Saturday, June 11, 2011

Triangles Reportedly Observed Over Conroe & Ennis, Texas

Witnesses in Conroe and Ennis, Texas report seeing a triangular-shaped flying craft. 
Here are the
unedited reports:

MUFON Case #   29476
Date:    2011-06-10
Time:    04:05
City:    Conroe
State:    Texas
Shape:    Triangle
Distance:    500 feet or less
Vallee Index:    CE2
Summary:    black triangle flying low in southern direction, silent

I was driving home from work at 0400 hrs and when I was about two miles from my home I noticed a bright light ahead of me and to the left. I initialy thought it to be an airplane but it wasn't really moving. As I continued driving and getting closer to it I rolled my window down to get a better look. I thought it might have been a helicopter because it seemed to just hover. It was moving very slow, and flying low, maybe 200 feet or so above the ground. As it approached I stuck my head out of the window to get a better look and as it flew over me I could tell that it was black, triangular in shape, and was silent. It made no noise. I turned on the street to my house and grabbed my cell phone to take a picture. I snapped two pics but the only thing it shows is two small white dots as it was flying away. The craft was flying south, about 40 miles north west of Houston. When I walked into my home I checked my watch and it was 0410 hrs. The object was large, maybe 200-300 feet long. I was impressed with how quiet it was and how low it was flying. It wasnt much higher than the pine trees that grow out here. If I didnt see the lights I never would have seen it. I don't know how many lights were on it. I only saw one light as it approached, as it flew over I saw lights underneath it, but they werent as bright as the initial light I saw. It was just bright enough to illuminate the underside of the craft. After it passed, I only saw two lights in the rear. I don't know anything about this kind of stuff so I began a Google search and found this web site.

Note:  Conroe, Texas is located North/northwest of Houston, on I-45.


MUFON Case #   29484
Date:    2011-06-07
Time:    23:20
City:    Ennis
State:    Texas
Shape:    Triangle
Distance:    One mile or less
Vallee Index:    CE1
Summary:    Triangle

I went outside and happened to see an orange light approaching from the southeast. After a few seconds I could see that it was on the front of a triangle aircraft. The aircraft flew over the houses to my east and continued straight to the northeast at maybe 50 miles an hour. It seemed to be maybe 500 feet up and about 200 feet long on a side. It seemed to be gray metal, like an unpainted aircraft. There was absoluely no audible noise until it was at about 11 o'clock overhead when I heard a noise like a generator for a large bulding that was audible until about the 1 o'clock position. It was really, really close but if I had been 1 or 2 houses down, I think I would not have heard even the brief noise that I did hear. I really feel that it was a military aircraft, I had that feeling the whole time I was watching it and was surprised when I could not find the aircraft listed as some prototype or "skunkworks" aircraft . I have never been that close to a flying dirigible so I don't know if they are that silent. To travel that slowly I think it must have been filled with a lighter than air gas. I know people would be skeptical that they could fly this across country and not be seen by millions, but it was so silent, and flying so low that it was in view such a short time, I think it would only be noticed by people already looking up unless a person was within 200 feet either side of it. There is no way that someone in their house would know it was there even if it was right overhead. I had it in sight almost from the treeline of the houses behind me to the treeline of the houses across the street and other than the slowness and silence it did nothing bizarre. It was really remakable, but I have the feeling that it was a military aircraft that in 10 years or so we will see on the news in military operations over the middle east or Venezuela.

Note:  Ennis is located South/southeast of Dallas, Texas, also on I-45.

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Are Triangles ours, alien, or possibly both?  Read the debate about Black Triangles.


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