Thursday, June 30, 2011

Encounter on a Passenger Plane

The witness says: "Saw many UFOs outside of a plane window while in flight. Had alien presence on board the flight with me."

Note: Report is "as is", with no corrections. -SW

MUFON Case #  29788
Date:    2011-06-25
Location: Somewhere over New Jersey
Shape:    Oval,Sphere,Other
Vallee Index:    AN1

My encounter takes place on June 25, 2011 on Delta flight 2363 leaving out of JFK (New York) heading to LAX (Los Angeles), departure time 7:00pm.
The first strange thing about the flight was that they rushed us onboard. I had specifically asked at the service desk previously whether the flight was going to arrive and take off on time, and I was told that it was. So I was surprised that an announcement came on the overhead telling people to take their seats as quickly as possible because we were the first cleared for immediate take off. People were still boarding the plane, and rushing up the aisle to their seats because of this sense of urgency. I was sitting on the right hand side of plane by the window, at the emergency exit. There was a young woman next to me and a young man on the other side of her. A flight attendant came by and asked us if we had any problem with helping out during an emergency since we were sitting by the emergency exits. I said no and so did the guy, but the girl next to me had headphones on and was sleeping apparently. The attendant made her wake up because he needed a verbal response. She made some kind of response but the words couldn't be understood, and sounded unusual. I'm pretty good with accents, and couldn't place it at all. It sounded like more than an accent issue. The attendant repeated himself a couple times because he couldn't understand either, and finally the guy sitting with us said she understood and agreed. The attendant left, and I didn't see him again. A new attendant came and strapped himself into the seatbelts on the wall infront of our three seats. He was tall, extremely thin, bald with tan skin. He never smiled or made eye contact like normal attendants do. After take off, he left. The lavatories/restrooms were on the other side of the wall infront of us. One was in my line of sight because it was diagonal to where we were sitting. A female attendant with a strange, wobbly walk kept going back and forth checking into the bathrooms. I noticed the bald, male attendant started to do it too. About an hour or so into the flight I went to the restroom. There was something in the air in there that was making me cough badly. I returned to my seat having a coughing fit. A few other passengers who went to the restroom started coughing too I noticed.
When the food cart came around I got an apple juice and some cookies. Again I started coughing violently due to a tingly feeling in my throat. I don't have any known food allergies. Usually when people start coughing, other people move away, but the girl next to me took off her sweater jacket and actually moved closer. I noticed a very sweet perfume smell wafting from her and the guy's direction. When random people started going past for the restrooms, some of them would smell unusually foul, others would smell sweet. It was very strange. Two men, one of them with no shoes or socks on, started doing stretching exercises by the restroom doors.
Then I started to have a pulse go through my body at different intervals (like a mild electric pulse that contracted some muscles and spread upwards). I couldn't control it and didn't know what was causing it. It would literally make me jump in my seat at times, and I noticed whenever this happened, I would hear the people in rows behind me react with laughter, whistles, chirping bird-like sounds, and something that sounded like a purr. It did not sound human at all, except for the laughs/giggles. The guy sitting one seat from me was on some kind of computer device that looked like an ipad.
When I looked out the window about three or more hours into flight, I noticed unusual cloud cover. It was dark, roiling clouds. At this altitude, clouds are usually flat and non distinct beneath you. But these were like foamy rain clouds, and near the plane. A amber yellow light started to streak the clouds and illuminate them. Then they started to fade into wisps. Outside the plane, beyond the right wing and slightly behind, a yellow oval light was following plane. And as I looked below, a bunch of lights started to appear. They were clustered together in spherical formation at the center of a web-like arangement. A few lights in linear formation would branch off from some of the center clusters (like spokes on a wheel). They were white, amber, yellow lights. I would have to describe it as a fleet. They kept pace with the plane for awhile, 10-15 minutes. I was having trouble staring out window because the pulses through my body had increased in frequency and intensity. When I looked away from window it would stop. When I looked back it would start again. I was being trained not to look out the window.
The girl next to me started stretching alot. At one point she leaned all the way forwards for awhile and I could see that her torso looked alot longer than before, and something was going on with her shoulder blades. When she sat back up her head, which had been lower than mine's before was now on level with mine's at minimum. She turned to look at me and out the corner of my eye I could tell her face had significantly lengthened. Her eyes seemed more prominent. I did not turn my head to look. I wish that I had, but at the time I was in shock. She looked away, and in a few minutes deliberately touched her foot to my lower leg. I got a tingle sensation that was different from the pulses. She went back to sleeping position when I didn't move or look. The guy one seat over from me was tapping away at the computer device, and every time he gave a big tap I would get a pulse. Then sometimes he would lean forward and hold his head, or lean his head back in the seat, and then I would get a series of intense pulses. He looked over at me a couple of times, and left me with no doubt it was him doing it.
At the end of the flight when we got off, I noticed the girl went off with a large group of people from the plane in the baggage claim area. She also had an unusual gait. I'd like to note that there was absolutely no turbulence on the plane ride. Smoothest ride I've ever taken, and I fly quite a bit. Also, at no point did I feel shock yes, but not threatened or fearful for my life. And my asthma symptoms were much improved for days afterward. I'd just like answeres to what happened. I think about it every minute, every second.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NASA News: Fears And Near Misses

Fears arise as last shuttle mission nears

Video Link

NBC NEWS- The last space shuttle mission is only ten days away.

The cargo has arrived at the launch pad.

Technicians have eased the cargo carrier into the shuttle's 60-foot cargo bay.

There's a year's supply of food for the space station crew, as much as the ship can carry.

The importance of this flight was a major topic at an all-day flight readiness review Tuesday, the last one ever.

Mission managers examined a potential leak that was found during a fueling test two weeks ago, and said it was a good thing it was found; it likely would have caused a week's delay in the launch.

Problems on the last mission - a landing gear fire and the appearance of some debris during liftoff - are not expected to reoccur.

Only four astronauts will be onboard, because there is no backup shuttle to come to their rescue.

They would go home one by one on Russian Soyuz capsules over the next year if Atlantis is damaged during launch.

Most of what this mission is about is leaving the space station crew able to survive without regular shuttle flights anymore.

This flight of supplies is crucial to the crew of the International Space Station, because no one knows how reliable new spaceships planned by private industry will be.


This follows on the heels of Tuesday's near mishap, when space debris came perilously close to the ISS.

(CNN) -- Tuesday's space debris incident at the International Space Station was the "closest anything has come to the space station," NASA said Wednesday.

Final calculations showed the unknown object passed the space station 1,100 feet away and its source remains a mystery, according to Kelly Humphries, a spokesman at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

When the unexpected space debris came flying close to the space station Tuesday, it prompted the station's six astronauts to take shelter inside two Soyuz capsules, NASA said.

NASA does not expect any other close calls with this particular debris, said Humphries.

