Friday, April 30, 2010

Unidentified Light Ascended Into Storm Cloud

This is my own personal recent sighting.  I've waited to see if anyone else would report this but no one has.  If anyone in North Central Texas saw what I did, please email me. -SW

4/22/2010- 10:15 pm, as seen from Breckenridge, Texas. 

I felt like stepping outside, to look at the stars.  I was observing Sirius lowering on the SW horizon, then began observing the towering storm clouds stretching from my southwest to east/southeast.

To my east/southeast a bright light appeared.  The time was 22:15. It at first appeared to be a star but it only took a second to realize that it was no star, that it was below the storm clouds, approx. 20 degrees above the SE horizon.

I stepped inside to get my binoculars, hoping the object would still be there.  It was.
I observed a solid oval shaped golden light, the same size and magnitude as Venus, which had just disappeared below the western horizon.

As I watched the object (light) to my east/southeast, it ascended into the clouds (approx, 5 degrees) and cast a golden glow inside the cloud, until it was finally obscured from view.  If I held a ruler up at arms length, the glow cast from the light inside the clouds would have been about 3/4 of an inch. Total viewing time, approx. 90 seconds.

I was preparing to go back inside the house when I saw another bright light.  This time I observed what appeared to be a similar (same) object but this one was much higher, 65 degrees above the horizon, 90 degrees due East, emerging from the northernmost edge of the storm clouds.  It was traveling twice the speed that jets normally pass over and instead of the normal East to West (or reverse) path, this object was traveling Northwest, at great speed.

As I watched, one golden white light became 2, one behind the other, with a small, brilliant white strobe light on the port (left) side.  In one minute the object had covered almost half the sky, before I lost sight of it past the peak of my roof.  There were no sounds of a jet or helicopter.

I am not aware of planes, or helicopters that intentionally fly into clouds, or through clouds.  I also do not believe this was a flare, as flares do not hover, then flight up into clouds, let alone travel for miles in a straight line.

I spoke with someone in the Granbury area, who claims that for some time now, he has seen objects like this over his area.


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