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UFOLOGY NOT DEAD- Texas Sightings Reports - 3/15/10 to 3/31/10

For those disgruntled UFO 'bloggers' who think that Ufology is going down the tube and no sightings are being reported, take heart.  If Texas sightings are any indication, the UFO research business is on the upswing.

Turn your countdown clock back to 11:00 PM (6AM my ass), pick up your cameras, your compasses, your "nocs", your note pads and pens.  Summer hasn't even gotten here yet and business is booming.

You want another Stephenville?  Were close!  The later half of March was punctuated with sighting of mysterious lights in the Texas counties of Callahan, Comanche, Eastland, Erath, Hood, Palo Pinto, Stephens and Taylor.  For some, the belief is that the lights were simply military flares from training exercises in the Brownwood MOA but not all of these sightings can be so easily explain.

Map of Texas Counties

Here are the Texas Sightings Reports for 3/15/2010 through 3/31/2010, which were submitted to MUFON.  Included are the NUFORC reports for the entire month of March.  Enjoy!

Note: Reports are "as is".

Depiction of what 'spouse' and I saw on 03/31/10- SW

MUFON Reports

MUFON Case # 22324
Date: Some time in the 1960s
City:    Houston
Region:    Texas
Summary: early 60's-orbit of moon

my brother were looking at the moon from our front porch--moon was extremly bright-full-very clear--my turn to look through his new birthday present (i think) telescope...very good for the era..i saw something come from the right side of the moon--like 1/8" off of the moon ( icould see black between the curve of the moon and the object)--it came across to the left--went behind to the dark side but never came out again--of course he never believed me--i havent said much about this for a long time--folks thought i was making up a story--my brother said it probably a bug--it was no bug--i brought this up again a couple of months ago to two of my brothers--they said you bet and we started to laugh...this was before anyone walked on the moon--after sputnik--i kinda thought it was those pesky russians--another failure to the moon maybe...sam

MUFON Case # 22329
Date:    2010-02-16
Time:    22:10
City:    Mesquite
Region:    Texas
Shape:    Square/Rectagular
Distance: One mile or less
Summary: Rectagular black craft moving very slow apx 500 feet with 4 dim red lights. NO FAA lights. 1 dimensional?.. like a flat black sheet of paper with lights on each conner.

On fab 16th 2010 apx around 10:10 - 10:15 PM I was coming back from the store and was walking between the house and next door. It was just flooting across the sky right over my next door neighbors house at apx 15 to 20 mph. It was solid black. So black it was like a void in the sky. At apx 500 feet more or less it seemed to move in a stright line no sound at all. I would never have known this thing was above me if I didn't look up. It had 4 dim red lights on each conner on the craft. Solid, not blinking. It was moving wast to east. No FAA lights. I don't think I remeber ever seeing a brick flooting in the sky before. It only had one dimension! Not 2 or 3 dimensions just one.. like a flat sheet of black paper it was so flat that it was out of my sight in 30 seconds.. I guess cause it was flat and one dimensional. The very dim lights could have been plasma vents to keep it up in the air.. I dunno.. just a guess. It was a drop jaw moment for me. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I always wanted to see a real UFO for myself all my life. Actually after seeing this thing and thinking about it it gives me the willies. I reported this to the Mesquite, Texas police dept. Nobody else reported this thing and I could tell the cop that called me back was laughing at me for reporting it.. I ask him if anyone else reported this and he said no I was the only one. I reported it like 3 or 4 days later. Didn't think the police would do much about it anyways but thought it might help just to document the sighting. This was my "First" UFO sighting. I wish I had a camera handy but the one I do have is only a 4 mega pix camera and seeing the UFO was so dimly lit I don't think it would have been a very good picture or video.

MUFON Case # 22373
Date:    2010-03-18
Time:     22:00
City:    Mesquite
Region:    Texas
Shape:    Circle,Sphere
Summary: Moon Shaped LARGE Cheshire Cat Smile Moving 20 mph NW shifting colors

Observed what appeared to be the MOON... but the bottom was lit up like a "smile " warm yellow shifting to orange and red over a 35 minute span moving NW at about 20 mph before disappearing below the horizon...
3 Witnesses...not including myself.. 3-18-2010 MESQUITE TEXAS

As big as the Full moon initially and observed( thought ) to be so until motion was noticed over a 35 minute period moving NW... and logic kicked in that the moon does not Wax and Wane from top to bottom...

Cheshire Cat Smile best describes its appearance, but the darker shadow above the smile indicated a full circle obviously darker than the background sky color... Complete circle... Very LARGE...
Observed a small, but..long wispy white cloud moving below it from left to right for a period of about 7 seconds.. appeared much like steam.. but in a straight line under the object, moving from left to right.. only once..

