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Witnesses see "Giant Jellyfish" in the sky over Leakesville, Mississippi

Depiction by SW/LITS

MUFON Case # 29384
Submitted Date:    2011-06-04
Event Date:    2003-03-16
City:    Leakesville
State:    Mississippi
Shape:    Other
Distance:    Over one mile
Summary:    Giant Jellyfish

I was awakened by the telephone. It was my mother, a 20 year special ed teacher, calling. She was very upset and wanted me to go outside and see if I could see anything in the sky. I was talking to her as I walked outside and looked around the sky. Looking to the northeast it was unmistakeable. A huge Jellyfish or squid looking object was in the sky. I was immediately scared as I knew it was no flying object manmade. The object was huge. It had 8-10 long tentacles is the best way to describe it. They where waiving back and forth and had lights going up and down them. I would say the object was no more than 5-10 miles high. I went and woke a friend who was staying at my house and we both sat and watched as what appeared to be little craft flying in and out of the largest craft. I was almost brought to tears as I watched and knew that we in fact were not alone. My mother called the sherriff station and was only laughed at. My mother was approx. 4 miles away from me and we talked on the phone as we both witnessed this event. The Jellyfish made no maneuvers other than the tentacles waving back and forth until just before sun up. As the sun rose the lights on the tentacles began to pulsate brighter and the craft slowly faded from sight. That night made me a firm believer in life from outside our planet. It was a very scary event, as well as a life changing event. I have searched intensily on the internet to find a video or picture of what I saw. If you know of such media, please let me know at the email I have provided. Thank you.

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Possible Related Events

Photo courtesy of Daily Mail/Arne Mikalsen

Was mysterious jellyfish in sky caused by space satellite reflecting Northern Lights?

By Claire Bates

Daily Mail/Mail Online- A strange jellyfish-shaped object spotted hanging in the sky over Norway, may have been caused by light from the aurora being bounced off a space satellite, experts say.

If proven it will be the first known case of a satellite reflecting the Northern Lights.

The mysterious phenomenon was photographed last week by amateur photographer Per-Arne Milkalsen over Andenesm, Norway.

The photographer became fascinated with aurorae after working at a rocket launch site in the far north of Norway for 25 years. The northern lights are often visible here because it is so close to the North Pole.

Aurorae are caused by the interaction of the solar wind with Earth's magnetic field and so are particularly prevalent at the poles where the magnetic forces are strongest.

Mr Mikalsen told the Mail Online: 'I have never seen an object like this before, and I am eager to find an explanation to the phenomenon.'

Read more here.

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Giant jellyfish in the sky!

From Monsters of Kent-

KENT TODAY - 7/4/99 - A motorist has told police she was followed along the M2 for nearly 15 miles by a mysterious flying object that hovered above her car. The woman was with her husband and a friend who also saw the UFO which they reported when they arrived home at Gravesend.
The police said the woman driver, who has not been named, said the strange flying object followed them along the London-bound carriageway of the motorway from Faversham to Blue Bell Hill at Chatham where it disappeared.
Police have so far been unable to find any explanation. Police spokesman PC Dave Wisdom said the driver described the object as transparent with lights underneath which followed the car about 20ft from the ground. Checks were made with other areas and Maidstone police had also received reports about lights in the sky that evening. But it appears these were probably laser beam searchlights being used to advertise a town centre pub.

GAZETTE & TIMES - 14/4/99 - Motorists watched in wonder as they followed an unidentified flying object swirling around the night sky above the M2 motorway, from Faversham to the Medway Towns.
Two couples returning from the coast on Good Friday saw the object which they described as, " the bottom of a jelly-fish", circling close to their car, just past the Faversham turn-off.
Mrs Pauline Davis (51) had her attention drawn to the strange phenomena when her sister Mrs Val Springhall noticed the sky looked strange.
Mrs Davis described it as being transparent, with white lights swirling around. The object disappeared, then reappeared about 20ft from the car. It eventually disappeared when the family reached Blue Bell Hill, near Chatham.
Mrs Davis, from Gravesend, said, "I was dozing off when my sister said she saw it in the sky. When I looked I knew I had never seen anything like it before. A lorry in f ront of us was swerving all over the road, so I think he may have seen it too. It just kept swirling like the bottom of a jelly-fish. You couldn't see an object, just lights. We called the police when we got home and they say there was a light show at Detling, but when we went back along the motorway there was nothing. If there is a simple explanation for what we saw, I wish someone would tell me."

