Monday, December 1, 2014

Witness Saw Boomerang UFO Over Bluffton, Idiana- 11/27/2014

Artist rendering.  This is not a photo.

I received this emailed account of an unidentified flying boomerang shaped object, that was partially transparent.

The report is as is, with no corrections.

November 27, 2014, 12:30 a.m.
Bluffton, IN

Unbelievable, I was sitting in my hot tub, of all times, i was alone and I saw what I still don't believe was a large boomerang shaped object. Time was 12:30 ish, cloudy night with breaks in the clouds. It glides through the sky amazingly. I believe it was silent, couldn't tell really because the hot tub was running. I watched in amazement. My thoughts were, no way, what is that, no way. From where I was sitting, I saw either a low flying object that was gliding through the clouds. By gliding, it was so smooth and straight like it owned the air. It flew straight like a plane, it appeared to look similar to a stealth fighter. The only difference was the sight of translucency. It was primarily invisible with a translucent like Ora outlining it. The Ora was pretty much invisible with very low lighting. I saw a faint red,blue and maybe white yellowish lighting on underneath the object. It appeared to be lights centered across the boomerang looking figure. I wish I could
 have recorded it, I'm in awe. I saw it plan as day over the rooftop of my house until it disappeared into a white low level cloud. If the cloud was not there, I could of watched it continue to fly. I sat there denying what I saw but I know I saw which was what I think was an incredible plane. Shortly after I saw it, I turned all the water off in the tub in hopes I would hear jet engines but it was silent. I wanted to see it again. I wanted to know what it was, or wish I never saw it. Several things ran through my mind. If this thing was flying at cloud level, it had to have been huge. This thing had a wing span that was enormous. It had at least what I think we're 8 to 10 low level lights (barely visible). In the distance, about 15 minutes later, I saw another plan, it had a white flasher and it coasted off in the distance. That made everything even more believable. I saw a UFO which could have been a top secret plane. Whatever it was, it tried very hard to not be seen. Am I loosing 
it. I mean, I did drink some beers today, I over ate because it is thanksgiving. I was smoking a cigar, there was a lot of steam in the air from the hot tube. Was it a reflection of light off the cars from the road. If so, why was the shape so distinct? Why did it travel in a perfectly straight line. It also did not appear to be traveling extremely fast it was crazy. Something in the air felt odd the entire time I was outside and I just so happen to be looking up and bam, I saw this thing that has just blown my mind. 

I replied and asked for more details, such as location, date/time, etc.  Here is the witness' reply.:

I saw it last night. I started looking up similar findings on the Internet shortly afterward. I saw this on November 27th at 12:30 am. I was in Bluffton, In. As far as I know, i don't know of anyone else that saw it. I mentioned it to other but the didn't care to hear about it. Im not sure what your going to to do with this info but I'd prefer to be anonymous. It's still so unreal. It was truly amazing. Something out of a movie!


Investigator's note:  If you saw this object, please report itThank you!


Monday, July 14, 2014

Disc Object Over NW San Antonio, Texas, July 2, 2014


July 2, 2014
San Antonio, Texas
Late afternoon/early evening
Long, flat disc-shaped object

A sighting was reported in San Antonio, Texas, for Tuesday )07/02/2014), in Leon Valley/bandera rd area.   The LITS witness (LITS South Texas Lead Investigator, Connie Churchill) saw an object on the same day but unsure if the time matches, as the Texas UFO Sightings report is incomplete.

LITS Investigator reports: I also saw something in the sky Tuesday afternoon. Flat white object...25 degrees above the horizon.  The sighting occurred between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m.  I was facing ENE. 
The object was there for less than 10 seconds and by the time I got up out of my lawn chair for a better look it disappeared.

I thought nothing of it, since I was in an area of busy airspace.  I later saw the report and realized our locations lined up.. I was situated on Roft Rd (Shooting Range), and the object would have been between me and the location of the other the witness.

I spoke with Connie and clarified a few points in the report.

If you have observed something you could not identify, or experienced something unusual, please contact us.

