Thursday, March 29, 2012

Triangle seen over corrections center in Cleburne, Texas


Corrections officers observe a triangle-shaped craft over their workplace.

Triangle  over corrections center in Cleburne, Texas
[Note:  This report has been edited. -SW]

MUFON Case # 36765
Ft. Worth/Cleburne, Texas

Thursday, March 24, 2012
Approximately 3:00 a.m.

I was walking outside in the parking lot at work, doing my rounds. This is at the Corrections Center where I work as a Corporal. As I was checking on an officer working a guard station outside, we were both looking up.  It was a very nice night, no wind, around 72 temp, no clouds and no moon.

Then seen out of the black, still night, a triangle-shaped craft around 75 degrees up, appeared.  Not moving fast at all. It was heading north towards Ft. Worth, coming from the south.

I figure it was around 500 to 1000 ft. away and around 4,000 to 6,000 ft. up. It had dim, rounded lights that could be seen very well and one light inside the other, starting at the tip and working their way back for a set of 6 lights.

As it moved north, I walked with it, moving through the parking lot. The parking lot lights will light up as you pass under them, so seen from above they are turning on, one by one.

The craft started to pick up speed, so I moved faster, then it moved faster, until I was running. About that time it just took off flat and level, as fast as a blink of the eye.

As I turned back to see, the other officer was right with me. We headed back to the guard station and there was a squad car stopped. The officer was out of his car asking if we were ok. He had seen us running through the parking lot, thinking we were chasing someone.

Yes, we were chasing something I said, and told him what we had seen. He was in disbelief at first, then frustration, like he had just lost the lotto winning ticket.

He said they had been getting calls about that all evening. After getting back inside and telling some other officers what we had seen, one officer said he heard people calling into dispatch.

Control was dispatching calls about suspicious activity in the skies at 3:00 AM.

To get a grasp of its size, do this: take your index finger and thumbs and place them together like a triangle shape and stretch out your arms. That craft was a little larger then that at around 4, to 6,000, ft. up.

My guess is comparing its size to the building sizes it was passing over to be around 150 to 200 ft. wide and 250 to 300 ft. long.  No smaller then this, only larger.

It made no sounds and moved more like it was slipping through the sky, than using the sky to keep it up.

Source:  MUFON


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Video of Small Orbs in San Antonio, Texas


Video Link

Witness report:

"March 20, 2012 -- while filming in the distance saw what at first appeared to be possible feather fluttering in the wind saw due to its flight pattern it wasn't-- so removed camera from tripod and filmed this cute small white Orb around 7 pm.. It was fairly close to me downstairs in courtyard.. I called my husband out to see it.. This was first Orb hubby has seen with naked eye.. Orb was meandering along and suddenly increased speed and went straight up into the sky, Night time Orb cluster was filmed on 17th March and was along curve in retaining wall. This is second time I've seen this cluster there- but 1st time to film it.."


Photos: Objects Captured Over Granbury, TX - 3/25/2012






I received photos and a report from a colleague in Granbury, Texas.
Here is that report.

Granbury, Texas

9:08 p.m.

Hi Sunny,

For once, I was in the right place at the right time. I was setting up my Fuji S-5000 Fine Pix camera on a tripod last night. I was getting ready to take images of the moon and planets alignment.

Suddenly though, before I was ready to take my pictures, I saw two red objects dancing around in the sky and they also appeared to be swimming around, or enveloped in a blue plasma. I swung the camera around and took the following images, while the camera was still on the tripod.

I took one photo of my neighbor's house and one, looking down my street. Just to show how well my camera works in extremely low light conditions.
(Neighbor's house not included in this report.-SW)

I have also included blown up images of the event and I was constantly zooming in and out while taking these pictures,  trying to get the best possible image of these objects.

This took place at 9:08 p.m. and the two objects stayed in one general spot, as they danced around.   The objects were approximately 12 degrees directly below the star that makes up the tip of the sword, in Orion's Belt.

The entire event lasted about nine minutes and I also reduced the size of the first few images, to keep them available to people with slow download speeds. I was going to reduce the size of all images but that was causing the rest of the images to lose important detail.

You are the first person that I have sent these to, and please feel free to analyze and scrutinize them.  I guarantee that they are genuine and the event was real. I could barely sleep last night....I was so excited.

No matter how you look at this, these objects were definitely not planes, satellites, or any other man made technology that I have heard of any ways.  They appeared to be ALIVE.  -DR


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Navajo Nation Rangers Take Paranormal Reports Seriously


Video link

CBS 5 (AZ) Paranormal Task Force - Arizona's Navajo Nation Rangers say that a lot of UFO and Paranormal reports they receive are real events and they take the reports seriously.


There is a law enforcement agency in Arizona that actually takes seriously, reports of ghosts, witchcraft, UFOs and even Bigfoot.

