding air to the point at which it formed a foggy mist". Photos taken at Fort Belvoir in 1957
A similar phenomenon of vapor condensation due to the reduction of pressure sometimes takes place on the upper side of aircraft wings (depending on angle of attack and atmospheric conditions), e.g.

I also discuss this in my "UFO technical overview" webpage, in the sections covering the hypothetical "airflow control field" (ACFF):
In his book Hill -who was a famous aerodynamicist in his day- provides calculations and possible arrangement of force field generators within spherical and elliptical UFOs, which would produce the necessary effects, including the ability of UFOs to travel supersonically without generating a sonic boom. Manipulation of the surrounding air/water by the ACFF would, even at supersonic speeds, result in a constant-pressure, constant-density flow around the UFO, in which the UFO is surrounded by a subsonic flow-pattern of streamlines, and subsonic velocity ratios (hence no shockwave i.e. sonic boom). This minimizes friction and heating issues. An additional benefit of the ACFF is that drops of rain, dust, insects, or other objects would follow streamline paths around the UFO rather than impact it. Effectively, the ACFF creates a "protective shield" around the UFO, much like an incandescent light bulb: the UFO is the filament and the bulb is the air-control field around it, which protects the UFO, keeps the surrounding medium (air/water) from coming in touch with the UFO. (Todo: confirming testimonies 1/ rain-drops 2/ APRO case of farmer in Miller County, Missouri 14-Feb-1967, who threw rocks at a UFO and they bounced off an invisible barrier 3/ projectiles, verify stories of firing anti-aircraft gun at UFOs in WWII e.g. "you could see by the tracer rounds that the stream of fire was arcing around the object, not ricocheting, but going around it and straightening back out" 4/ R.Haines' cases of PFC Francis P. Wall Korea 1951 and hunter).
Speculation: On the right column of this webpage, I offer my interpretation of the Lynn, MA USA 2006 and the Albiosc Tavernes France 1974 photographic cases, along the ideas on UFO propulsion, radiation and illumination outlined in this webpage. I suggest that the "aura-like" glow of the air (i.e. "plasma sheath") around many UFOs is due to the ionization of surrounding air by the EM radiation accompanying the UFO "airflow-control" force field (ACFF) used for shockwave suppression and drag reduction. The ACFF apparently creates an envelope of lower atmospheric density (vacuum) around the UFO, by pushing the surrounding medium (air/water) away from the skin of the UFO. UFOs seem to switch off their ACFF when they hover near the ground or land, which eliminates the "plasma sheath" and allows details of the UFO to be seen. Hill (p.214-6) ties the seemingly absurd report of a UFO hovering over a pond and causing its surface to freeze (Vashon Island, WA USA 1968) with the refrigerator-like (adiabatic expansion to low temperature of air going into the zone) effect of the UFO ACFF, which apparently was left active in this case.

In another section, I further discuss my reasons for hypothesizing such an "airflow control" field:
Because of the difficulty of creating plasma at normal atmospheric pressure and temperature, in addition to other observations, such as
  1. the luminosity of some reported submarine UFOs
  2. the physical effects as UFOs enter/exit the water (by of Carl Feindt, webmaster of, who has prepared several sketches on UFO interaction with water)
  3. the appearance of "mist" around UFOs when they startup in high humidity environment, apparently as water vapor adjacent to the UFO is condensed by reduction of  pressure from a force-field
  4. the occasional violent sound effects (roar) at startup while being practically silent in flight
the reports can be explained by hypothesizing an "airflow control force field"which would create an envelope of lower atmospheric density (vacuum) near the UFO's surface, by pushing the surrounding medium (air/water) away from the skin of the UFO.

Just some food for thought.

Best regards,
Dimitris Hatzopoulos
Thessaloniki, Greece
Website: Best UFO Resources


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  1. I and some friends saw a V shaped "flying wing" UFO last night. It had no sound whatsoever, but had a cloud-like effect in it's lighting. I assumed this was caused by it being only lit by ambient light from below, which is somewhat ethereal. There was an air-show in Hillsboro Oregon and the B-2 was on display there and it could have been the B-2 flying from Hillsboro to Pendelton. However, any pics I could find of the B-2 had both sound and lights.... i.e. It's a UFO...we had a military ex-Iraq neighbor with us and he was stumped too.


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