Russia's Interfax news agency said preliminary data on "the dangerous approach" shows that the "trash" came within about 250 meters (820 feet) of the station.

Officials at NASA are investigating what the debris was, NASA spokesman Joshua Buck said.

By the time it was spotted, it was "too late to make an avoidance maneuver," so NASA ordered the six crew members to "shelter in place," Buck said. About 7:30 a.m. ET, the crew members climbed into the two Soyuz capsules positioned at the station.

NASA determined that the debris would come closest to the station at 8:08 a.m. ET.

Three minutes later, at 8:11 a.m. ET, the all-clear was sounded and astronauts were allowed to exit the capsules, Buck said.

Buck described the debris as an "unknown object of unknown size."


Note:  Now there is confidence for you and to top it off, doesn't NASA (and NORAD) track most of the space junk up there?  Just how did a piece of junk (an "unknown object of unknown size") sneak up on them, or was it even debris? 

Sounds like space whale poop to me.

And speaking of fears, NASA's Director has something to tell us all:

A Warning From NASA

Video Link

Note:  Talk about cryptic, is this guy trying to insinuate that something bad could happen?  What are they going to do, what till the last minute and say, "oh, by the way..." 

Should we get ready to duck and cover?  And just what is it they are not telling us? -SW


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wichita, Kansas Couple Observe Fireball

Witness' depiction.

Fireball appeared to shoot up through the big dipper and into space.

MUFON Case #  29755
Date: 2011-06-27
Time:  22:12

City: Wichita
State: Kansas
Shape: Fireball,Star-like
Distance: Over one mile

My wife and I just returned home. She sat down to smoke a cigarette before going inside and I took to checking out the stars. When I turned my attention to the Big Dipper in the northwest, I noticed a bright yellow flowing orb underneath and moving upwards toward the constellation. Almost as soon as I spotted it, it picked up momentum and seemed to decrease in luminosity by about a third. The color changed from a deep yellow to more of a white. I called my wife to come quickly, even though she hurt her foot yesterday. She quickly hobbled over and spotted it with me.

As we watched, the object zipped through the cup of the Big Dipper and seemed to be heading out of the atmosphere. It continued on until it completely faded from view. I immediately came inside and started this report.

Over the course of the sighting, the object fluctuated in acceleration, brightness, color and direction. I've attached a graphic to better communicate what I perceived.


Monday, June 27, 2011

All clear! Asteroid MD 2011 passes on by

On June 27, 2011 at approximately 1:00 p.m. EDT, asteroid MD 2011 zipped on past Earth without incident.

Video Link

"A near-miss asteroid has the Twitterverse wondering: Just how close will it come to hitting Earth? Designated "2011 MD," the space rock was first detected on June 22 by LINEAR—MIT's Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research center—and will miss the planet by just 7,500 miles. The asteroid is believed to be between 8 and 18 meters, about the size of a small house, and will next approach us in 2022. But even if our orbits intersect, it's likely to explode in our upper atmosphere, doing relatively little damage."


Bus-Sized Asteroid Barely Misses Hitting Earth

ABC World News-  A small asteroid, estimated between 16 and 65 feet in diameter, whipped past Earth this afternoon – missing by a mere 7,600 miles.

Asteroid 2011 MD approached Earth at 1 p.m. EDT a full three and-a-half hours later than astronomers first predicted, the AP reports.

The space agency had earlier predicted no probability of the asteroid striking the Earth. NASA's @AsteroidWatch tweeted last week: "There is no chance that 2011 MD will hit Earth but scientists will use the close pass as opportunity to study it w/ radar observations."

But according to NASA, the asteroid was in a very earth-like orbit about the Sun, closer to the Earth than the Moon. And for a brief time, NASA predicted that the rock would be bright enough to be seen with even a modest-sized telescope.

Diagrams from the space agency indicate that the location of closest approach for Asteroid 2011 MD was between the southern tip of South Africa and Antarctica. But astronomers from Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and the western Pacific were expected to see the approach, according to

Peter Lake blogged from Australia that he captured images of the asteroid streaking across on the sky on the evening of June 26. According to Lake's blog, his photos were taken using a 20-inch telescope in New Mexico controlled with his iPhone.

"Its not every day, that an asteroid misses by less than 3-5 earth Radii," Lake wrote on his blog.

While Asteroid 2011 MD was the most recent flyby, it is not the closest.

NASA reported that on Feb. 4, Asteroid 2011 CQ1 zipped past Earth at a record close distance: a scant 3,400 miles away. It was discovered by NASA only 14 hours before the rock approached Earth.

Asteroid 2011 MD was discovered only four days prior to its approach on June 22 by the Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research discovery team in New Mexico.

NASA said that an object the size of Asteroid 2011 MD is expected to come this close to Earth about every six years on average. Scientists say that when Asteroid 2011 MD makes another pass in 2022, an impact with Earth is possible.

A larger, 1,300-foot asteroid, Asteroid 2005 YU55, is expected to flash past Earth on Nov. 8, 2011.

Read more.


Note:  Well then, let's hope that 2005 YU55 passes on by as well!  A "1300 footer" doing a slam dunk on old Mother Earth could really ruin one's whole day. -SW


Sunday, June 26, 2011

NASA's 'DAWN' on final approach to Vesta


"Vesta and Ceres, the two largest objects in the asteroid belt, have mystified scientists for centuries. With NASA satellite Dawn on final approach to Vesta, the wait is almost over."

CSmonitor- After four years and 1.7 billion miles – including two swings around the sun – NASA's Dawn spacecraft is on final approach to Vesta, an object expected to provide an unprecedented glimpse into the early years of the solar system.

Dawn, with its futuristic ion-drive engine, is just over 100,000 miles from its target – closing in at the stately pace of about 260 miles an hour, relative to Vesta's orbital speed.

The craft is scheduled to take up its orbit July 16 and spend a year at Vesta. Then it heads for a year-long visit to Ceres, slated to begin in 2015, said Robert Mase, Dawn's project manager, during a final-approach briefing Thursday.

Read more of the story here:
NASA's Dawn satellite has reached the asteroid belt. First stop: Vesta.


Note: Welcome to my thoughts.  With Asteroid MD 2011 on it's approach towards Earth, people in South America, Australia, New Zealand, etc., will get a glimpse of the house-sized asteroid, as it hopefully swings past Antarctica at a mere 7500 miles distant. 

Everyone be sure to hold your breath on Monday, June 27, 2011, at 1:00 p.m. EDT.  That's when MD 2011 will either swing on past or make a "pit stop".

You know, I love exploring.  I started out as a child, exploring the universe or at least my tiny corner of it and I am still doing so today, many, many years later.  You don't need to know how many.

