Monday, March 16, 2009

Black Helicoptors and Lost Memories

Witness wishes to remain anonymous. Here is her report:

It was August, 1987. My husband was working for a hydro-electric power plant and we were living on company property, in a rural area, where the nearest town had a population of 246 and was 14 miles away. At the time, we were the only family living in this particular area. Our mobile home was situated on a cliff, 100 feet above the power plant and dam. The cliff was directly North of the powerhouse. Our mobile home was North and east of the powerhouse. I could walk due south, through a narrow wooded area and emerge at the edge of the cliff overlooking the river. That would put the dam and lake to my west.

Often times, I would hear and see fighter jets coming up the river towards the dam, doing practice runs and map-of-the earth flight maneuvers. Many times the jets would pull up just as they neared the dam and then fly over, perhaps 50 -100 feet above the dam. Sometime the jets would simulate "dog fights" and it was exciting to watch them, though they sure could rattle windows when they kicked into high gear.

It was mid morning on an August day in 1987. I had just finished mowing the front lawn. As I had stepped up onto our front deck porch, I heard the sound of a jet coming fast, flying up the river towards the dam. I was watching to see the jet rise above the trees on the cliff, as it flew over the dam but that didn't happen. Instead, I saw the jet fly up over the trees and directly over me and my house. The jet was banked hard right, the right wing at a 70 degree incline towards the ground and so close, that I could see the pilot's helmeted head/face as he glanced down at me. He then leveled the jet and headed due north. "That was unusual", I thought to myself but even more unusual was a second jet that cleared the cliff just to my SE and followed after the first jet.

I wouldn't have given this much thought but something even more unusual occurred just a couple of days later, then even more recently, something else occurred that evidently awakened some repressed memories. Two days after the "jet incident", I was in my kitchen washing dishes. I heard the distinct sound of rotor blades "chopping" the air. It was the sound of a helicopter, Huey to be exact. My husband was a Crew Chief, mechanic and TI for UH1s in the Army. We had lived on, or near Army Aviation Posts and I grew up in an Air Force town, so I know military aircraft. Each model of helicopter has it's own distinct sound.

The "whop whop" sound of the approaching helicopter made me stop what I was doing and look out my north facing kitchen window. Suddenly the helicopter was descending straight down and then it stopped and hovered about 3 feet off the deck, directly over our road that looped around the house.

The helicopter was only about 30 feet from my window, the windshield pointed directly at me. The chopper was painted with the dark, almost black paint that the military uses. It's only slightly lighter than the black numbers/letters on the craft. I know a lot of people see "black" helicopters but they aren't actually black, more like very dark gray and they do have numbers but if you are not close enough and the lighting is poor, you can't see the numbers. What set this helicopter apart from normal military craft, were the tinted windows, which were so dark that in bright sunlight I could not see into the cockpit. However, I "knew" I was being stared at.

The helicopter hovered above the road for a good 3 minutes. Whoever was manning the chopper was staring at me, just as I was studying them. Aside from the slight dip and wobble left/right, forward down/up while hovering, the chopper never moved from it's position until I backed away from the window, then without turning left or right it rose straight up and over the trees and was gone. Since it never turned it's side to me, I couldn't read the numbers on the tail boom.

I hadn't thought about the incident much until today, when I was remembering the day the jets roared over my house in broad daylight. I now know that on that day the jets weren't just doing maneuvers. They were chasing an object. It was disc shaped, brightly reflecting sunlight and it easily outdistanced the jets. Why it has taken me all these years to remember that bit of information, I don't know but recently I have had several UFO sightings and encounters, of which several were very traumatic. I have a feeling that these encounters have been going on for some time.

Did I see a "Black Ops" helicopter that day, and did they have anything to do with what I saw 2 days before? I don't know and doubt I'll ever be quite sure.

Picture created by blog author, Sky Watcher.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

February 2009 Texas UFO Reports Summary

Here are 40 reports from Texas, for the month of Feb., 2009. I am quite positive that there are many more unreported sightings.

These reports have been gleaned from different organizations dedicated to UFO reporting and research, such as MUFON, UFO Casebook, etc.

One additional note that I'd like to make and I do stress this, when filing a report, please report the exact date and time if at all possible, including the location of the sighting. This helps organizations such as MUFON, with their investigations. You can remain anonymous.

1) Sun, 01, Feb., 2009, Morgan Mill,TX: 2 people see a bright flash and an object in the far distance that was long, flat cigar shaped.

2) Mon., 02 Feb., 2009, Robstown, TX: While driving, a witness sees a dark, cigar shaped object

3) Wed., 04 Feb., 2009, Missouri City, TX: Witness sees a Large Black Triangle, estimated to be 3-4 times larger than Southwest airlines jet.

4) Fr.i, 05 Feb., 2009, Glen rose, TX: Several witnesses see 1-2 bright yellowish white objects, low in the sky.

