Monday, March 16, 2009

Black Helicoptors and Lost Memories

Witness wishes to remain anonymous. Here is her report:

It was August, 1987. My husband was working for a hydro-electric power plant and we were living on company property, in a rural area, where the nearest town had a population of 246 and was 14 miles away. At the time, we were the only family living in this particular area. Our mobile home was situated on a cliff, 100 feet above the power plant and dam. The cliff was directly North of the powerhouse. Our mobile home was North and east of the powerhouse. I could walk due south, through a narrow wooded area and emerge at the edge of the cliff overlooking the river. That would put the dam and lake to my west.

Often times, I would hear and see fighter jets coming up the river towards the dam, doing practice runs and map-of-the earth flight maneuvers. Many times the jets would pull up just as they neared the dam and then fly over, perhaps 50 -100 feet above the dam. Sometime the jets would simulate "dog fights" and it was exciting to watch them, though they sure could rattle windows when they kicked into high gear.

It was mid morning on an August day in 1987. I had just finished mowing the front lawn. As I had stepped up onto our front deck porch, I heard the sound of a jet coming fast, flying up the river towards the dam. I was watching to see the jet rise above the trees on the cliff, as it flew over the dam but that didn't happen. Instead, I saw the jet fly up over the trees and directly over me and my house. The jet was banked hard right, the right wing at a 70 degree incline towards the ground and so close, that I could see the pilot's helmeted head/face as he glanced down at me. He then leveled the jet and headed due north. "That was unusual", I thought to myself but even more unusual was a second jet that cleared the cliff just to my SE and followed after the first jet.

I wouldn't have given this much thought but something even more unusual occurred just a couple of days later, then even more recently, something else occurred that evidently awakened some repressed memories. Two days after the "jet incident", I was in my kitchen washing dishes. I heard the distinct sound of rotor blades "chopping" the air. It was the sound of a helicopter, Huey to be exact. My husband was a Crew Chief, mechanic and TI for UH1s in the Army. We had lived on, or near Army Aviation Posts and I grew up in an Air Force town, so I know military aircraft. Each model of helicopter has it's own distinct sound.

The "whop whop" sound of the approaching helicopter made me stop what I was doing and look out my north facing kitchen window. Suddenly the helicopter was descending straight down and then it stopped and hovered about 3 feet off the deck, directly over our road that looped around the house.

The helicopter was only about 30 feet from my window, the windshield pointed directly at me. The chopper was painted with the dark, almost black paint that the military uses. It's only slightly lighter than the black numbers/letters on the craft. I know a lot of people see "black" helicopters but they aren't actually black, more like very dark gray and they do have numbers but if you are not close enough and the lighting is poor, you can't see the numbers. What set this helicopter apart from normal military craft, were the tinted windows, which were so dark that in bright sunlight I could not see into the cockpit. However, I "knew" I was being stared at.

The helicopter hovered above the road for a good 3 minutes. Whoever was manning the chopper was staring at me, just as I was studying them. Aside from the slight dip and wobble left/right, forward down/up while hovering, the chopper never moved from it's position until I backed away from the window, then without turning left or right it rose straight up and over the trees and was gone. Since it never turned it's side to me, I couldn't read the numbers on the tail boom.

I hadn't thought about the incident much until today, when I was remembering the day the jets roared over my house in broad daylight. I now know that on that day the jets weren't just doing maneuvers. They were chasing an object. It was disc shaped, brightly reflecting sunlight and it easily outdistanced the jets. Why it has taken me all these years to remember that bit of information, I don't know but recently I have had several UFO sightings and encounters, of which several were very traumatic. I have a feeling that these encounters have been going on for some time.

Did I see a "Black Ops" helicopter that day, and did they have anything to do with what I saw 2 days before? I don't know and doubt I'll ever be quite sure.

Picture created by blog author, Sky Watcher.

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