Thursday, April 8, 2010

Priest Recounts UFO Sightings In Texas

I received an email from a gentleman, with exciting accounts of UFO sightings and an encounter in Texas.  I believe him to be a very credible witness.

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In 1999, I lived for a short time in the small community of Carbon (TX). I was coming home from a church service in Breckenridge one Wednesday night and driving southbound on the state highway that connects Eastland to Carbon. All of a sudden, I saw one, large, orange light up in the sky. A few seconds later, it was accompanied by another. And then another. And then a fourth. They all stayed lit for a few seconds and then faded to just the one. The sequence repeated itself. I was awestruck. I would say that as I got closer to the Carbon city limits, the lights seemed to actually be stationed southwest of the community. When I got home, I called a friend of mine who lived down one of the country lanes just outside of the city limits. I told her what I saw. She said that she had been watching them all night and that she had seen them the night before. I called one of the news stations in Abilene and, of course, they passed it off as some airplane or experiment from Dyess Air Force Base. The following Wednesday, again I attended a church service in Breckenridge at the Episcopal Church and this time my sister was with me. Coming back home to Carbon, there they were: the four lights in the sky. I was rather pleased to read on your blog and in the newspapers others testifying to recently seeing the same thing. It is interesting that these lights are what I saw 11 years ago in the same area. I personally believe that we are serious filled with a lot of pride if we think that we are the only beings in this galaxy or any galaxy.
And then in another email, the witness wrote:

I am not an expert on anything like this. I am an enthusiast, I suppose. And I do hope in extraterrestrial life in some form or another. I say that to very few people, you see, because I also happen to be a priest and people think that folks like me shouldn't believe in such stuff!

I don't remember an exact date. I think it may have been about this time of year when I saw them. But again, this was 11 years ago.

I like to think that what I saw may have been UFO-like. I have never seen any other type of aircraft sit in a stationary position for over a week. To this day, my mind is boggled. I have not seen anything like it since.

About 5 years ago, my mother, my sister, and my niece were coming home from Stephenville (they live in Eastland). They were out in the Desdemona area. It was toward dusk. I can't remember the reason why, but my sister had to pull the vehicle over for some reason (to get something in her car, etc?). All of a sudden, my mother who happened to be in the passenger seat was looking in the field next to them and saw something rising from the tall grass. She attracted the attention of my niece and sister. They all tell the story that whatever it was - was sleek in shape, oblong, did not make much of a noise, had a few lights on it, and in a matter of seconds shot off into the sky. They all sat in the vehicle just paralyzed (in fear I would imagine) asking each other what it was they had just seen. A few minutes later, my mother told me that whatever it was returned and this time it was right next to the vehicle. She said it was so close to their vehicle that she could have rolled down the window and touched it. It was at this point that my sister threw the Yukon in drive and sped off. Of course, they never reported what they saw for fear of retribution - and who would believe them? This was during the summer.

Thank you for your blog. I just stumbled upon it last night. I look forward to returning to it often.

- Name withheld by Lights in the Texas Sky.

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Note:  One needs to remember that this event occurred well before the 2008 Stephenville flap and the one going on today.  I don't believe the witness saw flares... and well, I definitely believe we can rule out flares in his family's 2005 encounter with the oblong-shaped object that was apparently some type of craft.

If you have seen unidentified flying objects, or experienced a strange encounter, please drop me an email and tell me about it.  If I post your account and you request it, you will remain anonymous.

Also, please do not forget to report your sightings to MUFON.


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  1. I am in the Texas Hill Country area and I believe it was three or four years ago I was in the back yard putting out food for the deer. It was later than usual and probably around 9:00 p.m. Still some light in the sky. Guess it was mid summer. I glanced up and saw a light in the sky going in circles. Then to the left, I saw another light in the sky doing the same thing. Kind of looked like it would if you held a flashlight and shined it on a wall and moved it around and around in circular motion. Suddenly the two moving lights came together into one shape and were still moving in this circular motion. Then it just disappeared. Must have only taken about 10 seconds for the whole experience and I felt like I had seen something unexplainable. There is a big pasture behind my house and I am in the back yard every night to feed the deer. I just felt fortunate that I had glanced up at the time that this 10 second experience happened. I could have missed it so easily. What else have I missed seeing I wonder.


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