Altitude approximated at 700 feet plus or minus , and the size was too big to cover with a thumb outstretched when it disappeared below the horizon..

initial color was what would be expected from the moon... yellow and warm.. shifting slowly to orange and then red over a 35 minute time frame..

Very slow moving.. but covered approximately 5 miles over 35 minutes.. moving north west.. not always in a completely straight line.

Directly over I-30 E and W bound lanes and Gus Thompson Road... moving towards NWHY and Easton before disappearing behind trees and below the horizon...

Object definitely moved LEFT or WEST before disappearing behind the trees because a light pole was between me and it and I could see when it was centered and when it was more on the left of the pole...

Girlfriend noticed a bright dot what she thought was a Star initially upon the very first moments of observation , under the object on the left side... By the time i got out of the car passenger seat... the dot or star had disappeared.. approximately 20 seconds later...

The white cloud appeared about 12 minutes later and rapidly dissipated in a few seconds after moving from left to right under the object..

We all walked as far as we could down the parking lot to watch it go to the horizon , until we were stopped by a wooden fence, which we climbed on to to look over for the last 5 to 7 minutes of the sighting...

Object was too big to cover with a thumb at arms length when it was furthest from us...
When it was closer to us.. it was as big as the full moon... circle shape intact, but with the smile UNDER it... not on the RT.SIDE as the moon would this time of the cycle..

The moon also does not "set" in 35 minutes at 10:00 pm to 10:35 pm in Dallas Texas...

3 other witnesses , not including myself..

It was actually Beautiful at first... thinking it was the moon... until we realized it was moving.. and logic started kicking in... that the moon does not do that.... especially with the SMILE underneath... not on the side.. and shifting colors...

Now to answer the questions...
1. in the Parking lot changing a thermostat on a car.. just move to a dry parking spot to check for leaks..
2.First noticed the object thinking it wa sa beautiful moon.. with a BIG CAT SMILE.. and Hugged to it thinking it was beautiful.. actually twice before we realize it wasn't the moon...
3.We thought it was the moon... but not like we had ever seen before.. because it was lit or smiling UNDER it.
4.ROUND, as BIG as the FULL moon, but like an eclipse where you could see the darker circle above it.. like 5/8 darker and 3/8 lit on bottom... yellow like what you would expect the moon to look like.
At first we did not notice the movement... looking for leaks under the car and picking up tools.. job was completed...It took several minutes for it to dawn on us that it had MOVED from where it was .. because we went to look at it a 3rd time and it was OUT of sight and we had to walk to see it again.. in a very few short minutes... We thought we had lost it until we got to the wooden fence and looked over it.. and saw it again nearing the Horizon line ( IE getting LOWER) and shifting colors to orange and them finally red very slowly smooth color shift.
5. feelings and emotions... DISBELIEF... second guessing... what was it what did we see.. where did it go.. and then reacquired it for the final few minutes when we walked the length of the parking lot to the fence... approximately 400 to 500 yards further than where we were initially..
Actions... Pure observation.. amazement... discussion. comparing what we all saw ( 4 of us ) making sure we were all awake and seeing the same things... We watched it until it was no longer there... and the SKY where it was Lit up slightly brighter and white where it would have gone.. this lighter area lasted for several minutes until it faded away also after the object was no longer visible..

Much discussion in the parking lot during and after the incident .. approximately 30 minutes or more discussing it and what to do about it..

We even retraced out steps .. where we first saw it, and walked the 400 yards again back to the fence to see if the sky was still white where it disappeared... it WAS NOT...

After the sighting.... a mix of 'excitement' and 'who is gonna believe this' feeling... and how can we find out if more people saw it...

It was DIRECTLY over a INTERSTATE HIGHWAY FULL of traffic in both directions moving SLOW for at least 5 minutes or more...

6. lost sight of the object as it got lower to the horizon and much further from us.. approximately 5 miles or so away.. we watched it go behind some trees as its shifting to red color and the smile was getting smaller and as it went behind the light post... it was centered on the light post and moved to the left of the post right before disappearing from OUR sight lines on TOP of the Wooden Fence... You could see the tree branches in between us and the object as it moved slightly left or west and we lost sight of it.. Immediately after we lost visual... the horizon sky around where the object was lit up white .. like a baseball stadium light haze.. and this change was immediately noticed and commented on.. After we talked about it there for 10 minutes and started walking back taking about it.. we decided to go back again and double check the white in the sky to see if it was still there... and it was not.. that was 10:35 Pm 3-18-2010

Note:  For Dallas, Texas on March 18, 2010, Moorise- 8:25 AM, Moonset- 10:46 PM

MUFON Case # 22414
Date:    2010-03-15
Time:     17:15
City:    McKinney
Region:    Texas
Shape:    Circle
Duration: 00:00:01
Summary: Horse hoof like UFO

I was in the park with my wife and dogs. I took random pictures of the sky. I do this from time to time. I did not see the pictures untill today.