Link to other sighting:


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New Paranormal Site: "Astral Perceptions"

Spirit Rescue International is excited to announce the return of Astral Perceptions.

Astral Perceptions is a unique site dedicated to exploring and expanding our awareness of the spiritual world around us. Originally founded by Spirit Rescue International LTD in 2011, Astral Perceptions became it's own Limited Company in 2013.

The purpose of Astral Perceptions is two-fold: to network with and support legitimate psychics, mediums and healers throughout the world in order to help bring healing and enlightenment to those looking for guidance. It is also to create a world-wide network of dedicated people willing to come together in times of emergency to help in the search for missing persons, lost pets, and to offer assistance with local authorities on special request cases.

If you are looking for a psychic, medium or healer, or you would like to join the Astral Perceptions network, please visit our website at and click on the "Astral Perceptions" Menu tab.

We also invite you to visit our facebook group page at


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

TEXAS UFO Reports For June, 2014


Below are June, 2014 UFO reports, that were submitted to MUFON by Texas witnesses.

These reports are 'as is', with no corrections.

*          *          *

MUFON Case # 56766
North Richland Hills, TX
Summary: I heard what sounded like a lawn mower, seconds later an unexplained object flew across the sky in a starlike formation.

I was standing beside a chair I was sitting at previously outside a little after midnight, when I heard a sound of a lawn mower, but at a higher pitch, which seemingly came from the sky above me. I scanned the sky, and seconds later the object came into view. The lights were in A star-like formation, a green light positioned at the front and five other red lights positioned like a five pointed star. It moved in a direct and stable straight-line, never changing course or stopping abruptly. It was unknown to me, as I had seen many planes that night that looked nothing of it, and the distance to the ground comparative to a plane seemed to be a few thousand feet. The lights appeared to be brighter and larger than that of a plane, which may be relative to the distance to the ground. I saw it for what seemed to be about ten seconds maximum, before it was behind a neighboring tree, I quickly walked to the side to catch a better view of, but it had disappeared. I wasn't necessarily frightened, more intrigued, but very unsure of what I may have seen.

Witness photo:

MUFON Case # 56775
Houston, TX
Summary: friend taking selfie caught pic of supersonic ufos...

Friend was working at event where he took a selfie and he accidently captured a fleet of ufos streaking by possibly at light speed unseen by the human eye.

Witness Photo:

MUFON Case # 56801
Palestine, TX
Summary: sever moving stars, 3 craft bad smells

several craft, bad smells

MUFON Case # 56808
La porte, TX
Summary: silver oval shapes

I was driving going north on the street I was on in my car and I looked up and I seen an oval silver shaped object next to a cloud and then disappeared.

MUFON Case # 56868
Midland, TX
Summary: i saw an airplane like obj that was moving similarly but caught my eye, looked brighter for daytime and after a few seconds it flew like a shooting star! im in texas and a friend saw the same thing in California, and one later that faded not shot off.

I pretty much covered it in short description but again im working on the edge of town in midland texas ind i looked up and just above the roofline about 1000 feet away i saw what looked like a plane, but it looked brighter than most during the day so it caught my eye and after a few seconds it took off faster then i could really register, it looked like it turned into a shooting star! I mentioned it on Facebook and a friend said he saw the exact same thing in California around the same time? And also a little later saw similar looking thing in the same direction but that one just disappeared instead of shooting off, and i habe also seen a similar silver dot almost looks like like a far away plane but not about 15 years ago that also just vanished thats kinda why i recognised it when i saw it and watched it! Anyway hopefully this helps somehow and goodluck and goodwork

MUFON Case # 56937
Bacliff, TX
Summary: 7 objects - each with 3 flickering lights, all traveling at same speed & flight path

I was with my mother, brother, nephew, & friend on my mother's back porch overlooking Galveston bay when we saw the strange lights at night. My brother & I originally saw an object during the day, & couldn't figure out what it was. Then around midnight of the same day, we all witnessed 2 objects with 3 lights apiece (in a triangular shape). After the 1st 2 faded away, about 5 minutes later, 5 more identical objects appeared. They were silent, seemed 300ft. - 500ft. away, flying above the water, resembled Chinese lanterns, but moved too fast, & all made the same 90 degree turn roughly where the unknown object during the day was spotted. They each seemed to fade away at the same location.

