Thursday, June 30, 2011

Encounter on a Passenger Plane

The witness says: "Saw many UFOs outside of a plane window while in flight. Had alien presence on board the flight with me."

Note: Report is "as is", with no corrections. -SW

MUFON Case #  29788
Date:    2011-06-25
Location: Somewhere over New Jersey
Shape:    Oval,Sphere,Other
Vallee Index:    AN1

My encounter takes place on June 25, 2011 on Delta flight 2363 leaving out of JFK (New York) heading to LAX (Los Angeles), departure time 7:00pm.
The first strange thing about the flight was that they rushed us onboard. I had specifically asked at the service desk previously whether the flight was going to arrive and take off on time, and I was told that it was. So I was surprised that an announcement came on the overhead telling people to take their seats as quickly as possible because we were the first cleared for immediate take off. People were still boarding the plane, and rushing up the aisle to their seats because of this sense of urgency. I was sitting on the right hand side of plane by the window, at the emergency exit. There was a young woman next to me and a young man on the other side of her. A flight attendant came by and asked us if we had any problem with helping out during an emergency since we were sitting by the emergency exits. I said no and so did the guy, but the girl next to me had headphones on and was sleeping apparently. The attendant made her wake up because he needed a verbal response. She made some kind of response but the words couldn't be understood, and sounded unusual. I'm pretty good with accents, and couldn't place it at all. It sounded like more than an accent issue. The attendant repeated himself a couple times because he couldn't understand either, and finally the guy sitting with us said she understood and agreed. The attendant left, and I didn't see him again. A new attendant came and strapped himself into the seatbelts on the wall infront of our three seats. He was tall, extremely thin, bald with tan skin. He never smiled or made eye contact like normal attendants do. After take off, he left. The lavatories/restrooms were on the other side of the wall infront of us. One was in my line of sight because it was diagonal to where we were sitting. A female attendant with a strange, wobbly walk kept going back and forth checking into the bathrooms. I noticed the bald, male attendant started to do it too. About an hour or so into the flight I went to the restroom. There was something in the air in there that was making me cough badly. I returned to my seat having a coughing fit. A few other passengers who went to the restroom started coughing too I noticed.
When the food cart came around I got an apple juice and some cookies. Again I started coughing violently due to a tingly feeling in my throat. I don't have any known food allergies. Usually when people start coughing, other people move away, but the girl next to me took off her sweater jacket and actually moved closer. I noticed a very sweet perfume smell wafting from her and the guy's direction. When random people started going past for the restrooms, some of them would smell unusually foul, others would smell sweet. It was very strange. Two men, one of them with no shoes or socks on, started doing stretching exercises by the restroom doors.
Then I started to have a pulse go through my body at different intervals (like a mild electric pulse that contracted some muscles and spread upwards). I couldn't control it and didn't know what was causing it. It would literally make me jump in my seat at times, and I noticed whenever this happened, I would hear the people in rows behind me react with laughter, whistles, chirping bird-like sounds, and something that sounded like a purr. It did not sound human at all, except for the laughs/giggles. The guy sitting one seat from me was on some kind of computer device that looked like an ipad.
When I looked out the window about three or more hours into flight, I noticed unusual cloud cover. It was dark, roiling clouds. At this altitude, clouds are usually flat and non distinct beneath you. But these were like foamy rain clouds, and near the plane. A amber yellow light started to streak the clouds and illuminate them. Then they started to fade into wisps. Outside the plane, beyond the right wing and slightly behind, a yellow oval light was following plane. And as I looked below, a bunch of lights started to appear. They were clustered together in spherical formation at the center of a web-like arangement. A few lights in linear formation would branch off from some of the center clusters (like spokes on a wheel). They were white, amber, yellow lights. I would have to describe it as a fleet. They kept pace with the plane for awhile, 10-15 minutes. I was having trouble staring out window because the pulses through my body had increased in frequency and intensity. When I looked away from window it would stop. When I looked back it would start again. I was being trained not to look out the window.
The girl next to me started stretching alot. At one point she leaned all the way forwards for awhile and I could see that her torso looked alot longer than before, and something was going on with her shoulder blades. When she sat back up her head, which had been lower than mine's before was now on level with mine's at minimum. She turned to look at me and out the corner of my eye I could tell her face had significantly lengthened. Her eyes seemed more prominent. I did not turn my head to look. I wish that I had, but at the time I was in shock. She looked away, and in a few minutes deliberately touched her foot to my lower leg. I got a tingle sensation that was different from the pulses. She went back to sleeping position when I didn't move or look. The guy one seat over from me was tapping away at the computer device, and every time he gave a big tap I would get a pulse. Then sometimes he would lean forward and hold his head, or lean his head back in the seat, and then I would get a series of intense pulses. He looked over at me a couple of times, and left me with no doubt it was him doing it.
At the end of the flight when we got off, I noticed the girl went off with a large group of people from the plane in the baggage claim area. She also had an unusual gait. I'd like to note that there was absolutely no turbulence on the plane ride. Smoothest ride I've ever taken, and I fly quite a bit. Also, at no point did I feel shock yes, but not threatened or fearful for my life. And my asthma symptoms were much improved for days afterward. I'd just like answeres to what happened. I think about it every minute, every second.



  1. Obvious questions.. did the poster recently take any drugs? Sounds like a bad trip.


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