Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Two Witnesses See Triangle UFO Near Funston/Anson, Texas- 6/6/2011

A witness reports that they and their mother witness a triangle-shaped object over Highway 180 West, 3 miles East of Funston, a small community due East of Anson, Texas.

MUFON Case #  29438
Date:    2011-06-06
Time:    22:15
City:    Funston
State:    Texas
Shape:    Triangle
Distance:    One mile or less
Vallee Index:    MA1
Summary:    Silent/Hovering Triangular-Formation of Lights Suddenly Took Off

My mother and I were heading west down US 180 about 3 miles east of the small unincorporated community of Funston, TX, in Jones County around 10:15PM on the evening of June 6, 2011. While looking at the road, I noticed a low flying object, that I thought to be a plane.
As it crossed over the road in front of us, we joked around about the possibility of it being a "UFO." Finally, the object stopped; and seemed to hover in midair.
As we got closer, we could see the object had white/green LED like lights on the bottom, and there was also a flashing red light in the center. The lights were arranged in a triangular formation.
As we got closer, we believed the object to be a radio tower. But as we pulled up to the point where we were about even with the object, we could tell it had more "depth," than just a radio tower.

This thing was big. The object was still hovering over what I believe is a field (probably hovering around 70-100'). I stopped the vehicle on the shoulder of the highway and my mother rolled the window down. Instantly the object began to move slowly in an east-northeast direction. The object had absolutely no sound whatsoever as it began to move; it began to move faster and faster.
I immediately turned the car around and headed east down US 180 as I tried to see where the object went. The lights got smaller and smaller and finally appeared as only one light that flashed. The object kept getting smaller and smaller and I decided to turn around. I felt very confused, yet excited about what I had just seen.
Later that night, the excitement turned to a slight amount of fear. I didn't know if this was some kind of plane, jet, helicopter, or ET life...it was certainly a highlight of the night. We both discussed what we had just seen, and both questioned how it could be a plane/jet since there was no sound.
Whatever it was, it did NOT like it when we stopped the vehicle. It took off immediately. Never was there a sound. It was an extremely weird night....

Click map for larger view.

Note:  If you saw this triangle, please contact me. -SW


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