Saturday, April 10, 2010

Witness claims near fly-by of UFO in Pennsylvania Park

MUFON Case # 22741
Date:    09/23/2009
Time:    03:01
City:    Plumstead
Region:    Pennsylvania
Shape:    Boomerang
Distance:    20 feet or less
Summary:    UFO flew twenty meters in front of me and my friends

Me and my friends were at High rocks which is a park in PA. It is popular because it is a large cliff that falls off into a small river.

Me and my friends were there at night at around 3 am on the cliff edge. We suddenly saw a bright light above us that was brighter than the rest of the stars. It was very high up and seemed to be getting closer very fast. As it got closer to the ground we were concerned it was a plane that was going to crash. It's light also got dimmer the closer it got to us. We were very confused because there was no sound until it was right in front of us. It was making a low humming noise like a bee or something. It flew by us left to right very slow and all of a sudden it darted off into the distance instantly.

We were very freaked out after this because we looked behind us into the woods and there was a light in the distance getting closer. It didn't look like a flashlight though more like a lantern because there was no beam of light.

We got scared and started for my car then we heard a very very loud whaaauummpp noise that echoed through the woods that seemed to be coming from nowhere in specific. My friend hurt his leg because he fell from being startled from the noise. We carried him back to my car.

When I turned my key in the ignition my car would not start which was very scary because the light in the woods was getting closer. Suddenly the light went out and my car turned on and we were out of there.

*        *        *
Note:  This case sounds interesting, especially the claim of the close fly-by and the car failing to start, until "the light went out" but there is no description of the craft that was so close.  One would think that the object itself and not the events surrounding would take center stage.

Was this a real close encounter? 


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