MUFON Case # 56970
Lindale, TX
Summary: Starlike but about the size of 4 stars put together. It decended at a curved 45 degree angle and slowed down at treetop level. It bobbed up and down like it was floating on water. Moved left to right a couple times And slowly decended behind tree.

Approx. 2:30 am. Wednesday June 4 2014. I was outside sitting on my back patio on my phone shopping online and smoking a cigarette. I dont know what made me lookup from my phone, but when I did, thats when I noticed a yellowish-orange light (it kinda looked like it was outlined in red)moving lower in the sky. I turned my phone off because screen was too bright and I wanted to see this light better. At first, I thought it was a star but quickly realized it wasn't. It was maybe 100 feet in the air decending in a sort of curved 45 degree angle moving at a slow rate of speed. Once it got to the treetop it slowed almost to a stop, but looked as if it was bobbing up and down like floating on water. Then it moved to the right, and then back to the left. Then started decending very slowly. At this point, its behind the tree but I can still see it. It gave me the impression that it was "busy" doing something, like it was there for a purpose. It would hover and bob up and down and continue to decend. I watched it until it was so low that my back yard fence was in the way of me seeing it anymore. I was able to see it until it was about 8 feet off the ground. Also , where this light is hovering, there are houses right by the tree its behind and there was a dog barking in that area. I didnt attempt to take pictures or video because #1 i was too scared and #2 I didnt think my pbone would do well picking up the light behind a tree that was probably about 150 feet away. I cant quit thinking about what I saw. I remember I was scared and I wanted to wake my husband up so he could see it too but he was out of town. I told him about it when he got home.

MUFON Case # 56993
Lindale, TX
Summary: The object was hovering above the trees then descended south east

I was driving home and when I almost got home I saw an object hovering above a bridge off I-20. It would get very bright then fade out and the light would almost disappear then it would get bright again. The object was a glowing yellow at first then the closer I got, the more details I could see. I witnessed the object hover and I clearly saw a triangle almost crescent like object hovering with yellow lights surronding the exterior getting brighter and fading. The object hovered and then slowly descended behind a row of trees and it was out of my sight. It was like nothing I've ever seen before and it left me with chills and my heart racing after the incident.

MUFON Case # 57006
San Antonio, TX
Summary: Star like, triangular ET haze, landed ET disc shaped craft

Arriving home in the evening, probably 11:30ish, I'm outside looking up into the sky. Above the SE skyline I see a thick blue streak from left to right. Instantly my mind goes to work and question possibilities: shooting star, satellite, plane, helicopter, meteor shower, UFO!
Certain, if I keep observing in the same direction there's a good chance it'll happen again. I didn't see the attracting blue streak again;what I see is a large white dot like object. Flashing me!
What am I seeing? Am I really witnessing a ET craft?
I pull out my phone and begin recording. The object is just above the treeline in my back yard. I've got a clear view at this. There's a crescent moon out and the night sky is fairly clear.
Still not sure of what I've located is what I believe it to be I'm a bit excited.
I track this object For ten minutes and thirty three seconds.
During this time it appears to be making contact with me. Or perhaps, contact in general. The object flashes multiple times. Sometimes very short bursts. Other times the flash is a bit longer.
The object appears to be moving in the sky. Nothing extravagant I'm thinking but at least I'm recording my proof. Good enough for me.
Well, the object starts doing different things. Now it's coming in close. Real close.
Now, the single blip I've been seeing has made its way down from the firmament into a more familiar space. It's come into my realm of existence. My space. My back yard. Literally, feet away from me.
It comes in as a glow of light. A single glow. Next it takes a triangular transparent luminous entity carrying/dragging a tail if you will. Almost like a comet tail.
It comes in and appears to be intrigued by me. It appears to look at me and hat I'm doing and really zooms in, like focusing really hard at me, so that it finally recognizes what I'm doing.
It hides behind a tree, child like, as if to want to play. It hovers again, it very clearly makes it's way to within feet of me, turns itself into what very clearly appears to be a UFO/ET craft. And fly's away.
From past videos and pics I've seen I can say without doubt that what I have has never been seen before. Ever! Not at this magnitude.
People always talk about the one that got away. Not this one. It's here. I've got it. You've got to see it.

