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Reader recounts sightings, encounters, and the Alien Agenda

After posting my personal account, I received several replies.  I wish to thank all well wishers and one reader has graciously allowed me to share his story and information with you.  Here it is:

Hello Sky Watcher,

I read your latest post about your UFO abduction experiences and was quite impressed with your honesty and sincerity to let the world know what is really going on, in this subculture that all skeptics believe is just nightmares, anxiety or insanity! I recently turned 50 and I’m a man who completely understands the traumatic events, constantly weighing heavy on your mind, and the need for answers. I have experienced UFO "Events" for my entire life.

I do not believe that I was abducted... to my knowledge. But, I do remember being whisked away in the middle of the night, by a "Friendly" alien who took me to his world and showed me his home, family and neighbors.

My Fiancee at the time thought I was completely out of my mind, until I showed her a patch of skin on my upper thigh, that appeared over night. This thick layer of skin was black as charcoal and was hard as a rock. I could not remove it and I could not scrape off any part of it. This black "Elephant Skin Patch" did not hurt, but scared me to death. So, I went to see my doctor and he tried in vain to get a sample as well. He gave me some antibiotics and said to just watch it for a few days.

Well it disappeared the very next day and left absolutely no scar. But, my fiancee noticed I had some blood slowly dripping from my navel, and when I looked closer I noticed a small hole. That small wound took weeks to heal and tingled constantly. I wasn't about to go back to my doctor and have him commit me to an asylum. So, I just got on with my to speak. This event happened at the exact same time the string of comets were crashing into Jupiter, and I was living in "SEDONA", Arizona!

I have several incredible stories about events that happened during my time in Sedona, and most involve UFOs. Some of those incredible events are so unbelievable, that I sometimes can't believe they happened myself!

Sedona is a New Age Vortex and UFO capitol of the world... trust me! You can actually sit and watch F-14 and F-16 jets from Luke Air Force base in Phoenix, escort UFOs right to one of the many Vortices and watch them travel through the portal in the sky. Then, they slowly fade out of sight and the jets head back to their base.

The "Phoenix Lights" UFO event is just one of those such episodes. That one simply made world headlines because of the number of witnesses. I saw the craft as it passed over Sedona, on it's way to Phoenix. I also witnessed possibly the most incredible UFO event in the history of this world, and gave a speech at the National UFO conference in Sedona, back in 1997. I was the closest witness to this event and darn near lost my life, because of a panic stricken woman, who was frantically trying to escape this encounter, and did not see me at all. She would have hit me with her car at high speed, if I didn't leap from the road.

I will be happy to tell you about this amazing encounter in a future email. But, I will require about 10,000 words and several pages to adequately describe the events, which transpired over days. I will tell you however, they just wrapped up shooting the scene from "X Files", where Fox Mulder discovers the pile of dead aliens in the buried train car, and cigarette smoking man orders the soldiers to throw a Satchel charge in the car and kill Fox, along with all the evidence. They were at the base of Thunder mountain shooting that scene, just the day before this event...and the epicenter for this UFO Nightmare was Thunder mountain. Every one at the UFO conference was in Shock and Awed at my little speech and diagrams I drew on their chalkboard. The scientists lined up in mass numbers for interviews afterwards..... and for the next two years, I had people coming from all over the world, to specifically take a tour with the Guide named Roi, and listen to his story about those three days, that literally changed the way we investigate UFO reports. I did not advertise my experience and neither did the tour company. These people heard about me through the UFO underground channels and networks, and purposely sought me out. But, I never received a tip less than $100 for those tours, and possibly made over ten thousand dollars. I was the most popular tour guide in Arizona and my colleagues were becoming quite jealous. I could talk for hours about my Sedona Experiences. But, on with my reason for contacting you.
Now, you mention the "REPTILIANS" in your recent abduction experiences. That is quite possibly who implanted the memories of my experience I mentioned earlier, about the "Friendly" alien who whisked me away to his planet. I can tell you for a fact... I have extremely reliable insiders at NASA... that the Hubble Telescope was not placed in orbit around Earth, simply to open this wonderful portal to the Universe. That telescope... "if you remember"... had many other missions, taking up about 35% of it's viewing time, by government contractors. They desperately needed the flawed lens to be fixed. Not for the posterity of humankind.... But, for the sake of humankind!

There is a massive Armada of ships heading towards Earth right now, and originally that discovery was mistaken for an Asteroid. Until Hubble gave them the images and answers they were desperately searching for. This armada is the size of our moon and possibly contains millions of Mother ships. They are Reptilian and their destination is definitely planet Earth! They have a small fleet based either on the moon or Mars, and they are simply the scouts, sent ahead of the Armada. They have been here for hundreds of years now and been abducting humans for that same length of time. The Grays are also a scout fleet and tried to work with the U.S. government, trying to help us prepare for the coming onslaught! Until our government within the government decided they were full of doo doo, and used force to take their technology. Now, we have destroyed our mutual trust and they are simply trying to fulfill their agenda, and depart before the armada arrives.