Exploration is good.  Seeking new truths, finding something no one else has ever seen before... totally exhilarating.  However, don't you think that at least part of that 1.7 billion dollars could be spent on finding a way to steer errant asteroids and other space bodies away from Earth?

Just wondering...

-SW (Sunny)


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Asteroid to pass dangerously close to Earth June 27, 2011

Small asteroid to whip past Earth June 27
At closest approach, the asteroid will pass only 7,500 miles (12,000 km) above Earth's surface.

Near-Earth asteroid 2011 MD will pass only 7,500 miles (12,000 kilometers) above Earth's surface Monday, June 27, at about 9:30 a.m. EDT. The asteroid was discovered by the LINEAR near-Earth object discovery team observing from Socorro, New Mexico.

The top diagram shows the trajectory of 2011 MD projected onto Earth's orbital plane over a 4-day interval. The diagram below it gives another view from the general direction of the Sun that indicates that 2011 MD will reach its closest Earth approach point in extreme southern latitudes (in fact, over the southern Atlantic Ocean).

This small asteroid, only between 15 and 65 feet (5 and 20 meters) in diameter, is in a very earthlike orbit about the Sun, but an orbital analysis indicates there is no chance it will actually strike Earth on Monday. The incoming trajectory leg passes several thousand kilometers outside the geosynchronous ring of satellites and the outgoing leg passes well inside the ring. One would expect an object of this size to come this close to Earth about every 6 years on average. For a brief time, it will be bright enough to be seen even with a modest-sized telescope.

For more observing information for asteroid 2011 MD, visit the International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center website.


Note:  Let me play "Chicken Little" for one moment.  This could explain all the fireball/meteor activity of late, yet how can they say that *asteroid 2011 MD* will miss us, when there are so many uncertainties? 
If there were to be an impact, the ocean is definitely my choice but the ensuing Tsunami would be catastrophic!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Fireballs and Explosions in the Sky

Depiction by SW/LITS

June 30, 2011 will mark the anniversary of the day that a catastrophic event happened 103 years ago, over a remote area known as Tunguska, Siberia, Russia.

On the fateful morning of June 30, 1908 at 7:17 a.m., a giant fireball sped north across the Tunguska skies.  Deafening explosions could be heard 300 miles away and a fiery cloud filled the horizon. Those who were within 40 miles of the blast were knocked to the ground, some even knocked unconscious and a few reindeer herders closer to the explosion and exposed, were killed.

Witnesses claimed to have observed a bright blue bolide trailing a column of dust, moments before the blast.

In the aftermath around "ground zero", lay a devastated land.  What wasn't vaporized immediately, was charred and flattened.  Though no crater was found at the time, 80 million trees covering nearly 1,000 square miles lay stripped, charred and flattened, with their bases pointing towards the center of the blast.

Tunguska, Siberia
The Aftermath of an explosion 4 miles above the Earth's surface.

Due to this event, the night skies over Europe and Asia were set aglow for several nights, the night sky bright enough enough to read a newspaper at midnight and for several months around the global, 'atmospheric transparency' was reduced.

It is still speculated today, that the event was caused by a comet fragment, or possibly an asteroid at least 50 meters across, which exploded approximately 4 miles above the surface of Earth.  This explosion generated a force of 10 to 15 megatons of TNT, or 1,000 times the force of the atomic bomb dropped over Hiroshima, Japan at the end of World War II.

Other explanations for the Tunguska Event vary from a black hole passing through the Earth, or antimatter explosions, to an alien space ship exploding.  One piece of evidence found in the soil of Tunguska, were microscopic silicate and magnetite spheres.  However, no larger meteorite pieces were found, so the debate rages on.

One thing is for certain, something exploded over Tunguska, Siberia in 1908.  Could it happen again? The answer is "yes" and it has happened, just recently, though no where near the extreme of Tunguska.  Here is just a small sample:

I received another comment on recent posts [Man Reports Explosion In Sky Over Granbury, Texas- 6/21/2011 and Update! Man Reports Explosion In Sky Over Granbury, Texas- 6/21/2011], this time from a man in Ohio.  He writes:

Well, here in Ohio, Shaker Heights by the Great Lakes, there was a large explosion in the sky right before the thunder storm ended on Tuesday evening. Funny thing is, it sounded like a plane had just hit the ground and exploded, or imagine a thousand blasts of artillery fire at one time. It did no damage, no lights went out, no fires, no wires down or anything, just a bright orange reddish light that lit up not only the sky but the inside walls of our homes and shook the ground. Afterward people came out of their homes looking around, trying to figure out what it was yet, there was no mention of it has been broadcast on the news or any explanation of what it was.
It's as if the media, weather service and authorities want to pretend it never happened but it did and our neighborhood witnessed it!!

So, are these exploding bolides (extremely bright meteor/fireballs)?
The questions are: just what is the exact cause of the explosions in our night skies, are the authorities hiding the truth and if so, why?  -SW


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Marfa Lights Seen Cavorting Over Tower

MUFON Case #  29678
Date:    2011-06-19
Time:    21:30
City:    Marfa
State:    Texas
Shape:    Star-like
Duration:    01:00:00
Distance:    Over one mile
Location:    Desert
Terrain:    Hills
Vallee Index:    AN1
Summary:    There were two lights orbiting one another over a tower.

I was sitting on the marfa lights platform and watching the lights closely.I then noticed the lights when someone told me. When I first noticed it, I thought it was a car. Then I remember there were no mountains seen above the tower. Then I knew it was a marfa light or a UFO. There were two lights orbiting one another over the tower and stayed there for an hour before disappearing. After all that I was amazed. It disappeared out of thin air. It lasted for an hour.

Note:  This report is "as is" with no corrections. -SW


Meteors/Fireballs Over Breckenridge, Texas

LITS Case # 16192011
Date:  2011-6-19
Time:  21:30
City:  Breckenridge
State: Texas
Shape: Fireball
Duration: 00:00:02
Weather: Clear

Personal account:  At 9:55 p.m. the evening of Friday, June 19, 2011, I was outside preparing to feed our dog, when I happened to look up towards the West/Northwest sky.  At that exact moment, a bolide (exceptionally bright meteor) was dropping straight down from the sky and broke up into 5-6 pieces, along with a number of sparks.

What was so unusual about this particular event, is that the bolide was in my estimate, just barely over 1,000 feet AGL before breaking apart.  Another fact, there was no tail, just a bright white orb that broke apart and disappeared.

I reiterate, this object did not arch (came straight down), was exceptionally bright white and left no trail.

From my viewpoint, the object may have fallen into the northern end of Hubbard Creek Lake.

Then again on June 22, 2011 at 9:40 p.m., as my spouse and I drove west into town, we both saw another meteor plummet down in the same location.