Witness videos:

MUFON Case # 57034
Longview, TX
Summary: 3 orb/stars. Flying in crazy patterns in the sky. Hovering. Changing altitude

After work, a friend and I went out side to view the full super moon. A few minutes into it we first saw a very bright white/yellow light glide across the sky. Questioning what it was. We'd assume plane. But the light and brightness of it just wasn't right. It also seemed to be heading up in like a 45 degree angle. Already being very high in the sky. Curious we continue to observe the sky some more. Then a bright white/yellow light came from one direction. Gliding across the sky. Watching it thinking "UFO or not". Bam! The thing stops abruptly and starts going back the way! At the same moment another smaller red light crosses past it. The bigger white light comes to a stopping point in the sky and hovers for awhile. It would occasionally move doing tiny wiggly moves. Up and down.

Eventually it moved up, higher in the sky. It became smaller and more dim. We watched it for awhile just hovering. Realizing to ourselves that how right now it just would seem like a star. But that's far from what it is! It hovered and occasionally made small movements. After about 30 mins it was still out there. After viewing this event. I'm a little shocked, disbelief. The way this thing moved. Something's intelligent is controlling it and as far as in aware. Nothing of earth is capable. I hope one day I can have some answers. People are right. Look up to the sky.

Note: there were times that I thought I could see a very light, hazy triangular shape. But, it was very hard to tell. And I of course was staring at this light for quite some time

Witness Photo:

MUFON Case # 57105
Forney, TX
Summary: Hovering above my home you can hear the buzz noise and talking

Please review Mufon Case # 56477 and my interview the situation has escalated. They threaten through the com-link they will murder me my family and others, the torment is severe. The grey and others that are hovering in this area are terrorist...they spray gas from a weapon shoved into my home. I saw a black orb drop into my home in the hallway and spray white matter. The high pitched noise I hear all the time gets very loud it makes you cringe you can feel it in your body. They use sound to hurt you. They surround this area with what they call an array of dark gas and heat, you can see it. They get great pleasure from damaging people and stated they will destroy one family at a time. I believe they are already hurting more people not just my family. Please review my case and please tell the proper authorities. This is very serious. I do not know who else to tell. please help.....also I saw what appeared to be a ship that passed thru the creek bed. A ship that had some sort of mirror image as you could see the door "bright in color" open from the bottom but could not see the ship. Case Manager is Gary Neitzel...

MUFON Case # 57120
Kingsland, TX
Summary: long obsrservation of several objects interacting and changing course 3 times and got a good photo of one craft

Four of us were having a beer in my yard, which is in the woods, and my friend said "hey look, a sattelite! So we all looked up to see a sattelite do an "s" curve. It was then we noticed 2 more coming from the same direction. They all looked alike and all seemed to make their own create their own light. But about that I'm not sure. All in all there were 5 or 6 objects that eventually headed north and disappeared. I have 3 witnesses for the initial sighting and one witness for the second. For the third, just 2 and my camera. d boy did I catch a doozie. I am still a bit shaken by the event buth I've been out here every night since. I would like to remain anonymous for the time being because so far folks think I just had too much libation. Last sighting was 6/15/2014. Same craft same everything but only one showed up on the 15th. I want to know who is piloting these crafts. Grays? Military? It seemed like they just vanished over Lake Buchanan about 5 miles to my North. 3 sightins in 8 days.

Witness Photos:

MUFON Case # 57186
Godley, TX
Summary: Bright lights moving fast through the sky

Me and a buddy were going back home after the store, while traveling down a backroad I noticed a fast light moving through the sky then disappear. I looked at my friend and said "i think I saw a UFO!" He thought I was crazy then we saw the other three. After this we sped home and went to the gun room and locked the door. That is where we still are.