MUFON Case # 22437
Date:    2010-02-26
Time:     03:00
Region:    Texas
Duration: 03:10:00
Summary: im not reporting a ufo siting this is an experiance with what ive found out to be after research a Grey

I'm needing help and someone to contact me as soon as they can id rather not talk about my event and what I experianced online I feel it may indanger me. I was visited by what I believe is to be a grey and I need to speak with somone very soon

MUFON Case # 22464
Date:    2010-03-03
Time:    20:10
City:    Strawn
Region:    Texas
Shape:    Circle
Distance: One mile or less
Summary: Rural Palo Pinto County UFO Sighting

i was coming out of a oilfield lease in rural palo pinto county.A few miles to the east of the hohertz road area.i spotted 4 large lights pulsing in the night sky ahead of my truck.They were about 1/4 of a mile away and maybe 300 ft. above the ground.I continued to travel in the direction of the lights but they disappeared.There were no signs of any aircraft in the area.This is was my second sighting in 7 days.Closer than my last sighting.Same horizontal pulsing lights that seem to vanish when im about to take a photo with my phone.ive been working nights my whole life.There is something strange going on out there lately.This is something i have never seen before.ive seen about everything you could see in the night sky and could explain most of it.

MUFON Case # 22471
Date:    2010-03-22
Time:    00:00
City:    Stephenville
Region:    Texas
Shape:    Unknown
Summary: Bright Orange Light Pattern in Sky

I was driving down US 67 into Stephenville. We were staying the night in the area to visit Tarleton State the next day. This was my first trip to the area. I was with two passengers. I jokingly looked at the sky and said, "Holy Shit, of course we have to see a UFO in a one horse [cms/tg/pd] town." All three of us looked up and saw 6 bright orange lights that looked like street lamps high in the sky. The lights turned off one by one rapidly. My friend tried to get out his camera but it was too late as the last light went out.

The light caught our eye because it was right above us, when we noticed it, we knew it wasn't anything we had seen before. I was thinking it could be a radio antenna, but it never came back on. The object was stationary.

After we saw it, we just tried to guess what it was, and rationalize knowing that it could not have been a UFO.

MUFON Case # 22479
Date:    2010-03-25
Time:    03:17 GMT
City:    EL PASO
Region:    Texas
Shape:    Disc,Egg,Oval
Duration: 01:28:16


MUFON Case # 22506
Date:    2010-03-17
Time:    06:10
City:    Amarillo
Region:    Texas
Summary: We did not notice anything till we download the picture in our PC

In the early morning of 3-17-2010 we left Amarillo taking I-40 west.
Was just a beautiful day, blue sky no cloud.I was driving and my wife was taking pictures. We noticed the object in the picture the day we downloaded in our pc.

Photo 1
Photo 2

MUFON Case # 22523
Date:    2000-03-10
Time:    18:30
City:    Fritch
Region:    Texas
Shape:    Blimp
Duration: 00:20:00
Summary: we were jumping on the trampoline and suddenly a ufo was right next to a tree we freaked out but we went to get a camera and it was gone

me and my friend were jumping on the the trampoline we were trying to jump and see over our appel tree i finally jumped over it and i saw something at the corner of my eye so i got off and put on my shoes went over to see what it was and right there it was a very thin ufo with a half globe on top of it me and my friend went in to get our phones to take a picture but when we got out it was gone


MUFON Case # 22550
Date:    2010-03-10
Time:    17:30
City:    Round Rock
Region:    Texas
Shape:    Cone,Disc,Egg
Duration: 00:30:00
Summary: they put something in side me

HELP HELP HELP im becomeing one

MUFON Case # 22558
Date:    2010-03-14
Time:    23:55
City:    Breckenridge
Region:    Texas
Summary: brilliant red/orange light seen by two witnesses

