Monday, June 16, 2014

Winchester Crop Circle Spells Out "NO NORE WAR" In Morse Code

Does the crop circle that appeared in a field on the 6th of June, at Gipsy Lane in Winchester, near Hampshire, UK, actually say "NO MORE WAR" in Morse code?

_.  _ _ _   /  _ _  _ _ _  . _ .   .   /   . _ _  . _   . _ .
N    O           M    O      R     E         W     A     R

Video link

Read up on International Morse Code



  1. In 2012, there has been an similar crop circle with a binary code, the coded message was "PEACE": Crop circle at Windmill Hill - 31 July 2012

  2. Thank you!
    What next, "Peace, Not War?" Are these crop circles by human hand, or is another force at work? Either way, it is a message all world leaders should heed.


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