This marked 5 meteors in less than a week, all extremely bright and all plummeting straight down before breaking up near the earth's surface.  This does not take into account the meteors I have seen quite recently, streaking across the sky. -SW


Update! Man Reports Explosion In Sky Over Granbury, Texas- 6/21/2011

I received another email from someone else in Granbury, who also heard the explosion over the city and saw the flash of light.  Whatever this event was, the witnesses agree that there was no storm in the area.

Again, I ask that if anyone else saw/heard this explosion in the skies over Granbury, Texas, please either leave a comment, or if you want a response from me, please email me here.  Thanks! -SW


Hi my name is (withheld by SW/LITS), I tried to comment my story on your blog but my mobile internet is limited on capability. I live in Granbury off of highway 51 and definitely heard the explosion. I was watching TV with my wife and out of the corner of the window I saw what I thought to be the brightest lightening I'd ever seen in my life. About 4 seconds later I heard the rumble start and as it progressively got louder the house rattled and my stomach dropped a little bit. It reminded me of the cargo planes that I grew up next to at Mchord airforce base but exponentially louder and with a noticeably more physical presence to the sound. It continued for about 45-60 seconds when I muted the TV and listened to it gradually fade into silence which took another solid 45 seconds or so. It was an all around weird felling throughout the entire event and I remember not hearing or seeing a drop of rain nor any other thunder or even any kind of storm-like activity. I don't know if this helps but I thought I'd share...

And from the *comments* section:
Something doesn't add up here. A blast of that magnitude with very low half life radiation close to a nuclear plant and the authorities don't know what happened. IMHO - It was either a conventional explosion in some part of the nuclear plant that handles low half life radioactive materials or a dry run for a terrorist's dirty bomb.

Either way it is frightening.

Read the original report:
Man Reports Explosion In Sky Over Granbury, Texas- 6/21/2011


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Man Reports Explosion In Sky Over Granbury, Texas- 6/21/2011

Click on Map for larger view.

I received an email from a friend, claiming that on the evening of June 21, 2011, he and his neighbor heard an explosion in the skies over Granbury, Texas.  The explosive sound damaged windows and toppled objects off shelves.

Earlier today (June 22, 2011), the tree limbs that had been knocked down out of the trees by the blast, were withered and the leaves crisp and dry.  He had tested for radiation and though the limbs were "hot" last night, the radiation is now gone.


At exactly 11:37 pm, there was a massive explosion in the atmosphere above Granbury. The sound of this explosion was so strong, that it cracked my sky light in the living room and three other windows are broken. The entire house shook with such force from the initial blast, that every single thing on my shelves and counter tops vibrated to the floor. I could feel the sonic boom on my heart and it actually made my head pound for several seconds. The extremely loud thunder type of rumbling continued for over two minutes and slowly faded in decibel levels, until it faded out completely.

I noticed a very bright reddish-purple glow coming from above the house and through the skylight, just seconds before the sound of the explosion hit my location. I honestly thought that a small tactical nuclear bomb had been detonated at or near the Nuclear plant in Glenrose. There were no storms in the area and there hasn't been any storms or rain here in Granbury now, for over two months. All of the storms from last night and tonight, split up and went around us, as I watched this happen on radar.

This was not lightning and thunder from storms!  Even my cats were scared out of their wits and had arched backs, with the hair standing up all over, for several minutes after the event. My neighbor even came out and looked up into the sky, at the same time that I did. He said: "What the Hell was that! Did a house in the neighborhood explode or something?!

We found his front window cracked and heard several police sirens in the distance.

I will let you know if I find out more about this strange phenomena. Should this have been the result of a rogue lightning bolt, that arced from the storms fifty miles south of us, this would be the first one of this magnitude, that I know of.  One thing that scares the hell out of me and is just way too coincidental...

Let me know if you hear from any one else, that experienced this same explosive effect.

BTW- The temperature, at the time of this event was still at 94 degrees. There was a very slight breeze out of the south, and the temperature 12:22 is 77 degrees.
The coolest temps we have had here in Granbury at night, for the last two weeks, has been only 84 degrees. Our high temps have been from 101 to 114! and absolutely not one single drop of rain! The grass and weeds are all dead, and all of my trees are starting to die off now! I have only had 00.75 inches of rain, since Jan. 1st!

I would swear that I am experiencing weather manipulation warfare. I can't explain it any other way.

Then today he writes:

I forgot to mention, that four large branches broke off of my cottonwood tree during the event. They were
the upper most branches and I tested them for radiation. They were pretty hot! So my neighbor helped me to move them to the farthest back corner of my property. There was absolutely no wind last night too!
I went out to look at the branches a few minutes ago, and the leaves are already brown and will crumble in your hand with ease. They were still green last night! No more radiation though. Pretty darn freaky!

(Name withheld by SW/LITS)


Note:  If you are in the Granbury area and heard the explosive sound on the evening of June 21, 2011, please contact me. 
Thank you,
Sunny (SW)


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

UFO Sightings Reports From Around The U.S., For June 20, 2011

Here are reports submitted to, of UFO sighting which occurred on June 20, 2011.  I am sure there were more sightings but very few people file reports. -SW

4  Discs
in Formation

MUFON Case # 29654
Date:    2011-06-20
Time:   22:07
City:    San Francisco
State:    California
Shape:    Disc
Distance: One mile or less
Vallee Index: FB1

Sitting in the garden looking up at the stars when a very low flight of 4 discs flew directly overhead SE to NW. Discs were low - size of a penny - and in a fluid formation. Bright white with a brownish outer rim glow. No navigation lights and moving very fast. Caught sight of them for 3-4 seconds before they were obscured by buildings. Height - < 1000ft (but maybe lower depending on object size) and silent. I fell out of my chair. Unbelievable!


Blue stationary light with white point at center disappeared suddenly

MUFON Case # 29651
Date:    2011-06-20
Time:   20:39
City:    Collierville
State:    Tennessee
Shape:    Diamond,Disc,Oval,Sphere,Other,Unknown
Duration: 00:00:30
Distance: One mile or less
Vallee Index: AN1

I had just turned right from N Byhalia Rd onto White Rd heading west. I was accelerating to 30mph and panned my eyes from the evening clouds east of me (where it was becoming dark) to the west where I was heading (no clouds). Toward the west, south-west I noticed a distinct blue glow/light with a white dot at the center. The object was stationary, and had the shape of a flattened diamond or flattened infinite shape. I knew it wasn't an airplane (I've grown up around a major airport and I have never seen anything like this and the apparent elevation and size of the object in relation to setting sun ruled out reflection) so I started thinking it was a star but the shape was really inconsistent with that as well. (I want to make record of this next part although it seems really strange.) I then had the thought, "I wonder if it knows I see it." At which point it simply vanished. Almost like if someone was shining a flashlight at you from across a field and then turned the light off without warning. It was just gone. There were no other objects in the sky. No silhouettes, shimmers, nothing. I continued scanning the area trying to come up with an explanation, the hair started standing up on the back of my neck as I realised I can't explain what I just saw. I then called my wife and told her "I think I just saw an honest to God UFO." I'm writing this now to make record as I am trying to recall as much detail as possible and I am going to return to the site tomorrow and try and get some pictures and reference points to see if I can come up with an explanation for what I saw.