It was about 5 minutes till midnight, I stepped outside with my small dogs. The sky was clear, stars plentiful, a beautiful evening. I called one of my dogs back to me but he was interested in something in our driveway, so I walked out away from the house and that is when I saw an orange colored light to my Northwest, traveling East. The object suddenly stopped and remained still. It was now located a few degrees west of due North and perhaps 5 degrees above the horizon. It never moved from that position, which was probably close to being directly over Crystal Falls. At first I thought it might be an emergency helicopter, as we are not quite a half mile from the local hospital. It only took a few seconds to be sure that it was not. After watching for a few minutes, I ran inside and told my spouse, "You need to see this!" I grabbed my binoculars, flung open our front door and pointed. He saw it. He grabbed my binoculars but they were set for me, so he grabbed the other set of binoculars and looked again. We discussed it and agreed we were seeing the same thing. The light would be a deep red, then it would change to a brilliant orange, then brighten even more, to a yellow white. Every time I spoke out loud that it should come closer, or get brighter, it would flash brightly, then it would dim to red again. What we saw was an horizontally elongated light, with something bright hanging down from the bottom center, like a narrow "V". As we watched, I began to be able to see a slight outline of an object, that the light was attached to (see depiction). The light was mounted to some type of structure. Seen from our perspective and without aid, the light was approximately 3 times the magnitude of Venus at it's closest to earth. The light appeared to be several miles away, yet through the binoculars it was fairly large. After being able to see a faint outline of the object that the light was attached to, I'd have to say the object in total, was massive. I took several photos with my small digital camera and watched the object for slightly over an hour.At approximately 01:06, as my spouse and I watched, the light flared up to several times it's original size, then as if by flipping a switch, the entire object disappeared. We both stayed awake until 03:00 but the object did not return. I have had many sightings but this is only the second time that my spouse and I have witnessed something like this together. From my perspective, the object (light) flared brightly and disappeared, while my spouse thinks it exploded, then disintegrated. Whatever it was, we both watched it for over an hour before it disappeared in a flash. Note: This is my own personal sighting. Photos were taken only seconds apart. Depiction shows how the structure appeared, as I viewed it through my binoculars. My spouse and I are in agreement about the 'appendage' appearing to protrude from top and bottom of the light, though he had trouble making out the structure around it. -SW

MUFON Case # 22569
Date:    2010-03-30
Time:    20:10
City:    Abilene
Region:    Texas
Duration: 00:45:00
Summary: Orange/Amber Lights in the Sky Again

Well its been a few months since i've last reported these but we saw it 3 seperate times tonight in the same exact part of the sky over a 45 minute period. Would come out very bright orange-ish color then quickly fade out. Nothin much more to add ..

MUFON Case # 22573
Date:    2010-03-31
Time:    00:32
City:    El Paso
Region:    Texas
Shape:    Circle,Saturn-like,Star-like
Summary: Red object in sky moves away from appraoching airplane

My friend and I were looking at the stars at around 8:45p.m. when we noticed a strange red dot in the sky. At first we thought it was a star, but the object was moving in a circular pattern. About 15 minutes later an airplane was approaching the strange object. When the plane got close the object rapidly moved away in the opposite direction, and started moving once again in the same circular pattern.

MUFON Case # 22585
Date:    2010-03-31
Time:    20:35
City:    Carbon
Region:    Texas
Shape:    Sphere
Summary: 5 large amber orbs in a horizontal line about 35degrees above the horizon over Carbon, TX. Appeared out of nowhere, one after the other in sequence, i.e. 1,2 3 4 5 then stayed on steady, no blinking, then all went out. , then reappeared in diff form .

We live on a farm not far from Hwy 6 and Carbon, Texas. My husband and I went out on the patio, facing the west, after dinner around 8:35 PM on Wednesday, March 31st. By the way we had lasagna, a salad and water, no alcohol. I was setting in a rocker facing the southwest, my husband was in a rocker facing the northwest. I was looking toward our pecan orchard directly to the south of us. All of a sudden I saw 5 bright amber colored orbs in the sky about 35 degrees above the horizon. They just appeared and stayed on steady and didn't move. They appeared to be overhead and just west of the city of Carbon almost 3 miles south of us. When they appeared it was like they came on in sequence, 1,2 3 4 5, real fast. The front light would go off as the back light would appear, but always 5 lights stayed on solid in a row.

I told my husband, "what the hell is that" and when he saw my eyes and heard me he turned his head quickly to the south and he saw them too. We both got up out of our rockers and headed south into the lawn and stood there for a good minute or so watching these lights. He said that's not an airplane. I said it's not a meteor show either or a comet or a star. My mind was trying to process just what this was and if it was anything similar to anything I had ever seen before. There was no noise. The adrenilin was flowing and my heart was in my throat. I had never seen anything like this. I was scared. They were moving to the east. They would disappear for several seconds then reappear a little further east in a different formation almost like if you spread your fingers out on your hand and hold it up to the sky, there would be a large orb at each finger tip. They were large amber lights in the sky. They were not blinking lights, just solid lights that would appear and stay on solid, then all would disappear for a few seconds. They didn't move in a straight line. Each time they appeared they would be at a different level off the horizon from 10 to 35 degrees.

