Friday, April 16, 2010

Brilliant Aerial Display Over Wisconsin- Caught on Video

YouTube Video Link 

Video Link on ABC

What was it that entered Earth's atmosphere in such a dazzling display and then seemingly vanished into thin air? Now don't get your shorts in a wad; the meteorologists are probably right, that it was a random meteor, or possibly space junk. However, if the location in which it disappeared can be found, traces may be found to prove just what that object was.

A meteor the size of a fist can produce a grand image and seem to be much larger than it's real size. As the projectile plummets through our atmosphere, the friction heats the metal to tremendous levels, causing a fireball effect. At one point, if the object is large enough, it's inner core can explode before reaching the ground.

I can fairly guarantee, that radar picked that streaking object up and NORAD knows exactly what it was.

Thanks to "Pep" for pointing this out.-SW


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