Two star like objects moving slow

MUFON Case # 29653
Date:    2011-06-20
Time:   23:30
City:    Boston
State:    Massachusetts
Shape:    Star-like
Distance: Unknown
Location: Suburban
Visibility: Clear
Weather: None
Vallee Index: AN1

My brother and I were on our back porch smoking (cigs) when we saw two star like objects flying very slow from (I think) a south westerly direction to an easterly (I think) direction, when I first saw them I thought they were big bright stars and that's how my mind registered them at 1st...a couple of seconds later I realized they were moving toward our direction. They were not moving the same direction as the stars. They were big,very bright white and silent one was behind another to its 5 o'clock position. My brother has binoculars and he got them and he says through them he couldn't make out anything but light. I ran inside to get my mother because I wanted her to see them (this took about 15 seconds maybe less) as we stepped out the door he said to our mom look right there and then they were gone, they hadn't been close to being overhead yet. He said in the split second he took the binoculars down and back up to keep looking they were gone, he didn't see how they left, at the speed they were going they still should have been there. He went around the front of the house to see if he could spot them and couldn't. About 10 minutes later we saw (it could have been a satelite but I dont think so) another bright white light heading (I think) south to north it seemed to change speed but also the brightness of it faded away and went from a large bright white dot to a very small one until we couldnt see it anymore. About another 10 minutes later I saw a very small white dot heading again south to north at a steady speed then it took a 90 degree turn north east and out of my viewing range. We saw over the next little while some other small white dots moving around in unregular patterns. I've never seen anything like this and I've seen UFOs before. This happened over about the period of an hour between 10:30 and 11:30 eastern daylight time in West Roxbury (Boston) Ma. June 20, 2011.


BIG round black smoking ball traveling north to south in stuttered flight
MUFON Case # 29661
Date:    2011-06-20
Time:   20:13
City:    Red Bluff
State:    California
Shape:    Other
Distance: Over one mile
Vallee Index: FB1

My daughter and I were watching a strange light on a mountaintop just beyond the foothills across the valley from us to the east. It's some reflective something that doesn't belong there, and we've watched it off and on since last year. While we were sitting on the porch, a big black smoking ball came into view from the north, just over the foothills but in front of the mountain where the light was--approximately 2-3 miles away. It trailed black smoke or vapor, stuttered up a bit and down a bit as it flew slowly across, the trail of smoke following it like a snake. It passed behind a tree just across the highway from here, and we fully expected to see it come out the other side above/behind the hills, but it never did. So it must have gone down just beyond those hills. No sound. Nada.

If I were to guess its size at a 2-3 mile distance, I'd say it was easily 150-300ft in diameter, not including the tail of smoke. The light on the mountaintop beyond it disappeared while we were watching the black ball, though there was still enough sun to reflect. Odd. Really REALLY odd.


2 flashing red-orange lights that turned into one light and eventually back into two.

MUFON Case # 29660
Date:    2011-06-20
Time:   23:43
City:    Warner Robins
State:    Georgia
Shape:    Circle,Disc,Flash,Other
Distance: Over one mile
Vallee Index: FB1

I was sitting on my back porch at about 11:40 at night. It wasn't long before I noticed some flashing lights to my left up in the sky. I live near an air force base so i'm used to seeing planes and flashing lights but these lights caught my attention. I observed the two red-orange lights flicker/flash and soon realized they weren't two separate objects, but they were the lights of one craft moving together. I can't quite explain the distance apart, but they were definitely too far apart to be any normal airplane. Eventually the lights, which were moving rather fast, became just one light; or shall I say one light disappeared. One light flashed by itself for approximately 15 seconds. As soon as the second light reappeared a third light seemed to flash 2-3 times right behind the first light. That's when my interest really peaked. By this time the lights had traveled pretty far across the sky and that's when I noticed that the two separate lights moving together were actually 1 light spinning in a super fast circle. It also seemed to have a slight slant to it. For the next minute and a half, approximately, the spinning light moved further and further away until it couldn't be seen anymore. What impressed me the most was how fast it made its way across the sky. Also, the way the lights flashed/flickered were unlike any flashes i've seen in the sky before. The seemed to skip almost and it became more clear once I realized the two lights were just 1 light spinning fastly around its ship. I first thought it was just an airplane, I see them all the time. But as it made its way across the sky and started turning from 2 to 1 to 3 and back to 2 lights rotating, I figured I was observing something very different. Over the past 2 years I have become a believer in ET but have still remained a skeptic. I never expected to have my own UFO encounter, and still wonder if it was some unknown military craft or indeed a UFO. I attempted to take a video but my camera isn't the best and I couldnt seem to capture or focus on the lights.


Large ball of light

MUFON Case # 29664
Date:    2011-06-20
Time:   22:00
City:    Syracuse
State:    New York
Shape:    Star-like
Vallee Index: FB1

A friend and I were driving over to another friend's house in Liverpool to stay there for the night. It was just my friend and I in the car at the time. As we drove through my neighborhood, I noticed a large ball of light in the sky. It was very bright, which drew my attention. I am a long time believer in extraterrestrial activity, and have been visited before by UFOs. My friend was a skeptic and didn't really believe many of the stories I would tell. I pointed out the light to him, and he looked up at it along with me. We first believed it to be an airplane, but it didn't move like one and it definitely didn't look like one. There were not multiple lights visible on it, just one large ball of gold-ish light. As we watched the UFO, it seemed to sit still in the sky. The two of us began to have feelings of panic and disbelief. It then started to move once we noticed it, and it made somewhat of a U-Turn. The light grew larger, and as soon as we contemplated turning down a street to follow it, the light disappeared. I can only describe it as like a light switch turning off. There was no dimming of the light or anything. It just disappeared right in front of us. Come to find out, another friend of mine reported seeing the same exact light in Rome, NY up at a drive in movie theater.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Iraqi War Veteran Reports UFO Sighting In Fayetteville, Arkansas

Note:  Report is "as is", with no corrections. -SW

MUFON Case #   29626
Date:    2011-06-18
Time:    22:18
City:    Fayetteville
State:    Arkansas
Shape:    Fireball
Duration:    00:02:00
Distance:    One mile or less
Location:    City
Terrain:    Fields
Visibility:    Clear
Weather:    None
Vallee Index:    FB1
Summary:    Lights in the sky over Fayetteville

At Aprox. 22:18 central (03:18 zulu time), 3 friends, and myself witnessed 10 -15, orange - yellow flying lights. The lights appeared to be flying from south to north in Fayetteville Arkansas, along interstate 540, in triangular like formations. The lights made no sound and no contrail. 3 or 4 lights seemed too turn west along Wedington road. Atleast 2 other lights disappeared from sight completely in an unknown direction , the rest of the lights continued north over interstate 540.