MUFON Case # 57239
Aransas Pass, TX
Summary: have witnessed them for almost two years. I have moved several times around texas and they all follow. they are w me every night.

I was living in marble falls texas area when it started in 2012. Several ufos nightly making a circle formation around my home. I keep moving and they do as well. I am use to it but I finally got photos. I have many people who have witnessed them around me. The government is always around as well. If you realky want a ufo story contact me.

Witness Photos:
MUFON Case # 57341
Dallas, TX
Summary: multiple flashing flickering lights ascending and descending and crossing eachothers paths     university park.

i was sitting outside on the porch with my girlfriend and i told her to look in the sky. we saw a few flashing, flickering lights and then more kept appearing and one struck my attention as it went up high in the sky then it came low and then it went back up a little and went behind a light cloud and i could still see the light and it disapeared and never came out the other end of the cloud. while that was happeneing there were many other ufos that looked similar passing paths and appearing in the sky at once. i thought it was a bunch of airplanes at first but i have never seem 6-7 airplanes passing eachother and around eachother at the same time that close.


Monday, June 16, 2014

Winchester Crop Circle Spells Out "NO NORE WAR" In Morse Code

Does the crop circle that appeared in a field on the 6th of June, at Gipsy Lane in Winchester, near Hampshire, UK, actually say "NO MORE WAR" in Morse code?

_.  _ _ _   /  _ _  _ _ _  . _ .   .   /   . _ _  . _   . _ .
N    O           M    O      R     E         W     A     R

Video link

Read up on International Morse Code


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Flying Reptiles In Charlotte?


I just received a comment on a previous post and am looking for others, those who may have witnessed a reptilian looking bird in North Carolina, or anywhere else.

"Me and my boyfriend definitely seen a similar bird in Charlotte, NC last fall/2013. We were riding down Harris blvd between 9 and 10 am. The bird was grey and scaly like a reptile, no feathers, pointy wings! I told my family about it, they were skeptical until my brothers significant other spotted one in uptown Charlotte about 2 months ago! This is crazy! There's living dinosaurs that people don't even realize still exist!! "

Here is the report that prompted the comment.:

Pterosaur Sighting In North Carolina, Jan. 3, 2013

Has the veil between dimensions, time and space, thinned, or have these creatures always been here but so few in numbers, that are almost seldom seen?  Or is some alien hand at work in this, turning our world into a new Jurassic Park?

From around the globe, people have been reporting encounters with dinosaurs.  There have been a number of flying reptile sightings right here in our own back yard, from Washington State and California to Maine and Florida.  What are these creatures?  Are they misidentified birds, or are they truly living dinosaurs?  Let's find out!

If you have seen such a creature, please do not hesitate to report it.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Boomerang/Chevron Type Craft Seen By Couple In Houston

Picture above is a drawing.


A friend and witness recalls seeing a boomerang or chevron shaped craft over Houston, Texas.

Hey Sunny,

I didn't see the boomerang in Round Rock though did see something relatively similar in Houston around 2001-2002 (sometime in March to April.. its been a few years so forgive the lack of date details.  It was also around 1-2 in the AM). I'm not sure if I reported this to you since I've 'met' you online. 

 I was living in Houston that the time in Spring Branch just off Voss road near hwy I-10.  I'd just come back from a get together with some girl friends and was sitting outside with my husband at the time,= along with one of his friends. His friend was turned away from the house facing approx South, I was facing roughly ENE and my husband was facing roughly north.  In front of me was a small bend in the roofline topped by the crown of an oak tree.  The moon was out and close to full and slightly southwest of me, I had to turn around to see it .. I remember this as we'd been discussing how to see the moons of Jupiter and it was not far from the moon at that time.  Within 15-20 mins of this I was looking over near the oak tree to my ENE and noticed movement in the sky coming from just north of that. I focused my eyes and grew way too excited to be able to tell the guys what I was seeing. I basically turned into Grok the caveman's wife and began to grunt and hoot and jump up and down while pointing at the sight ( I'm sure my sleeping neighbors appreciated this lol)

My x did see it in part before it went completely overhead. His friend scanned the entire sky too fast and never locked eyes on it so saw nothing.

