Sunday, June 19, 2011

Special Notes To Readers of LITS

First off, I wish to thank all of you, for reading this blog and I hope that I have helped you to gain some insight on the UFO phenomena.  I will continue to research, investigate and post sightings here and with your help, we will find answers to our questions and hopefully achieve disclosure.

There have been quite a few comments on select posts on LITS and everyone has been courteous.  Of that I am most grateful.  There has also been a number of sightings posted in comments and the sharing of your experiences is much appreciated.

I'd like to share a recent comment with you all, one that was posted to Black Disk UFO Seen In Tomball, Texas , by Trippytrips8.

Last night i was taking pictures on Facebook when I looked out the window and saw two really really brights lights next to each,they started moving from the woods to my house and suddenly like five min later, I saw a UFO (its lights were orange and yellow or white)hovering over my house. I almost had a heart attack, I didnt want to get taken by them. I called my sisters and they came to the house from a place called Cluckers. And we all went back into the woods an hour later to see if we could find anything, but we didn't
Oddly enough my sister (Im a identical triplet by the way) went to Galveston and talked to a weird looking homeless women the other day on the beach and the homeless women said, "you and your sisters are special and she just went on about how we are different then other people and aliens already watch us" and then she said, "since you just talked to me, aliens will start visiting you" she also claimed she has gotten taken by the aliens before.
My sisters and I has always strongly believed in Aliens and we have always believed we had a connection with them. A while ago my had a strange experience also.
Please write back, I would love to hear your comment, thanks.

I appreciate hearing from readers such as Trippytrips8 and will gladly respond, if you will contact me directly by email, or leave a legitimate email address.

Thanks you all... and to all of you Dads out there, Happy Father's Day!

Sunny Williams - SW/LITS


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