I ran inside to get my camera while my husband stayed in the yard and continued to watch. While I as inside I called the sheriff's dispatch and reported it and ask if they had an officer in the area to ask him to look to the south toward Carbon to see if they could see it. I ran back out side and my husband said they had moved farther to the east and lower on the horizon maybe about 10 degrees. They looked like they were headed in the direction of Stephenville. We stood there for a good 15 minutes to see if they reappeared but they didn't. Sadly, I didn't get my camera in time. I was too in awe of this thing to leave to go inside and get it.

MUFON Case # 22587
Date:    2010-03-31
Time:    20:30
Status:    Submitted
City:    Abilene
Region:    Texas
Duration: 00:10:00
Summary: Two Nights in a row of strange Amber/Red/Orange lights

Ok this is two nights in a row now. Im starting to feel like a broken record here. This time they came on in in a row of 4-5 lights but quickly faded out within' a few seconds. Then they came on a 2nd time this time it looked more like a triangle and the lights were all red when it was in the formation of a triangle. If I had to quest i'd say the from each point of the triangle was at least a mile long. so im assuming if my math is correct it had a diameter of 3 miles? Not sure if triangles have a diameter but you know what I mean. It was once again the south east of Abilene.

MUFON Case # 22591
Date:    2010-03-31
Time:    20:29
City:    Breckenridge
Region:    Texas
Shape:    Oval,Sphere,Star-like
Summary: Several orange/white lights appear, then disappear several times.

My spouse and I saw some strange lights south/southeast of Breckenridge, Texas, at 8:30 PM this evening. The lights were in the direction of Eastland but possibly further south. I spent the last hour before dusk, planting beans and peas in our plowed field. I had just finished for the day and was standing at the NE corner of the field, with a clear 360 degree view of the sky. I was observing a few stars barely discernible above me when something made me look to my south. Suddenly a bright white/orange light appeared, then 4 more next to (east of) it. The four came on all at once. They all blinked off at the same time. These lights were approx. 10 degrees above the southern horizon. They lights only appeared for a few seconds each time. I ran to the house, yelling for my husband to "Come quick, UFOs!" (I didn't know what they were at the time, still don't). I grabbed my binoculars and by the time we got to the field, the lights were gone but as we stood there, a light appeared, then 3 more in a loose triangle formation. They all blinked out at the same time, then slightly further east they all appeared again. Each time they blinked out, they would appear a bit further east until I could no longer see them because of the treeline. Moments later, we saw at least 1 jet flying into that area and it was tiny in comparison to the lights. After the lights were gone, my husband said, "What is that?" He pointed up at about 65 -70 degrees ESE and said, "Watch that star, it's moving." I watched it through the binoculars. I told him it was probably a satellite but then the object did something that satellites do not do, it altered course from ENE to due east and then a few moments later, it disappeared. I contacted Robert Powell (MUFON) and described what I had seen. We discussed it and he sent me a video of flares he had taken sometime earlier. My husband (a military aviation veteran) and I watched the video. The flares in the video did not resemble what we saw tonight. My husband is adamant that what we saw were not flares and I do not believe they were either. Evidently we were not the only ones to see these lights tonight. I have a blog called "Lights in the Texas Sky". A short while ago, someone posted to my blog what they also saw this evening and it matches very closely to what Joe and I saw. Here is their report/comment: "tonight 3/31/10 around eight thirty PM we saw about 10 flashing lights. it would appear for about 1-3 seconds as a bright orange light, dissapear for about the same time, then come back. but when it reappeared, rather than there only being one there would be multiple. this is about our forth time to see these things and we only see them at night but they are always the same thing. an orange light that flashes a few times then dissapears and we dont see it again the rest of the night." If I hear back from the poster, I will send any information to Mr. Powell. I am including in this report, 3 depictions of what Joe and I saw. Thank you, SW.