The lights appeared to be under 10,000 feet (3,030.3 meters) and moving quite fast but at varying speeds. I witnessed what seemed to be 1 light dropping altitude, speeding up and passing another light in the same formation. The light that was passed then broke sharp to the west and a few other lights behind it followed along the same route west over wedington road.

I can say with 100% assuredness that in my 6 yrs Launching rockets as a MLRS crew member in the US army national guard, and my time in Iraq watching night time take offs and bombing raids by US jets, multiple helicopter formation at night, and UAV flights, that it was nothing like anything i have ever seen while being in the military. I am also an avid stargazer and satellite watcher. Saturn was almost right over head (maybe 80 degrees above the horizon) and most of the lights seemd to be at least 3 to 4 times as bright as Saturn.

The 2 pictures i took on my phone did not capture the full formations, or other relative objects. The pictures are a bad quality but I would provide the pictures to any one who wants to study further.

Original Photos
Photo 1
Photo 2


MUFON Star Team Member Reports Sighting & Missing Time

MUFON Case #   29641
Date:    2011-06-16
Time:    22:10
City:    Farmington
State:    Missouri
Shape:    Sphere,Star-like,Triangle
Distance:    Unknown
Location:    Mountain
Terrain:    Mountains
Visibility:    Partly Cloudy
Weather:    None
Entity Type:    Unknown
Vallee Index:    AN1
Summary:    Multiple UFOs and missing time in SE Missouri mountains

I am the Assistant State Director for Missouri MUFON, and a Start Team Investigator. The person with me was a Star Team investigator for Kansas MUFON. We had a spectacular UFO sighting while on the last leg of our trip from Kansas City to Piedmont, MO, located in the SE corner of Missouri in Wayne County.

The duration of the trip should have been six hours according to my GPS. With stops taken into consideration, we should have arrived at 9:30 p.m., but we arrived at our destination at 10:37 p.m., so we had over an hour of missing time. We cannot account for the missing time.

As I was driving South on 67 Highway past Farmington at the very South edge of Francious County, I noticed a bright object in the sky to the East. The object appeared to be three very bright lights in a triangular pattern. It was approximately the size of a large pea held at arm's length. The object was much brighter than any planet (5 x brighter than Venus) and was bluish/white in color. It was at approximately 50 degrees off the horizon and ENE of our position. It appeared to get larger and clearer as I watched it. I also had an uneasy feeling, which started before I saw the object.

I asked my passenger (the other MUFON investigator) to take a look at the object, so he opened the sunroom of my SUV and watched it. He said the object moved to the North, and when I looked it was gone. He watched several shooting objects without tails moving from West to Northeast, but behaving like shooting stars. Then three long white lights appeared, moving very fast from a NE to SW direction. The first triangular object appeared and disappeared three times. These objects moved around the sky for approximately fifteen minutes. The skies clouded over and we lost sight of the objects. We were both very uneasy about the entire sighting, and thought it was coincidental that this occurred while we were on our way to the Piedmont UFO Festival where I was speaking.

While at the event, my computer, which contained the power point presentation on UFO sightings in Missouri, was stolen from my locked vehicle. It has since reappeared in my house on my dining room table, minus the power point presentation I was going to use and another one on a different UFO case. The laptop was not there last night, but was this morning. I am absolutely positive it was in my vehicle, since we discussed taking it inside on the first day of the event (Friday), but I said no since I didn't need it until Saturday, and moved it to a different spot in the back seat.

Also notable: We had some paranormal events happen at the house we were staying at in Piedmont, which consisted of scratching and banging noises on the outside of the house and a glass breaking sound inside the house, which two of us heard, as well as some objects moved to different locations. I had a strange dream about being abducted and restrained on a UFO, but that may be just a dream given the circumstances.

Attached are Google Earth pictures with the location of the first sighting noted and the location of our destination. Note that East of our first position where the first UFO was spotted is the Mississippi River.


Witnesses Observe Oval-shaped craft and Occupants in Valdez, Alaska- 1976

MUFON Case Number:    29611
Date:    1976-05-01
City:    Valdez
State:    Alaska
Shape:    Oval
Vallee Index:    FB1
Summary:    Friend and I observe opaque craft-like 30' - 35' oval object as we left town in my pickup after restaurant breakfast approximately 400' away from scene.

I recall that it was a beautiful sunny morning, just a perfect temperature sort of day. We were both single men from Michigan, my buddy lived in town and, at that time, I lived at the Valdez Marine Terminal construction camp. We both had Sunday off and had decided to have a good breakfast and take a cruise up the highway. I was impressed that the day seemed very quiet and sleepy. There were few people up and about as we had breakfast.
We left pickin' our teeth and had no well-defined destination in mind so I just turned right out of "The Totem" Restaurant and Motel. It was just s relaxed and quiet Sunday morn. "The Totem" was just on the edge of this little Alaskan community and my right-hand turn points you at a tight left-hand turn in the highway only a few hundred feet away.
As we began the swing into this left-hand turn in the highway we both had our attention stolen by what abruptly entered into our field of view just off the highway to our right approximately 150' - 175' away.
It was SO bizzare that I made a conscious decision to concentrate on a couple of specific items so that I might recall those items later on.
( I FULLY realized at that moment just how UNUSUAL this was to my routine everyday sights and nothing before lent any perspective so I was just trying to instill common sense to the moments of this unique observation !!)

I state the following with great confidence:

The "craft" .... oval in shape .... approx. 30' - 35' diameter .... the exact color AND transluscence of new bubblegum ater chewing it for only a couple of minutes and then blowing a bubble, ( lotsa sugar still in it to give it that luminescence ). It was 6.5' - 8.0' in height. Around the outside perimeter was a feature that looked a LOT like lab hose, ( +- 3/4" ). I estimate the diameter of this "hose" to be three quarters of an inch, AND, individual lights revolved INSIDE the "hose" every 4' - 5', in a counter-clockwise flow. The light looked as though it expanded the "hose" as it traveled from left to right around the craft. I recall being particularly impressed by the ability for the hose which, at the same time seemed so much a part and parcel of the craft, seemed to effortlessly expand and then contract as the light coursed it's way around.
When I saw enough of the foregoing I began to catch glimpses before I drove out of view around said corner, leaving my friend to continue his observation before it went out of his view also. GLIMPSES: I'm sure that I saw a ramp dropped from the belly of this craft, approximately 4' - 5' wide and 6' - 7' long. I believe I observed two metallic extensions which comprised at least a part of the "landing gear". Last, but certainly not least, I saw two small grey-green animals, that looked like the stereo-typical description of "aliens". At this distance of 50 or sixty yards I cannot provide any specific details. They were 4' - 5' tall, seemed to be in a quandary, ( I got a very distinct feeling that they were caught with their pants down and were in much of a hurry. Then, they were out of my line of sight.
I saw my buddy turning to look out his window as I continued round the corner and, perhaps ten seconds later, sitting on the edge of the seat he turned staring vacantly out the windshield .... ( his mind was very obviously involved with what he'd just seen ). I said, "did you see what I just saw"!?! He did not answer and simply continued to look straight out the front windshield. For the third time I began to ask him that same question when he abruptly turned to me and nearly shouted, "You're ******* right I did", and immediately got that far-away look in his eyes again. I said, should we turn around and go back!?! He immediately and with emphasis replied, "NO!!" I drove as far as the "Salmon Turnaround", ( +- 2 tenths of a mile away from the corner we'd made our observations ), and turned around there and went back. It was nowhere to be seen and my friend was against going out toward the beach area where we'd seen it. I searched the skies for it or a contrail or anything that would tip off its location. I looked at the beach for skid marks, and the immediate mud-flat and water for a wake or concentric circles of it going beneath the water. NOTHING. I'll estimate that from the moment we saw the craft until we returned to the site and found it gone was less than four minutes. My friend became increasingly unwilling to discuss the event after a few months and refuses to acknowledge the entire experience these days ---"Geez, I don't remember".
Not acknowledging reality when it is imposed upon us is, I'm convinced, some of the worst of circumstances that we can impose on one another.

Note:  Report is "as is", with no corrections- SW


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Special Notes To Readers of LITS

First off, I wish to thank all of you, for reading this blog and I hope that I have helped you to gain some insight on the UFO phenomena.  I will continue to research, investigate and post sightings here and with your help, we will find answers to our questions and hopefully achieve disclosure.

There have been quite a few comments on select posts on LITS and everyone has been courteous.  Of that I am most grateful.  There has also been a number of sightings posted in comments and the sharing of your experiences is much appreciated.

I'd like to share a recent comment with you all, one that was posted to Black Disk UFO Seen In Tomball, Texas , by Trippytrips8.

Last night i was taking pictures on Facebook when I looked out the window and saw two really really brights lights next to each,they started moving from the woods to my house and suddenly like five min later, I saw a UFO (its lights were orange and yellow or white)hovering over my house. I almost had a heart attack, I didnt want to get taken by them. I called my sisters and they came to the house from a place called Cluckers. And we all went back into the woods an hour later to see if we could find anything, but we didn't
Oddly enough my sister (Im a identical triplet by the way) went to Galveston and talked to a weird looking homeless women the other day on the beach and the homeless women said, "you and your sisters are special and she just went on about how we are different then other people and aliens already watch us" and then she said, "since you just talked to me, aliens will start visiting you" she also claimed she has gotten taken by the aliens before.
My sisters and I has always strongly believed in Aliens and we have always believed we had a connection with them. A while ago my had a strange experience also.
Please write back, I would love to hear your comment, thanks.

I appreciate hearing from readers such as Trippytrips8 and will gladly respond, if you will contact me directly by email, or leave a legitimate email address.

Thanks you all... and to all of you Dads out there, Happy Father's Day!

Sunny Williams - SW/LITS


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rectangular Craft Seen Over El Paso In 2001

Depiction by SW/LITS


A wife and her husband traveling from California to Florida, observed a huge rectangular craft as it flew over their vehicles, while they were passing through El Paso, Texas.

Here is that unedited report:

MUFON Case #   29602
Date:    2001-12-01 00:00
City:    El Paso
State:    Texas
Shape:    Cylinder,Square/Rectangular
Distance:    500 feet or less
Vallee Index:    CE3
Summary:    Driving in separate vehicles, my husband and I observed a massive rectangular object with glowing red spears that extended the length of the object on both sides travel over us at 150ft off the ground, bank left and move on over the hills.

As my husband and I traveled in separate vehicles we observed a massive rectangular object about the size of two football fields end to end travel over us and glide silently at about 150ft off the ground, bank left and then continue up and over the distant hills.. We observed a red glowing spear on one side that was from one end of the object to the other and could see the glow from the other side that also appeared to be red. There was no sound emitted from the object and we observed several massive spotlights on the front of the object. It was traveling so low that if we had a rock we could have hit it. There were several other vehicles on the road and we are curious whether others have reported this sighting as it lasted for an extended period of time. I found the sighting both terrifying and somewhat exciting. We were driving from L.A. to Florida and even ten years later discuss this brief encounter on a regular basis. Can't stop thinking about it...

Click on map for larger view.


Note:  Fort Bliss Main Post and Military Reservation- Castner Range, Biggs Army Airfield, are all located in Ela Paso, Texas, along with numerous airports. 

My spouse was TDY on maneuvers, somewhere on the desolate sands of the Fort Bliss Military Reservation, back in 1974. The only thing he can recall is sand, heat... and more sand.  -SW


Strange Black "UFO" Over South Kearny, New Jersey

On Friday, June 17, 2011, two witnesses observed something black and very strange, flying over South Kearny, NJ.

Here is that sightings report, which was submitted to MUFON.  You can also view the original photos by clicking on the photo links below this report.

MUFON Case #  29597
Date:    2011-06-17
Time:    13:31
City:    Jersey City
State:    New Jersey
Shape:    Other
Duration:    00:00:45
Distance:    Unknown
Weather:    Lightning,Light
Vallee Index:    FB1
Summary:    "Unidentified" Flying Object

6/17/11 - 1:31pm - I work in South Kearny, NJ and at about 1:30pm I went out on the porh at work to see the on coming Thunder Storm.. I was talking to a co-worker when big flash of lightening struck.. We were watching the sky for more lightening and seconds later, I said to my co-worker, "What's that"?? First he said it was a bird, then said it was a black plastic bag then said, "I don't know".. I told him to keep it in sight and I'll go get my camera.. I have a 10x zoom on my camera and managed to get 3 pictures as it traveled from South to North in a pretty direct path over my job in South Kearny, NJ before losing sight of it over our building at work... All I know is that it was Unidentified and it was flying...

Original Photos:
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3

Note:  I examined the object in the photos.  It isn't like any "trash bag" I ever saw. -SW


Friday, June 17, 2011


Star Trek's USS Enterprise

Making Star Trek Reality: NASA Wants Ideas

Defense Department and the space agency want sci-fi fans, scientists, and space junkies of all types to help brainstorm ways to to fly humans to the outer reaches of the solar system by 2111.