I saw :  A 'chevron' shaped object approximately the size of my outstretched hand from thumbtip to middle finger ( my hands aren't that large) .. it was either lit a -very- pale orange or was so metallic it was reflecting the city lights very vaguely.  There were seven lights spaced along it with one centered on the center front angle. These were only slightly more visible than the object itself. There were no hard edges on the object, the ends and front angles were rounded off.

My x saw the lights plainly but never got a good look at the shape that surrounded them. He could not see the faint glow of the chevron or boomerang shape, only the shape the lights seemed to take. By the time he saw it, it was near half way across the sky and was soon obscured by the tree line at the south side of our yard.  It didn't seem to be traveling quickly though without a scale of the craft, that was hard for me to decipher. My x felt it was a 'huge' craft though I had nothing to judge it against and no way to know how far up in the sky it was traveling.

We heard not a sound from it. It was very late and the sound of the highway,  about 6-8 blocks away, could be faintly heard, but no airplane noises or the like were ever discerned. ( we did attempt to listen despite my earlier theatrics when trying to get them to look)

The state of the internet at that time was nothing like today though I remember finding at least one pic that was similar if not completely the same. Of course I went right inside and tried to find one that anyone else had also seen lol. I did NOT make any reports. at that time I was a bit skeptical that anyone would want to hear my story, even Mufon or other like organizations.

Before that time I'd been leading small groups out into the the woodlands north of Houston, in a national forest area. We called it " ufo hunting' though it was mostly star gazing and some energy work/spiritual stuff going on out there. I'd trained myself and others how to look for shooting stars, anomalous objects and satellites by looking at one part of the sky and allowing ones peripheral eyesight to detect motion before darting ones gaze towards it.  Scanning the sky, as my x's friend did, tends to make one miss any actual movement, which is the only logical reason we could give to the fact that the friend never saw what both of us did. 

Anyway, the similarity between your recent post and my experience prompted this email, though the one I saw had clearly defined edges.  Also the rounded edges of its ends was very much as mine was. The angle of mine was slightly different, somewhat tighter of an angle, not as widely spread apart though I was viewing it at a roughly 25 degree angle. Mine also had a definite set of lights though they were only slightly brighter than the vague glow or reflective skin of the object.

If I've reported this to you before, my apologies. I had a momentary case of internet amnesia and couldn't find the search option on your site.

On a side note.. congrats on your recent show at the Para conference in Tyler. I hope all went well! Sounds like you've been quite busy with your investigations and such!

Hope all else is well!

Many good thoughts!

[Name withheld by SW/LITS]


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Boomerang Over Round Rock



Sighting reported to Lights in the Texas Sky
Location: Round Rock, Texas
Date:  April 9, 2014
Time: 8:57 PM
Shape: Boomerang

Tonight, as I was walking my dogs, I looked up to see a boomerang shaped cloud flying North at a very high rate of speed.  At first, I thought it was some type of reflection, but there were no clouds in the sky for any light to be reflected.  It is a clear night. 
This object was completely silent.  My wife also saw this thing.  I thought maybe it could have been ducks or geese, but I have never seen them fly as fast as this object was moving.  This is my first experience with a UFO.  It's truly something I can't identify!  Wow!

I asked a couple of questions and received this response and photo.:

Yes, I saw this object at 8:57pm Central Time.  The boomerang shaped object was not clearly defined, as it appeared cloudlike.  However, it was definitely shaped as a boomerang with the angle of the boomerang being the front.  There were no lights, no sharp edges and no sound.  Really weird.
See my sketch...

Name withheld by SW/LITS

          *          *          *

Note:  Witness is a professional in the medical field.

Did anyone else in the Round Rock area see this object?  If so, please send me your report.   Thanks!~ Sunny


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Friday, February 28, 2014

On Unknown Origins Radio, Monday Night, 3-3-2014

Listen here:
or here:


Thanks to Mark Johnson for rescheduling the show.  