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3

MUFON Case # 22597
Date:    2010-03-31
Time:    20:35
City:    Dublin
Region:    Texas
Distance: One mile or less
Summary: Several blinking objects appeared then burst into larger orange lights then disappeared

My son and I were driving home to Dublin from Cottonwood Baptist Church on Highway 6 at about 8:30 p.m. When we got about a mile outside of Dublin proper we noticed two blinking lights in the sky. They were blinking white and blue and were very subtle looking. Then they turned big and bright orange. They sat there for about 15 seconds then dimmed to the subtle flashing lights again. Then they turned the bright orange again. But this time just one of the orange lights had a stream of 5 or 6 lights come from it. Then those went out and the orange lights dimmed to the flashing lights again. They then began to speed across the sky and then more lights showed up. Once again they turned bright orange then dimmed and sped around then brightened again. Sometimes there would just be one light sometimes there would be several . . . as many as 4 or 5. Only one time did I hear a sound from them. It sounded like a jet had flown by but it came from the lights. After watching them for about 20 minutes doing this repeatedly I had to leave. But I came back about 10 minutes later with my son and daughter this time. We looked for them again but never saw them. While we were sitting there though two jets flew by at a very high rate of speed and within 5 minutes two more flew by. I do have pictures but have not been able to download them to my computer yet. They are still on my iphone.

MUFON Case # 22599
Date:    2010-03-31
Time:    20:30
City:    Eula - Cross Plains
Region:    Texas
Shape:    Sphere
Distance: Over one mile
Summary: Orange lights appeared...up to 5 straight vertical lines...then 4 in horizontal lines...then in circles

Lights appeared south east of my house in Abilene Texas...15 or so degress on the horizon putting them in Callahan county around hgh 36 somewhere near the Pecan Bayou or Eula area. I was sitting on my back porch when I first saw them at 8:30 on March 31'st. First I saw one light...then two lights...then 5 lined up in a straight vertical line...the next sighting they were 4 horizontal...each time they lasted just a few seconds...the whole event was just about minute and 1/2. I got my wife to see witness them also...She saw up to 3 lights and then went back to her TV show...I told her to bring me some aluminum foil. I'm 57 years old lived around planes all my life...I can tell you the type of jet plane flying over by the engine noise and sound...I have seen flares, afterburners, lights...these I cannot explain. They were like little 'm' s or spheres and mostly orange...they had no comet tails...they did not move once they appeared. They did appear in different locations each time...but not too far from their last appearance.

What got my attention was a plane was landing at Abilene Municipal Airport when the object appeared behind the plane... I thought the plane might be in trouble and started to call 911 to report it...I watched and the plane went on to land but the lights were still appearing behind the plane...The aircraft landing was a probably a commercial flight coming from DFW. This is the second time I have seen the lights...First time I just blew it off...told my wife and she got a good laugh...Not this time.

Fort Hood is 180 miles southeast of Abilene and I'm sure I could not see activity from where my house is...I have seen many dog fights from aircraft around Lake Brownwoood area but these were not afterburners or flares that are dropped to confuse heat sinking missles...I have seen those before at many air shows...they are like sparklers that drop in altitudes...these would just appear and disapper quickly.

MUFON Case # 22604
Date:    2010-04-01
Time:    00:00
City:    Waco
Region:    Texas
Summary: Invisible

I realize the irony of today being April 1st but I will swear an oath that what I am saying is true and correct. The weather was so nice this morning that I decided to prop my front door open and have a smoke outside my office this morning. While enjoying my smoke and watching the clouds move rapidly North, I saw a contrail from what I at first thought to be an airplane. Looking closer I noticed something wasn't quite right so I grabbed my 10 x 50 binoculars to take a closer look. I observed the contrail moving rapidly and consistently from North to South but there was nothing that I could visibly see that was creating the trail The trail seemed to be appearing out of thin air, there was no aircraft. The event lasted only a few minutes. There were two separate cloud layers this morning and the event was occurring below the top layer.

MUFON Case # 22610
Date:    2010-03-29
Time:    21:02
City:    Arlington
Region:    Texas
Shape:    Flash,Oval,Star-like
Distance: Unknown

Around 21:00 on March 29th, 2010, I took my two dogs out to do thier business before bed. As always I looked up to see whats going on in the sky. I saw the usual air traffic from DFW coiming and going. I did see somthing heading east that caught my eye. I saw a flash at first I thought it was another plane and it's FAA lights blinking off and on, but as I watched the object contunue to move to the East it split into two craft and went into different directions. One object went North and the other stayed on it's original path. The object heading North moved in an eratic pattern until I lost it in the haze. The second object move in steady pattern. The two objects were identical in size, shape and color. the shape was hard to determine due to the lack of light but if I had to guess it would be circiular. The weather was clear, breezy and hazy. The moon was out but not emitting alot of light. I see planes flying in the sky all the time coming and going to all the airports around the metroplex, but I've never seen anything like this before.

NUFORC REPORTS for March, 2010

NUFORC Report S74527
Date: 3/2/2010
Time: 05:00
Location: Austin, TX
Shape: Unknown
Duration:30 seconds
Object with unusually large and luminous lights seen hovering completely still 100 yards off the highway.

