Friday, April 2, 2010

Witness Claims 3rd Day of Lights Near Abilene

MUFON Case #   22611
Event Date:    04/01/2010 20:17
Location:    Abilene, Texas
Shape:    Other
Duration:    00:45:00
Description:    Lights in the sky again, orange/amber

Well this is 3 days in a row now. The lights came back in intervals for 45 minutes. They would appear for about the first 30 minutes as orange lights. Then the final time we saw them the appeared as a 4 lights, 3 of the orange lights were in a row but kinda on a slant and the 4th light was off to the side of it a good ways.

I had 5 other people with me this time and we all saw it, I snapped some pictures but it doesn't show up well at all. Unfortunately I don't have a video camera. But they lasted for 45 minutes and they were east of Abilene Texas.


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