Information Week-  The Department of Defense (DOD) and NASA are soliciting ideas from the public for technology and other considerations for how to send people on long-distance manned spaceflights in 100 years.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the space agency collaboratively this fall will hold a symposium on their 100-Year-Starship study, which aims, a century from now, to fly humans to the outer reaches of the solar system in ways so far only possible in sci-fi movies. The agencies are seeking abstracts for ideas to be presented at the meeting.
People will be invited to speak on a variety of research angles through different topic tracks, including technology as well as various sociological, economic, legal, and philosophical considerations for the type of travel the agencies are proposing.

Other tracks will focus on the biological and medical needs that must be considered; destinations for travel; and ways to communicate to the public about their vision for the program.

2010 Threats: Why they happened and the tools available to thwart them.

Take a quick look back to prepare for future threats.

On the technology side of things, NASA and DARPA are looking specifically for abstracts on time-distance solutions, such as propulsion, time/space manipulation and or dilation, near speed-of-light navigation, faster-than-light navigation, and ways to observe and sense at near speed of light or faster than light, according to DARPA.

Technology also will be a consideration in setting up the habitat that will allow people to survive on long-duration space journeys, including providing sustainable energy and advanced medical capabilities, the agency said.

Because of the innovative and outer-worldly nature of their research, the agencies are hoping for a response from a different cast of characters than are usually found in the scientific and technology industry.

"This won't just be another space technology conference--we're hoping that ethicists, lawyers, science fiction writers, technologists, and others, will participate in the dialog to make sure we're thinking about all the aspects of interstellar flight," said David Neyland, director of DARPA's tactical technology office, in a statement. "This is a great opportunity for people with interesting ideas to be heard, which we believe will spur further thought, dreaming, and innovation."

Ideas shared at the symposium not only may be applied to the 100-Year-Starship study, but also may be used in the future by the private and commercial sector, according to DARPA.

The agencies introduced the year-long study at the end of October. They hope by the end of their research to create a self-sustaining organization that can solve the challenges of long-distance, long-duration interstellar space flight.
Read more


Note:  As if they don't have the technology already... - SW
Some 'Star Trek' gadgets no longer futuristic


I received this email:

Hello Sunny,
   I find it to be extremely too coincidental, that the ESA Mars Hale Crater images definitely exhibit signs of vegetation, intelligent colonization, and an entire civilization structured community, whether they are ancient relics, or presently occupied. The evidence of flora and fauna (some type of trees, shrubs and grass/algae) showing up in the same images, proves that the two are connected, or were the result of agricultural projects. Possibly even attempts at terra-forming. 
   Now we have this news disclosure, from the ESA and NASA:
Mars or Bust in 2016: New Unmanned Mission to the Red Planet
   Suddenly the ESA is joining with NASA, and both appear to be very interested in the Martian atmosphere, the ever changing weather patterns, and how to land a spacecraft in a brutal dust storm, or the worst possible weather conditions, that a manned mission might have to deal with. These agencies also make the point, that if the ExoMars-C Rover doesn’t find conclusive evidence of life, then it is likely that only unmanned missions will be considered in the near and distant future. I get the impression that these two upcoming Mars missions are simply their way of propping open the door to Pandora’s Box, giving them the first clear opportunity, to reveal or disclose to the world what they have known for over sixties years now. That life has existed on Mars since before Humans even pondered about our own origins and what our purpose is in the greater scheme of the Cosmos. I would wager my entire life’s savings on a bet, as to whether this new rover finds signs of life, or not. My wager would be on a lab tested verification and absolute conclusive, Positive results! Paving the way for Trillions of dollars, to be invested in the new Off-World and New-World Space Colonization Industry. Which of course, will be headed up by the Masters of Space.
Thank you very much Mr. President, for trying to return the United States, to a Third World space technology based society!
   Oh, but wait! I understand that the White House is holding a world wide competition, to find the best technological solution, for deep space manned missions, to the stars and beyond. The premise is to design a feasible and functional colonization space program, that will take humans to planets orbiting the closest stars to our solar system, in the next hundred years or less. The winner of this competition will be awarded a half-million dollar contract, to begin construction and testing of these deep space vehicles, and first steps in establishing the “Star Trek” program. My money is still on the Mars missions! You know, the same ones that our President closed the door on. Thankfully, NASA is willing to join with their competition in Europe, to utilize the technology we already spent billions of taxpayer dollars on, to continue with the obvious space programs, which have the greatest chance of achieving success, rather than scrapping all of the future missions hardware and sending this country back to the stone age…or dreaming about a real Star Trek mission, with a pitiful $500,000 prize. The same person who is trying to bury NASA, makes more than that in his yearly Salary! Some one please tell me, who is seriously out of touch with reality here?

  Just trying to bring a little common sense, to the whole space exploration dream concepts, that all humans should be kept in the loop on.
Take care,  "R"


Thursday, June 16, 2011

UFO Sighting and Possible Abduction in Maryland- 1961

Depiction by SW/LITS.


A witness recalls that at the age of 10 in 1961, they were living in Kentlands, Maryland, when the witness observed a disc shaped UFO and apparently "lost time".

Now the witness claims they cannot watch a movie like "Fire in the Sky", without suffering a panic attack.

Here is that report as it was submitted to MUFON, with only minor corrections in spelling.  To see original report please click on case number.


MUFON Case #   29571
Date:    1961-11-30
City:    Kent Village - Kentlands
State:    Maryland
Shape:    Disc
Summary:    observed UFO hovering above me... lost time.

I was about 10 years old & was outside playing in the dirt (with toy horses) and the air felt cool (like early spring or early fall) & I knew that it would be dusk sometime soon but it was still daylight.

I felt like I was being watched & I stood up & instinctively looked above me. I was not afraid and just stood there looking. I observed a large disk space ship hoovering above me over our back yard.

We lived in a place that used to be farmland, a new development still in the process of building townhouses (3 per building) & most were not complete yet & there were only a few young families who had moved in. The development was also next to a golf course. So it was kind of bare & isolated to some extent. Not many people around to notice a spaceship over someones yard.

I just stood looking up at the craft. I noticed that it had 3 big lights... one was a dome light, 2 were underneath & were 2 different colored lights. Then all of a sudden I noticed that I could see through the craft ... it was a disk and the middle was similar to a car steering wheel shape (like 3 spokes with spaces between them) wherein you could see between the spokes & now I noticed that I could see the stars & sky between the spokes. I wondered how that could be.

As it was leaving, moving to my right and angling up I could see it had lighted windows along the inside spokes & outside rim.  As the craft moved swiftly up & away (at first like slow motion & then it was gone in seconds) I ran into the back door of the house to tell my mother.

The house was not well lit, my mom wasn't inside so I ran out the front door & immediately stopped in my tracks confused that it was dark outside. My mother said what I saw was not possible unless it had been the Sputnik.

I am terrified of the movie "Fire in the Sky" & I have only seen brief parts of it... I feel like I am having a panic attack. I did not have any feelings like that at the time of sighting.

Click on map for larger view.



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