I look forward to being the guest this Monday, March 3, 2014!

Listen here:

Or here:

This will be the very first time I will be openly discussing some of my personal experiences and we will also be talking about Texas UFO sightings. 
Please come show your support!  Thank you!


Friday, February 21, 2014

Recent Sightings - Reports of Sounds, Lights and Object Keep LITS Investigators Busy

Here is just a sample of the reports that we here at LITS are investigating.


Austin, Texas
Man reportedly took photo of rectangular UFO.

San Antonio, Texas
May, 2013
Man reports that his friend observed same object that was photographed by another witness.
Original report HERE.

Northeast Texas
Ongoing activity
Reports of orbs, moving lights and disc-shaped objects.  Some events on a daily/weekly basis.

Pflugerville, Texas
Reports of low frequency rumbling noises.

Rockwall, Texas
Report of strange whistling sound and highly unusual clouds.

Note:  If you are a witness to any of the events in these locations, please contact us and submit your report.


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Triangle Observed Over Three Rivers, Texas - 1/16/2014

This sighting was observed and reported by LITS South Texas Lead Investigator, Connie C.

Location: Three Rivers, Texas
Date: Thursday, January 16, 2014
Time: 8:30 pm (20:30)
Shape: Triangle
Additional details:  3 white strobe lights.

I was backing out of a friend's driveway when I happened to glance up.  I immediately became aware that I was seeing 3 strobing white lights in a triangle formation.  A silver dollar held at arms length would just cover the object, as it appeared to be less than 1,000 feet AGL.  I would say that the object was 200 yards ahead of me and straight up, putting it at 70 degrees (field of view).

While observing the lights, I took note that I did not see any red and green navigation lights that would indicate conventional aircraft.

I attempted to take a photo but the object was already too far ahead, so I followed the object in my pickup for about a mile and a half, as it quickly pulled away from me and I lost sight of it.

The object was headed due east.  There was no sound associated with this unidentified flying object.

Connie C./LITS


Friday, January 17, 2014

Sunny Williams of LITS on Unknown Origins Radio

SW of LITS on Unknown Origins Radio (1/20/2014)


I've been asked to be a guest on a great radio program, so be sure to tune in Monday, January 20, 2014 (9:00 EST/8:00 CST), to Unknown Origins Radio, hosted by Dark Matter Radio.

Join me, Mark Johnson and his co-hosts, as we discuss the UFO phenomena.

I hope you'll be there!



Saturday, January 4, 2014

Daytime Sighting Of Square UFO Over Dallas, Texas 1-1-2014

Depiction of square object over Dallas, Texas.
This is an artist rendering and not an actual photo.


A witness reports via comments on the site, of having witnessed a square craft over downtown Dallas, in a daytime sighting.

January 1, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.

"My partner and I saw one this morning approximately 10 over downtown moving east."

I requested more information and received this comment.

"It was 10am January 1. We were headed east on I30 @ the Beckley exit, the object was rectangular and appeared to be over the downtown area. It seemed metallic or reflective and moving too slow to be an airplane. It quickly moved out of view but when we got on 75 north clear of downtown you could see it off in the distance to the northeast. We see planes flying in and out of Love Field all the time and this was like nothing we had ever seen. It wasn't as long as a 737 but was taller."

Here is the original sightings report that prompted the comments report.

Square UFO Seen Over Dallas, Texas

I investigated reports of square-shaped craft near Gunter, which is north of Dallas.  During the onsite investigation and 'stake-out', I did see peculiar lights and get some anomalous readings on my equipment but never actually saw a craft.

Here is the link to the Gunter sightings reports.

There have been a number of reports, of witnesses observing square or rectangular flying objects.  Even this investigator has observed what appeared to be rectangular, or square-shaped objects in the sky.

Are these objects ours?  Are they flying platforms, blimps, or are they craft piloted by unknown intelligences?  That's the billion dollar question.

If you have witnessed a square or rectangular unidentified flying object over North Central Texas, please send in a detailed report

- Sunny



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