Driving at 5:00 AM on I-35 in S. Austin, a object with unusual lights was seen about 100 yards off of the interstate, hovering completely still about 300-400 feet in the air. The object had larger and more luminous lights than normal, with one steady blue light and one slowly blinking red light. The driver approached the object and it was completely stationary. First impression was that the object was some sort of tethered balloon with lights, but subsequent events ruled out this possibility. Upon passing underneath the object, driver noted that the body of the craft appeared to have a very unusual shape, possibly triangular, though it was difficult to see under the conditions. The object remained stationary for the duration that the driver could view it in the rear-view mirror. Driver then made a u-turn on the interstate as soon as possible to return to the sight of the spotting. Upon returning approximately 2 minutes later, the craft was nowhere to be see! n, which was thought to be unusual since if it had been a hovering helicopter he would have expected to see it moving off into the distance. Driver wished he could have seen the object move to obtain more information, but it seems likely that the object was an unusual craft of some sort.

NUFORC Report S74537
Date: 3/4/2010
Time: 11:00
Location: Canyon Lake, TX
Shape: Other
Duration:2 seconds
Large object falls straight down then jetfighters chase after it.

Saw 6 inches to side of telephone poll approximatly 30 miles away an object,large, black strange shape possible trianglar teardrop mix, fell straight down, no trails no turns no spins just straight down. then about 20 minutes after 4 jet fighters flying rather low flew in exact direction the object fell.

NUFORC Report S74560
Date: 3/5/2010
Time: 20:37
Location: Buffalo (near), TX
Shape: Light
Duration:10 seconds
Changing Light near Buffalo, Texas

At 2037 (looked at clock right afterward) tonight traveling south on I45 in Texas near Mile Marker 166 my friend and I witnessed a bright white light that turned red then green and faded out. It came down at about a 45 degree angle and turned horizontal before winking out. The light was also heading in the southern direction parell to the interstate. It was approx 150’ feet of the ground when it disappeared. I could not tell its shape that it happened very quickly. We saw it for only about ten seconds. I remarked to my friend that he just saw his first ufo.

I have personally seen several ufos that I have reported- I am a Professional Truck Driver. My friend is a Professional Oil Field Equipment Salesman.

NUFORC Report S74608
Date: 3/9/2010
Time: 03:00
Location: Riesel, TX
Shape: Sphere
Duration:5 minutes
Screeching noise with bright light.

It was storming heavily all night long, I went outside to call a friend and smoke a cigarette.
When I called we were talking for about 3 minutes and then I stated to here a screeching noise.
Well, I figured living in the country that it was probably just a bird, such as an owl, but then a light appeared. The light was flickering, I assumed that it was a helicopter but then I remembered that it was storming pretty badly ten minutes prior to this. After about 5 minutes, it disappeared.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))

NUFORC Report S74958
Date: 3/9/2010
Time: 20:50
Location: San Antonio, TX
Shape: Sphere
Duration:30 minutes
3 Morphing Red Sphere Lights No Sounds.

The ufo had 3 morphing red sphere lights. It was coming from the northeast going south then disappeared. It went so fast past my neighbors house it made their car alarm go off. When it got to my house it stopped for about 5 seconds and then took off. And this ain't the first time i've seen one, In the february of 08 i had my first encounter. this would be my second. THIS IS NOT A HOAX.

NUFORC Report S74636
Date: 3/11/2010
Time: 10:00
Location: Poth, TX
Shape: Triangle
My husband noticed something outside in the sky, He called for me and I went outside we noticed something in the sky kinda low just hovering in one spot for a while it had a red and white light, we noticed the UFO moving slowely towards our home, I ran inside to get my camera and started taking pictures, The UFO moved closer towards our home went right over us, as it got closer we saw it shaped in triangle or diamond shaped, it had lights in each corner, it moved right across from us over our home and continued fading into the sky, It was very quiet and made very little noise.
I recorded UFO and got several pictures.

NUFORC Report S74706
Date: 3/17/2010
Time: 08:50
Location: Converse, TX
Shape: Disk
Duration:2 min
I saw a disk like a mirror,big,fast and quite,it made no noise,it was a sight to be seen.

I saw a disk,with no light coming from it.It was fast and low,i did not here any noise,and as it went over my head and into light it blended into the light and i could no longer see it.!! man it look like mirror it was a sight to see.

