Thursday, June 23, 2011

Update! Man Reports Explosion In Sky Over Granbury, Texas- 6/21/2011

I received another email from someone else in Granbury, who also heard the explosion over the city and saw the flash of light.  Whatever this event was, the witnesses agree that there was no storm in the area.

Again, I ask that if anyone else saw/heard this explosion in the skies over Granbury, Texas, please either leave a comment, or if you want a response from me, please email me here.  Thanks! -SW


Hi my name is (withheld by SW/LITS), I tried to comment my story on your blog but my mobile internet is limited on capability. I live in Granbury off of highway 51 and definitely heard the explosion. I was watching TV with my wife and out of the corner of the window I saw what I thought to be the brightest lightening I'd ever seen in my life. About 4 seconds later I heard the rumble start and as it progressively got louder the house rattled and my stomach dropped a little bit. It reminded me of the cargo planes that I grew up next to at Mchord airforce base but exponentially louder and with a noticeably more physical presence to the sound. It continued for about 45-60 seconds when I muted the TV and listened to it gradually fade into silence which took another solid 45 seconds or so. It was an all around weird felling throughout the entire event and I remember not hearing or seeing a drop of rain nor any other thunder or even any kind of storm-like activity. I don't know if this helps but I thought I'd share...

And from the *comments* section:
Something doesn't add up here. A blast of that magnitude with very low half life radiation close to a nuclear plant and the authorities don't know what happened. IMHO - It was either a conventional explosion in some part of the nuclear plant that handles low half life radioactive materials or a dry run for a terrorist's dirty bomb.

Either way it is frightening.

Read the original report:
Man Reports Explosion In Sky Over Granbury, Texas- 6/21/2011



  1. Well, here in Ohio, Shaker Heights by the Great Lakes, there was a large explosion in the sky right before the thunder storm ended on Tuesday evening. Funny thing is, it sounded like a plane had just hit the ground and exploded, or imagine a thousand blasts of artillery fire at one time. It did no damage, no lights went out, no fires, no wires down or anything, just a bright orange reddish light that lit up not only the sky but the inside walls of our homes and shook the ground. Afterward people came out of their homes looking around, trying to figure out what it was yet, there was no mention of it has been broadcast on the news or any explanation of what it was.
    It's as if the media, weather service and authorities want to pretend it never happened but it did and our neighborhood witnessed it!!

  2. my cousin and I were sitting outside his patio, while all of a sudden there were 2 consecutive really bright light in the sky I live in florida but that day there were no cloud in the sky. it appeared to be a purple-ish blue with mist of orange light. the first one lasted around 2-3 secounds long but the second one was around 4-7 seconds long .There was no doubt in my mind that, that was some type of explosion / ufo material happening..


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