Thursday, April 22, 2010

Triangle craft over I-5, San Clemente, CA

MUFON Case # 22922
Date:    04/20/2010
Time:   20:45
City:    San Clemente
State:    California
Shape:    Circle,Triangle
Summary:I saw a triangle shape above the I-5    

On Wednesday April 20th at about 8:45pm, I was driving south bound on I-5, just south of San Clemente when I noticed a slender triangular shaped object above my car.

I couldn't tell the size of it. It was either really high and very large or really low and not that large. If I put my arm all the way out it was the slightly larger than my hand. It had lights pulsating in sequence beginning from the point of the triangle (the front) down to the back and then back up to the front. When it reached the front the lights would pause for a second and then start the rotation over again.

I followed the object for a total of about 10 minutes, and was able to get a pretty good look of it. The lights on it where a light blue in color. The bottom/belly of the object appeared to be rounded. The object appeared to be a midnight blue in color but that could have been a reflection from the flashing blue lights.

For about 5 minutes the object was going with traffic while zigzagging left and right over the freeway. After a little bit, still traveling in a zigzag path, it began to speed up until it traveled out of sight.

At 9 pm my boyfriend called me. While explaining to him what I had seen, I saw another light. At that point I was coming up to the agricultural check point on the northbound side of I-5.

At first I thought it was an airplane. When I got closer I realized it wasn't moving and it was only about 100 yards above the freeway. It was a solid white light approximately the size of my thumb at arms length just floating about the freeway.

As I drove past it I was able to look out the drivers side window and see nothing attached to it. It was just a single bright floating light.

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