NUFORC Report S74761
Date: 3/22/2010
Time: 21:00
Location: Dublin, TX
Shape: Light
Duration: 30sec
5 balls of light faded in then out over dublin tx

There was one big light that came on for about 5 seconds then it faded away then 3 more lights faded in and left with in 15 seconds and then 3 very fast moving objects flew through where the lights had been and continued to go staight until disapered out of sight.

NUFORC Report S74768
Date: 3/23/2010
Time: 01:45
Location: El Paso, TX
Shape: Changing
Bright white light along the side of mountain, that changed shape and cast a huge glow around it.

Location: I was in the East side of El Paso, TX looking towards the West. The objects were just behind the mountain ridge on the west side. So it was on the other side of the ridge and down a long the side of it just slightly out of my sight. The El Paso ridge is for the most part barren and too steep for anyone drive on. Only helicopters could get to where the lights were located.

Description: I could not see the craft itself, but the light coming from it was extremely bright. In order for human technology to reproduce how bright it was, it would need to be a large collection of flood lights in one place. I could just see the very edge of the light source, before the shape of the light changed and appeared to actually be two craft crossing paths over and over again. As the lights moved around, it would cast a lingering haze on the clouds nearby that would resemble a lightning strike in the sky (the light did not flutter though like lightning does, it was constant). The color was pure white, this never changed about it. There was no blinking lights that would suggest man made craft.

I live nearby an airport, and have become very used to identifying different craft in the dark. None of our craft can produce such a bright light that far away. I see this ridge every night at the same time, it has never been there before. So these lights were probably not caused by any sporting event (also why would you have a sporting event at 1:45 in the morning?)

NUFORCE Report S74825
Date: 3/29/2010
Time: 21:01
Location: Arlington, TX
Shape: Light
Duration:2 MINUTES
Reddish-lights traveling erractically.

Around 21:01 on 03/29/10 - I was taking my two dogs out for restroom break when I looked up at the moon. The moon towards my right or east postion. I was checking out the moon when I noticed a flash - at first I thought it was a planes FAA collision lights blinking, but it only blinked once. As I contunued to watch the object travel towards the East I noticed it splitting into two objects. One object headed North and the other kept traveling towards the East. I was able to watch both objects for a couple of minutes until they disapeared into the night. The weather was clear and breezey with a slight haze covering the sky. The objects were identical - both round and reddish - moving fast and erratically. I've worked near the airport for almost 12 years and Ive never witnessed anything like that before.

NUFORCE Report S74860
Date: 3/31/2010
Time: 20:30
Location: Ablene, TX
Shape: Light
Duration:2 Minutes
Bright Orange Lights in South East Sky around Abilene, TX

There were many sightings other than mine that night. Five lights in bright orange appearing in straight line, then 4 across horizontal, later they formed a triangle with just 3 wife witnessed them also. The blogs were full of sightings at the same time...I pegged the site to be around Cottonwood, TX in Callahan County...I made this judgement call by reading other blogs, pulling out maps and pin pointing where I thought they were. I am familiar with flares, afterburners, landing lights, etc... I live around Dyess Air Force Base and know nearly every military aircraft. These lights were something I cannot explain...

NUFORCE Report S74885
Date: 3/31/2010
Time: 20:00
Location: Glen Rose, TX
Shape: Light
Duration: 10 minutes
Orange orbs west of Glen Rose

Heading west on hwy 67, in Glen Rose, I saw 2 lights west of town. The sun had set but the sky was still light. They would turn on, then off. The one on the left (south) would glow orange, then the other one on the right would turn on, so to speak, and glow orange. They would dim to red and then both would turn off. This occurred 3 times with a duration of maybe 5-10 seconds. Both lights appeared stationary. I got to the top of chalk mountain and pulled over at the picnic area where I got out and looked for 5 minutes and never saw them.

Case numbers link back to original posts on MUFON and NUFORC.


  1. Sky watcher..Tell me what you think of this?

    Happened last night April 15 2010 over the midwest.

    Just asking..Pep


  2. Or this one also.


  3. Same things we saw in the 1970,s ,then stopped about 1976.. ck

  4. Anyone able to confirm a very fast moving object leaving a contrail over texas jan 26, 2011? Stepped outside for UPS and saw a very long contrail from the North to nearly overhead, noticed the object moving quite fast considering how high it was with the contrail boiling off it. Within a 10-15 seconds it had moved far South then apparently turned up and the contrail quit, lost sight. This was around 11:30 AM Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2011

  5. MUFON Case # 22373
    Date: 2010-03-18

    This is Our sighting. I wrote this report. Im sitting here now with 3 of the 4 people that witnessed this. ( Including me )

    1. MUFON Case #22373; I have no way of contacting you. If you care to contact me about your sighting, please use the email provided on the contact page,


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