Hubble made our government realize what a horrible mistake they made!....... By now, you are probably saying to yourself. This guy is an absolute Nut Case! He is just one of those 2012 end of the world fanatics. Well, I can at least prove my case for an alien base on Mars, if you would allow me to.

I have downloaded images from the European Space Agency. Specifically, the Hale Crater images and used my Arcsoft Photo editing tools to reverse the filter washing by their technicians. These images clearly show signs of a civilization, that possibly numbers around ten million inhabitants. You can even search youtube and verify my story. Where a scientific conference by experts willing to disclose this discovery, is trying to let the world know about these facts. I followed their directions and downloaded the images for myself. Then, I conferred with my NASA insiders and other photo editing experts... applied my editing magic, and WHAM! Right before my eyes appeared definite signs of intelligent life! The famous writer Arthur C. Clarke saw these exact same images a few years before he passed away and said: "I was 95% sure there was life elsewhere in the universe. Now, I have to say that I am 100% sure!".

I am willing to send you my edited images of the Hale Crater satellite photos, taken by the joint European Space technicians working mostly out of Berlin, Germany. But, I need you to say "YES" I am willing to explore this discovery with a fellow UFO researcher, and these files are quite large. I do not overload another persons email account folder, without permission or their approval, and they definitely need to have the ability to handle these images with white gloves. Should you agree, and you have the email ability to handle large picture attachments. Just reply to this email and I will send them...... or you can follow the directions from youtube, and be shocked by the results too.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind, when I was finally able to see the vast number of geometric patterns on the Martian landscape. They are not... I repeat... NOT pixelization effects, satellite communication errors, or flaws in the camera. You can easily download all the Mars images in their gallery and distinguish for yourself the actual pixelization errors and image flaws, with many of the other images. But, there is also a few other images that clearly show markers of civilization too! I was able to discover a monolith on the surface of Mars that matches exactly the monolith discovered by the Russian satellite Phobos, on the moon of Phobos, before it was destroyed by an alien mother ship.

I believe you deserve to know the truth about the Alien agendas, since you were brave enough to reveal your nightmarish experiences with the Reptilians. These guys are truly monsters of a caliber that can't possibly be described. They are also carnivores who love human flesh and enjoy eating humans. That would explain the disappearances of people across the world, where there is absolutely no trace evidence left behind. But, the reptilian force that is here right now is small in numbers and are presently trying to learn how to harvest humans. They treat us like cattle and would like to increase our numbers tenfold. That way the armada force would have plenty of food, when they arrive from their very long trip.

I do not believe they are based on Mars. I think they are Grays or an advance colony of humans, that our government has been shuttling to mars for the last fifty years. The elite Illuminati space pioneers building a population of super wealthy human survivors!

Our government being controlled by the Illuminati and the Bildebergers is trying to reduce the population of Earth as much as possible. Because, they made the mistake of not accepting the help of the Grays back in 1947, and they believe that bringing the population of Earth down to about 100,000 will make the Reptilian force detour to another system, where food is more plentiful   All of these events would perfectly describe the Bible prophecies found in the book of Revelations. The Anti Christ.... Armageddon, which leads to the destruction of one-third of the world's population, etc...

That would also explain why our government tried to devastate the population with AIDS, Swine Flue, etc... Look at the millions of plastic Incendiary coffins stockpiled by FEMA around the country. They
expect millions of Americans to die in the near future! By their own hands or the Alien Armada, of that I am uncertain. But, I do not believe it will happen in 2012. The NASA Blue Beam project is also part
of the government within the government agenda tool, being perfected for something big, in our not so distant future, as well. The massive spirals in the sky over Norway, China and Thailand are Blue
Beam tests.

Too much at one time, for you to grasp!......... I apologize for the depth of information. But, I have spent a lifetime researching these Epiphanies.... and believe me, you are having one right now!

Shock, Confusion and total Dismay could also describe what you are experiencing at this moment. But, I assure you "IT IS ALL REAL"... not some dream of an episode of "V" or "Stargate"! I haven't watched television since my Brother passed away back in June of '09...and he was murdered, because he knew too much and opened the wrong doors!

Should you agree to the email I will send with pictures of Mars. I have no problem with you disclosing all of the information I have given you and the pictures. Your website is perfect for disclosure.

I will also tell you about the numerous UFO experiences in my life, including the Texas events. Back in 1977 I witnessed an event with my Brother and Mother in Fort Worth, that blew me away, and still
has many unexplained details. But, it was also like no other UFO case ever reported to date.

Thank you very much for your time...... Mrs. Sky Watcher. By the way, I was an Army Airborne Ranger at one time in my life. Much like your husband I am guessing.

Click on any image for larger view.

UFOs, Aliens and my search for the truth

*        *        *
I wish to thank Roi again, for contacting me, becoming my friend and allowing me to share this with the public. 
There is more to come...

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