Monday, June 13, 2011

A 1967 UFO Sighting Near Cape Canaveral

Depiction by SW/LITS.


A witness recounts a 1967 close encounter with a disc-shaped object, as it flew over Cocoa Beach, Florida.  After the witness got a view of the underside of the craft, it then dropped down low over the water before disappearing.

Here is that unedited report.

MUFON Case #  29515
Date/Time:    1967-09-30 19:00
City:    Cocoa Beach,
State:    Florida
Shape:    Circle,Disc
Distance:    100 feet or less
Location:    Sea
Terrain:    Ocean
Visibility:    Clear
Summary:    UFO sighting up close. Pier parking lot and beach.

I was seventeen years old at time of this incident. I was living by the Cape Canaveral pier during this incident. I believe it was during the fall season.

I was returning from the drug store and crossing the A1A toward the pier. As I entered the parking lot, I noticed lights approaching from the sky. The lights were rotating counter clockwise and each rotation was a different color. Red, green and blue. They were at a 45 degree angle and stayed that way when the craft stopped over a small grove of pine trees. Then it leveled off and stayed over the highest tree which was about 40 feet tall. I walked up to the craft and looked directly under it. There were no seams, rivets, indentations or anything else that would indicate the location of landing gear. There wasn’t any sound to indicate an engine. I must have stood there for at least ten minutes before the craft moved toward the water which was only thirty yards away and it was high tide. It was about 30 feet in diameter.

I followed it and saw it drop to about two =three feet above the water. I watched the water and saw no disturbance on the surface caused by any engine exhaust. There still wasn’t any noise. It coasted past the pier and headed toward the cape.

I ran onto the pier and climbed as high as I could. I saw the craft glide toward the cape as far as I could see. Then it just “winked out” or went under water can’t be sure of which.

I quickly ran to my grandmother’s house to tell her of what I saw and maybe she would be interested in seeing it.

We got to the beach at the end of East Pasco lane. There we encountered another woman who was walking her dog. Then we saw the craft again. It was coasting along the shore line keeping pace with us as we were walking while watching the craft. This went on for a little while then it stopped. As we stood there the craft just drifted farther out to sea and out of sight.

I believe this was in connection of the first atlas rocket to launched for a trial to carry the first man in space.

At no time did I feel afraid for my safety.


[Name withheld by SW/LITS]


Cape Canaveral in 1967.
Photo Courtesy of

Note: Upon examining the 1967 photo of Cape Canaveral, I noticed several anomalies.  Here is one:

Cropped from original 1967 Cape Canaveral photo.

Those could be dust and scratches on the photo but I will let you decide. - SW


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