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Witness recounts a 1977 Fort Worth, Texas UFO event


Fort Worth, Texas-
1977, 21:00
Exact date unknown

I was using my brand new telescope in the back yard of our family home in Fort Worth, Texas. My Father who just retired from 20 years in the Air Force, was sleeping in his recliner, while watching television in the living room. My Mother and Brother were playing ping pong just 30 feet away, under the back porch.

We lived right in the flight line of Carswell AFB, and the B-52s would rattle our house every day and night, along with the flights of fighter jets and carrier transport planes. So, we were very familiar with all of the aircraft associated with the base.

The time was around 9:00 pm and I was resting my eyes, after about an hour of observing the planet Saturn and it's rings. I suddenly opened my eyes and looked around. I stood up from the lawn chair I was sitting in, because, I noticed a string of faint lights on the southern horizon. I thought it was a group of jets coming in for a landing at Carswell. But, they were moving way too slow and had no navigation or landing lights on. So, I asked my Mother and Brother to walk over and look at these faint lights with me.

They put their paddles down and came over to observe them as well. There was a slight breeze that was making the tree limbs move, and you could hear the dog barking down the street. Plus, you could hear the traffic from the interstate,
that was about a mile from us.
These faint lights slowly approached us, as we were all looking up at them. Suddenly they went from being in a straight line, to a square formation...faster than our eyes could see them move.

There were about twelve of these objects, and it was like snapping your fingers, when they altered their formations. They switched from one formation to another, in about 1/1,000th of a second!

I looked over at my Brother and he was in a trance, with his mouth wide open and a shocked look on his face. So, was my Mother. I could not believe what I was seeing either. These objects darted between about 30 different formations, in 10 seconds or less... and continued to do so as they got closer. When they were almost directly over head, they stopped moving through formations.

They were still moving very slowly in a northerly direction, and stayed in one formation, when I noticed they were actually small metallic saucer shaped objects. Suddenly it dawned on me... I could not hear the dog barking down the street, or the traffic on the highway, and the branches with leaves were still moving about in a stiff breeze. But, you could not hear the wind or the leaves rustling about. There was absolutely no sound at all, and I could not get my Mother or Brother to look at me or even acknowledge I was standing next to them.

These metallic discs were heading straight for the runway at Carswell and I ran over to my telescope. I turned the scope around and pointed it at the formation. When I zoomed in and focused my eyepiece on one of these discs, I saw hieroglyphic symbols on the leading edge of the craft and a very light blue glow, that came from the very bottom and wrapped around to the sides.

Suddenly the craft disappeared from my scope's view. So, I looked with my eyes and saw the discs moving closer together, just as my Mother and Brother came out of their trance and yelled: "Hey! They are flying straight over Carswell AFB!"... and I also noticed that the sound of the cars on the highway slowly came back, as well as the dog barking and the sound of the wind and leaves rustling.

These discs merged into one solid large flying saucer and started lifting very slowly upwards. Then, we heard the sirens go off at the Carswell flight line and within about 30 seconds, two F-14 fighters streaked off the end of the runway, and one shot straight up after the saucer, as the other took a wide circular path around the ship and the other jet.

Just as the F-14 got within a hundred feet or so of this craft, it morphed into a small red orb, and shot straight up and out of sight within a second or two. The F-14 that was closing in suddenly lost all power to his engine, and tumbled backwards out of control. The pilot was trying desperately to start the engine, over and over. You could see a blast of orange exhaust several times before it started back up, and the pilot pulled out of his dive, just seconds before crashing onto the runway.

I looked in the paper the next day, and there were several reports of witnesses seeing a fleet of dimly lit spheres, that flew across New Mexico, North Texas and Oklahoma. None reported the lightning quick changes between formations though... and Carswell AFB said they ran a War Games Drill around 9:00 pm the same night! But, denied any of their fighters gave chase to these spheres. The newspaper reported that approximately 10,000 people saw these objects!

I discussed this sighting with my Mother and Brother for the next several days, and then... like flipping a switch. They didn't remember any thing at all about this encounter. They just kept saying: "What are you talking about! I don't remember seeing any UFOs! You must have been dreaming, because, we didn't see anything with you in the back yard, that night!" They literally thought I was crazy!

Then, about ten years later I brought up the subject again...Bang! The switch flipped again, and they remembered every single detail of that event! Talk about strange... try and explain this one!

I have searched through thousands of UFO reports trying to find a witness that encountered the same lightning quick movements of several crafts, from one formation to another, in a matter of seconds.  Haven't found a single case to date!

These were definitely independent solid objects, that moved in the blink of an eye. Not lights on a single object flashing in patterns!... My telescope proved that and so did the 10,000 other witnesses that clearly state they saw dimly lit spheres!

I would love to find another case like this one some day.




  1. There were no F-14's Carswell in 1977. The F-14 is carrier based Navy fighter, and at the time Carswell was an Air Force Base. The Navy Didn't take over until 1994. However, The 301st's 457th Tactical Fighter Squadron flew the F-105 Thunderchief out of Carswell from 1972 to 1982. It transitioned to the F-4 Phantom II in 1981, then to the F-16 Fighting Falcon in 1990.

  2. Yes I remember it well - but was later told it was a hoax of private planes. It sure looked real.

  3. And you believe the "private planes" theory? Tsk, tsk.


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