Saturday, May 1, 2010

Witness reports 'cloud forming' UFO near Carswell AFB

Received via email, a witness that claims to have seen in Ft. Worth, what a number of witnesses have been reporting;  A triangular/boomerang shaped object that seems to produce a cloud camouflage.

Here is that emailed report, "as is" with no corrections.

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I saw exactly the same thing as edavid on April 28, 2010 flying over my neighborhood a little after 10pm, at first I thought it was a v shaped cloud but it was moving too fast and too straight and it made absolutely no sound and almost glided through the sky quickly, rather low, it was not high in the sky.  It was also as if the clouds were rolling off the edges of it.  It was slightly a different color than the night sky but blended very, very well.  I live near Fort Worth, TX, near Carswell Air Force Base. I did not see any lights on it either.  Last night was a full moon. This happened while I was walking my dog.  As I read Edavid’s report Case 22911 I said “EXACTLY!”.  He did an awesome job of describing exactly what I saw.   Thank you.  JV

Original report

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Thank you, JV, for your report.

Exactly what is this object?  Is it an experimental aircraft being tested by the military, or is it what many believe it to be, an alien craft?

Do you have an opinion?  Have you seen something like this or any unusual, or unidentified flying object?  If so, please email me.-SW



  1. On October 22,2013 I viewed this silent v-form cloudy image across the sky in El Paso Texas. Is there any conclusive evidence as to what this is? It moves smoothly, rapidly and what makes you notice it is the cloudiness that appears or looks like a shadow in this v-form over the sky. I would like to know what it is. One other thing I did notice is that not only was the object silent but all night sounds became eerily silent.

  2. On October 23,2013 I witnessed same v-form object. It was silent, cloudy appeared to be a shadow cast in the night sky. I saw it in El Paso Texas and would like to know what it is. It moved smoothly and rapidly and eerily all night sounds were also silent for the few seconds it moved across the sky.

  3. It's possibly that you saw some new stealth technology, however, I have never received confirmation on that. Perhaps an electromagnetic field from the propulsion (if that is what it uses), has some affect on animals and insects.
    As it is, I'd say you saw an unidentified flying object.

  4. I live on the bomber flight line for the former carswell afb and I have had the stealth bomber fly over my house a few times wile I have been working in the back yard during air shows and at other times. it always took the same route. low over the wildlife refuge then right over my house so close you swear you could touch it before dropping right over the lake and popping back up over the base. im on a hill and my backyard starts the drop into the neighborhood until it hits the lake. same thing each time see a shadow and look and see it flying over. I do not recall hearing a sound just the wind in the trees. same as when it flew over me wile I was walking in the wildlife refuge one year. it was so close it was moving the trees. this story reminds me of that

    1. Thank you for your observations! If you see anything else, please let us know.


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