5) Thu, 05 Feb 2009, Houston, TX: 2 witnesses see oval shaped object with a very bright white light surrounding it

6) Thu, 05 Feb 2009, DeLeon, TX: 20 miles west of DeLeon while traveling, Witness observed bright yellow light, then a "string" of smaller lights that blinked on/off in sequence.

7) Thu, 05 Feb 2009, Austin, TX: Witness saw a very bright, large light that appeared to have a fog like cloud coming off the bottom.

8) Fri., 06 Feb., 2009, Stephenville, TX: Witness sees up to 7 star-like objects in sky, appearing, disappearing.

9) Fri., 06 Feb., 2009, Stephenville, TX: Circle of large, extremely bright blinking lights see less than 500 feet away.

10) Fri, 06 Feb 2009, Stephenville and Dublin, TX: Bright yellow light split into 3 making a triangle then split into 8 or 9 making a circle and spinning, then took off like a lightning bolt with what looked like 5 explosions which made no sound, then taking off when fighter planes showed up. Witness said, "cars were pulled off of 377 between Stephenville and Dublin both ways watching this."

11) Fri., 06 Feb., 2009, Cisco/Cross Plains, TX: A bright star-like pulsing object, changing colors (red, orange, yellow, red).

12) Fri., 06 Feb., 2009, Desdemona, TX: Witness viewed unusual pattern of lights, then another string of 5 or so lights lit up in a sequence (straight line formation), then disappeared.

13) Fri., 06 Feb., 2009, Cisco/Cross Plains, TX: 2 flattened oval (egg-shaped) white objects at approx. 500 ft. elevation, headed North. Objects were close enough that witness could see details of the underside of objects, which were "sectioned".

14) Fri., 06 Feb., 2009, DeLeon, TX: Witness observed 5 groups of 7-8 amber colored lights appearing and disappearing.

15) Fri., 06 Feb., 2009, Evant, Texas: Witness sees up to 9 bright orange lights North of town toward Hamilton, TX.

16) Fri., 06 Feb., 2009, Evant, Texas: Witness sees up to 9 bright orange lights North of town toward Hamilton, TX.

17) Sat., 07 Feb., 2009, Stephenville, TX: Several witnesses see multiple large, orange colored lights.

18) Sat., 07 Feb., 2009, Cisco/Cross Plains, TX: Witness saw 5-6 extremely bright white lights, each at least 4 ft. in diameter. Object(s) as close as 1,000 ft. from observer, see below treetop level.

19) Sat., 07 Feb., 2009, Beaumont, TX: While hunting, witness claims object appears above them, dropping marble sized object on vehicle.

20) Sat., 07 Feb., 2009, viewed from Sulphur, LA over Texas: Witness claims ball like object left some tyope of "writing" in his fiield, then drop a marble-like object on his house, near catching house on fire.

21) Sat., 07 Feb., 2009, Houston, TX: 2 witnesses view star-like object that appeared to be 500 - 1,000 ft. in elevation.

22) Thu., 12 Feb., 2009, TX: Possible aduction in the early morning hours of Feb., 12, 2009.

23) Thu., 12 Feb., 2009, Houston, TX: Witnesses report seeing a bright light in sky that moved erractically before disappearing behind clouds.

24) Fri., 13 Feb., 2009, Tyler, TX: Witness observed star-like object that had white & red lights and seemed to spin, rotate.

25) Sun., 15 Feb., 2009, Texas: Several report of fireballs (possibly debris from the 2 satellites that collided).

26) Sun., 15 Feb., 2009, Waller, TX: Witness was at drive-in theater and saw a bright object in sky for over 1 hour. Object did not move, just disappeared.

27) Mon., 16 Feb., 2009, Dallas, TX: Object crashes into field, sets field on fire. Possibly debris from satellites.

28) Wed., 18 Feb., 2009, Salado, TX: Daylight sighting, near Ft. Hood. Witness states he saw several bright white objects in the sky that appeared, disappeared and appeared again. Sometimes the objects appeared cylindrical, then triangular, then oval. Witness says the object just seemed to dematerialize. Witness also observed jets & helicopors.

29) Fri., 19 Feb., 2009, Lufkin, TX: "A large white circle with a ball on the top and a white light shining onto the ground", flew over a wood debris storage area (paper mill) on Old Mill Road.

30) Sat., 21 Feb., 2009, Austin, TX: Witness claims he heard a whistling sound, then a cigar shaped object landed near his house on a farm. He says he doesn't remember anything after that.

31) Reported Sun., 22 Feb., 2009: Quitman, TX: "craft hovering over my car 30ft above and was triangular shaped with 3 red lights."

32) Reported Sun., 22 Feb., 2009, Dallas, TX: Multiple witnesses viewed stationary craft close to ground near power tower.

33) Sun., 22 Feb., 2009, San Antonio, TX: Witnesses saw a bright light that lit up the sky and entire yard. Object appeared to be square, or rectangular.

