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Multiple Witnesses Observe Lights From North & South Carolina Coast- June 7-8, 2011

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Recently received reports submitted to MUFON, show that multiple witnesses from North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Holden Beach, North Carolina witnessed strange lights and activity over the ocean.

Here are those unedited reports:


MUFON Case #  29447
Date:    2011-06-07
Time:    22:15
City:    North Myrtle Beach
State:    South Carolina
Shape:    Sphere
Distance:    Unknown
Location:    City
Terrain:    Ocean
Summary:    6/7/2011 3 Red-Orange Points of light (Then 2) turning on and off in sequence over N. Myrtle Beach

I was sitting at the beach staring out at the ocean when I saw a bright red orange light appear directly in front of me over the ocean at about a height of 40 degrees in the sky, within another second another light appeared to the right of it, and another second later a third light appeared beneath them creating a triangle that was upside down. After 1-2 more seconds the lights turned off in sequence in the same order they turned on with around a second passing between each light disappearing.

Knowing that this was no ship/plane/man-made/natural object I decided to walk down the beach closer to where I was staying while still staring at the same point in the sky. Around 5-10 minutes later another one of the points appeared in the same area and after another second a second point appeared directly next to it. They stayed on together for 1-2 seconds and then turned off in sequence as with the first event.

At this point I went back to my room to investigate similar events. I was back at the beach from 10:45-12:00 and saw nothing else.


MUFON Case #   29461
Date:    2011-06-08
Time:    21:35
City:    North Myrtle Beach
State:    South Carolina
Shape:    Fireball,Flash,Sphere,Star-like
Distance:    Unknown
Summary:    From 9:35-10:35 saw multiple Red-Orange spheres light up from N. Myrtle Beach

Last night I saw 2 events on the beach in front of the resort I was staying at(Ocean Creek) [which I reported]

Tonight my Dad and I decided walk walk don to the beach a little earlier to see what we could see.

We reached the shoreline at 9:35 and immediately saw 3 red-orange flashes to our SE. Over the next hour we saw 7-9 grouping of the red-orange lights flashing with anywhere from 1-7 lights in each event usually flashing in a sequence, once with two flashing on and off moving in a line across the sky.

After 40 minutes we saw what appeared to be 4 fighter jets (my dad saw 6) flying at a very high altitude to where the highest amount of activity had been over the ocean. They then returned from the direct that they came from.

We saw 2 more events after this with the red-orange flares. The last occurring at 10:34pm.

We never heard anything, but that is not unusual due to the high speed winds coming off the ocean.

The total number of red-orange lights we saw was probably between 40-60 over the course of the hour.


MUFON Case #   29460
Date:    2011-06-08
Time:    21:15
City:    Holden Beach
State:    North Carolina
Shape:    Bullet/Missile,Circle,Flash
Distance:    Unknown
Summary:    Lights

First saw the series of lights over the ocean (clear night, so no cloud to judge height) while sitting on the front porch of a beach house overlooking the beach. One light, then another to the right of it, and then another. Each light would hold anywhere from a second to 15 seconds. They didn't turn on or off, but would flare up and back down, like the fire of an engine or something hot. The objects would appear, dissappear and fly off at different intervals. At one point there were 8+ lights in the sky. The way they would appear/disappear reminded me of how starships would come out of hyperspace in Star Wars, except the brightness of the engines would only flare as it was stopping and then the light would fade as it moved away. We saw probably 50~60 lights in different spots over the course of 30 minutes, but I don't know if they were the same thing or different. About 20 minutes after seeing them, we started to see white (not orange) flashing lights from aircraft (about 5~8), likely military, come into the same area where the lights were. A few more of the orange flares came back in the area, but were soon gone and the flashing aircraft lights soon left after there were no lights left. There was no sound during the entire incident.


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