KENT TODAY - 14/4/99 - You can sleep safely in your beds - Medway may not have become a hotbed for paranormal activity after all.
the source of an alleged UFO sighting over the M2 could have been a giant laser image from a nightclub in Maidstone, we can reveal.
Last week we told you how a motorist claimed to have travelled 15 miles between Faversham and Blue Bell Hill with a mysterious flying object hovering above her car on Good Friday.
Valerie Springhall and her sister Pauline Davis were terrified when what they described as a 50ft long jellyfish-shaped object appeared to deliberately keep them under observation.
"I was absolutely terrified" said Mrs Springhall. "I have never seen anything like it before in my life and I don't want to repeat the experience. It was around 50ft long, fluorescent white, and changing shape from round to oval as it revolved. At one stage it tipped over slightly as we could see small fluorescent circles in its main body."
But the answer may be the laser lights emanating from Atomics nightclub in Maidstone town centre.
Sean Tudor, who writes articles on spooky happenings in the Blue Bell Hill area, believes lights from the nightclub laser show are capable of shining across large distances and is the most likely explanation for the sighting.
He said, "My girlfriend and I happened to be out in Maidstone on Friday and saw the jellyfish display again swirling on the underside of the cloud cover over the town - which confirms to me that the UFO witnesses probably saw something like this the previous Friday. The display clearly has a powerful beam and would be seen for some distance which might extend as far as the M2 at Faversham but would, under the right conditions, almost certainly overplay the M2 closer to Blue Bell Hill. The reason it disappeared at Blue Bell Hill may have more to do with a confined arc the display travels than any sinister association. This doesn't definitely explain the story but the very close descriptive and behavioural similarities suggest strongly that this might be so."

GAZETTE & TIMES - 28/4/99 - The UFO sighting over the M2 motorway on Good Friday was also seen in the hamlet of Bedmonton, near Wormshill. Mr Don Brown and his wife told the paper of their strange experience after reading the report two weeks ago, which they say described exactly what they saw. The couple were settling down for the evening on Good Friday when Mrs Brown noticed something in the sky. She called her husband who went out to look at the swirling object above.
He said, "It was a clear night and there was nothing in the sky to suggest where the lights were coming from. It rotated from left to right in a three-quarter circular movement. It was there from 9:30 pm and it was still there when we went to bed at 10:30 pm."
The following day Mrs Brown asked her friends whether they had seen the swirling object but drew a blank. It was only when a friend told her about the report in the newspaper that the couple realised they had not been alone in what they saw.
One explanation for what these and similar UFO sightings in the sky above Swale might be has been put forward by a local taxi driver.
Carol perry, who first witnessed the mysterious swirling lights in the sky two weeks ago whilst parked outside a fare's house in Roseleigh Road, Sittingbourne, believes they might be reflections on the sky of laser lights from a nightclub in Maidstone. A few days after the first sighting, Mrs Perry dropped off a fare at Maidstone and saw the lights emanating from Gabrielle's nightclub.

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  1. I saw something similar in 2010, at Myrtle Beach at approximately 4:30 am while walking along the beach, It looked like black plasma like liquid with pinpoints of light all over what I would assume to be the bottom that would undulate as it moved slowly in the sky, I would have to guess it was 250 feet or so up in the sky moving slowly. I don't know what it was and I have searched for simliar things on the internet but have not found anything exactly like what I saw. Im a pretty hard skeptic but I can't explain what I saw on that early October morning in 2010.


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