34) Tue., 23 Feb., 2009, Ft. Worth, TX: Witenesses saw an "extremely bright light in the west that was not moving and much larger than a star or airplane lights." Witness said next door neighbor "saw it on Wednesday Feb. 20 and Saturday Feb. 21. It was as bright as a stadium light but bigger and alone in the sky. It would occassionally get brighter and dimmer."

35) Tue., 24 Feb., 2009, Lake Brownwood, TX: For several days witnesses have seen a very bright light appearing and disappearing near their home. Then 4 red lights appeared. Military jets appeared and gave chase. One object "smoked past" the jet. Objects reappeared and were viewed most of the night.

36) Wed., 25 Feb., 2009, Dublin, TX: Witnesses saw a line of lights in a chevron shape, "larger than a commercial plane and much lower", slowly moving north, then made a slow turn west.

37) Wed., 25 Feb., 2009, Rising Star, TX: Witnesses saw a very bright orange light and then another, then lights "split" into 6 lights. The lights seemed to be descending. One witness thought the lights were landing.

38) Wed., 25 Feb., 2009, Cisco, TX: Witnessed a grouping of very bright lights in the sky, 1 large white light, several amber/orange lights together around larger light, hovering over/near Cisco, moving South by disappearing, then reappearing further South.

39) Wed., 25 Feb., 2009, Odessa, TX: Witness observed star-like object that hovered, then moved in stops and starts before fading away.

40) Wed., 25 Feb., TX: Witnesses saw 2 bright oranges lights in the sky. At first they remained still, then one released something that "blinked red". An hour or so later, the 2 witnesses saw 2 lights, 1 moved away, then another light appeared next to 2nd light.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

NASA's first mission to look for Earth-sized planets.

March 6, 2009-
NASA's Kepler Planet-Searcher Launched.

“This mission attempts to answer a question that is as old as time itself. Are other planets like ours out there? It's not just a science question - it's a basic human question.”
Ed Weiler, Assoc. Admin.,
NASA's Science Mission Directorate

NASA: “The Kepler spacecraft will watch a patch of space for 3.5 years or more for signs of Earth-sized planets moving around stars similar to the sun. The patch that Kepler will watch contains about 100,000 stars like the sun. Using special detectors similar to those used in digital cameras, Kepler will look for slight dimming in the stars as planets pass between the star and Kepler. The Kepler's place in space will allow it to watch the same stars constantly throughout its mission, something observatories like Hubble cannot do."

“Kepler will not be in an Earth orbit but in an Earth-trailing solar orbit so that Earth will not occlude the stars which are to be observed continuously and the photometer will not be influenced by stray light from Earth. This orbit also avoids gravitational perturbations and torques inherent in an Earth orbit, allowing for a more stable viewing platform. The shielding will be rotated to face the sun at the solstices and equinoxes. The photometer will point to a field in the constellations of Cygnus and Lyra, which is well out of the ecliptic plane, so that sun light never enters the photometer as the spacecraft orbits the Sun. Cygnus is also a good choice to observe because it will never be obscured by Kuiper belt objects or the asteroid belt.”

NASA: Five quick facts about the Kepler Mission which launched on March 6, 2009:

-- Kepler is the world's first mission with the ability to find true Earth analogs -- planets that orbit stars like our sun in the "habitable zone." The habitable zone is the region around a star where the temperature is just right for water -- an essential ingredient for life as we know it -- to pool on a planet's surface.

-- By the end of Kepler's three-and-one-half-year mission, it will give us a good idea of how common or rare other Earths are in our Milky Way galaxy. This will be an important step in answering the age-old question: Are we alone?

-- Kepler detects planets by looking for periodic dips in the brightness of stars. Some planets pass in front of their stars as seen from our point of view on Earth; when they do, they cause their stars to dim slightly, an event Kepler can see.

-- Kepler has the largest camera ever launched into space, a 95-megapixel array of charge-coupled devices, or CCDs, like those in everyday digital cameras.

-- Kepler's telescope is so powerful that, from its view up in space, it could detect one person in a small town turning off a porch light at night.

The President, the CIA, the Military and UFOs

“I do remember reading a CIA file on Harry Truman
in which he was talking about the Cold War starting and that there
were aliens from outer space and some looked like little humans
and some looked like insects.”
- “Stein,” Former Army/CIA UFO Analyst

Harry S. Truman, 33rd President from April 12, 1945,
to January 20, 1953, died on December 26, 1972,
at age 88.

What did President Truman really know about aliens and UFOs? It seems he knew more than was ever let on. After the Roswell cover-up and during the Washington UFO flap of 1952, Truman order that UFOs be shot down. Now why would the military shoot at swamp gas, weather balloons, or the planet Venus? That what they tell us we're seeing. The way our government has handled the UFO situation in the past, was comparable to a Keystone Cops routine but now things are very serious. Can what you know make you a target?
Other countries have come forward and released their UFO files to the public. It's long past due that the U.S. does the same.


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