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Cylingar/Cigar-shaped Object Seen Over McGraw, New York & Fort Wayne, Indiana

MUFON Case # 29513

MUFON Case # 29513 - cropped & enlarged.

MUFON Case # 29513 - cropped, enlarged & enhanced.

MUFON Case # 29513 - Re-sized from original.
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On June 12, 2011, just 30 minutes apart, two witnesses, one in McGraw, New York and one in Fort Wayne, Indiana observe a cylinder, or cigar-shaped unidentified flying object. 
Could this have been the same object?

Here are their unedited reports:

MUFON Case #   29514
Date:    2011-06-12
Time:    20:30
City:    McGraw
State:    New York
Shape:    Cylinder
Duration:    00:02:00
Summary:    bight white cylinder

At home,central NY, clear to partly cloudy sky, cool dry air, 65f. Looked out garage window, south, saw bight white cylinder shape, traveling from west to east. At first I thought it was airline traffic, went out for a better look, but no wings,strobes, or sound. It seemed to shift slightly to the south and gradually gain altitude, I lost it in the predusk sky not on the horizon. After it past it was a bright white dot, It faded as a point of white light. Not a very spectacular sighting just wondering if anyone else saw it.


MUFON Case #   29513
Date:    2011-06-12
Time:    21:00
City:    Fort Wayne
State:    Indiana
Shape:    Cigar
Summary:Cigar like, silver color, high altitude

Was taking garbage outside and checked the sky on my way back for you know... UFOs. To my surprise I saw what I thought for a few seconds was a plane, long bright silver object. It was unusually high because there is an airport in the city and I know the usual airplane pattern, in the night or day sky. There was no sound, and even when it was flying right over me,I did not see any wings. I stood there for about 15 sec and ran inside to get 2 cameras - just incase. I got a little nervous thinking it's going to disappear but it was gliding across the sky pretty steady. What's interesting is there was another smaller grey object that flew from the opposite side of the craft at a faster speed, and it disappeared after they crossed the paths. I'm not saying it flew inside the other craft, but I did not see it anymore.

The silver craft had a little dark stripe across of it, like a belt. It was a little closer to the head, not in the dead center.

Even though my camera was very close, I did not go back inside right away. It's such a rare event, I did not want to take my eyes off of it. No wonder there are so few pictures out there. I wasn't scared, rather had a peaceful feeling, but completely forgot about taking a picture for good 15 seconds.

Original Photos
Photo 1
Photo 2

Note:  I recall once seeing a huge cylinder just a few hundred feet above me.  It was silent as it glided over.  At the time, I was totally amazed that something that enormous could "fly" without wings.   - SW


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