Arizona Navajo Nations Rangers take reports of paranormal events and actually follow up with an investigation.  What a novel idea! 

In reference to witnesses, "Their testimony would be accepted in a homicide trial." said retired Navajo Ranger Lieutenant John Dover.

Jim Mann, Arizona MUFON State Director said, "We have to grow up and realize that this phenomena is really happening.  This is really happening.  We have to get over the giggle factor."

I feel it would be in everyone's best interest, if other law enforcement agencies dropped the eye rolling and "giggle factor" and followed the Navajo Ranger's lead. - Sunny


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Travelers Near Ludlow, CA Observe Cloud Raining Burning Debris Over Desert

Witness photo.


A Witness traveling east on Interstate 40 near Ludlow, California, reported to MUFON that they observed flaming debris falling from a cloud, which apparently set the desert ablaze.
The witness submitted the photo above.

This report is posted here, unedited.

Ludlow,  California

Two clouds in air exploding, raining burning debris over desert: & orb

My wife, daughter and I were traveling east-bound on interstate 40 at approximately 2:30 PM Wednesday, March 20, 2012 about 10 miles west of Ludlow. I was driving and noticed off to the right (south of interstate)a cloud that was rapidly expanding and blowing off giant trails of hot burning debris all over the desert. The Cloud seemed to be about 500-1000 feet above the desert floor, stationary and literally exploding in mid-air. The cloud did not have a tragectory of any sort that we could tell, nor was there any vehicles, military aparratus, fire, or other human activity to explain the event. My Wife filmed the event as we traveled past and we have incredible footage. Pictures were also taken as we drove by. The only discernable object around the area was a bright white orb about the size of a large beach ball. It was intermittently in and out of the area surrounding the exploding white cloud. After viewing the footage we did find that an orb was captured in one of the several videos we took. As we continued east we took moore pictures, and notes as to mile markers on the freeway and to get some scale of the event we just witnessed. The cloud continued to expand to over a mile wide over the mountains as we drove away. We cannot make out what was behind, or rather inside the cloud at all. It was as-if something massive was exploding in another dimension, and spilling into ours.

[Note:  I checked for news of this event and so far, no reports other than this.
If anyone else observed this event, please submit a report. Thanks, Sunny]


Friday, March 23, 2012

Lights Captured On Video In Kendall, Florida


A witness in Kendall, Florida sent me these videos.

Date of sighting: 03/20.2012
Time of sighting: 22:15 (10:15 p.m.)

The witness was on the phone when he looked up and saw the lights.  He reports that there was no sound and as two of the lights moved into cloud cover, one light flew away at a fast rate of speed.

If you saw these lights over Kendall, Florida, please contact me. - Sunny


Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Moon Jellyfish-like" Orbs Photographed Over Horse Shoe, NC

Witness' photo cropped and enlarged to show orbs.
Original photo links are listed below report. -SW

A witness captured photos of strange orbs, which were seen coming up from the tree-line, then lining up in triangle formations.

This report is "as is", with no corrections.

Horse Shoe, North Carolina

Orange-redish glow shaped like a parachute with fire coming out from underneath. Shapes would rise up independently and join to form a triangle. Several sets of triangles seen. Slow moving in straight path.    

Driving home at 8 pm we first saw tiny red lights and assumed they were airplane lights. But there were no airplanes. Once we got closer we noticed these were not little red lights but orange-red objects (basketball size) floating through the air. We pulled over to the side of the road, stopped the car and got out to see what they were. At first we thought they were lanterns or parachutes being propelled by a flame. Somebody was having a party!!! Then we worried about the number we were seeing and momentarily thought maybe there had been a fire and these were large embers. The object was an orb-like shape, dome-like with a fire-like glow coming from underneath it. Reminded me of a moon-jelly fish! Approximately 2 feet in diameter, the object would emerge from the tree line and float upwards. The glow was an intense red/orange/yellow. There was no sound coming from them at all. As soon as one appeared there would be another one emerging within 20-30 seconds. Three of these objects would join together in a triangular formation (above telephone pole height) and slowly float in a straight direction past the horizon. There were multiple groups (triad) but you did not see more than one group unless you were to turn and face the direction the others had been going. They continued to just float up and away. We observed several sets emerge in the course of 8 minutes. When we first noticed them in the distance we saw 6. There were only 2 cars that passed by our car and no other noises. We had no idea what we had just seen but as soon as we arrived home we checked out orange shaped orbs traveling in a triangular formation. Quite amazing and extraordinary!

Original Photos:
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3

Source: MUFON

[Note:  If these were Chinese lanterns, then how did they move to form such perfect triangles?  To perform such a task, the orbs would have to be under some type of control.
Thoughts to ponder... -Sunny


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Reports of Aliens Near De Soto, Texas and Sentient Orb in Loredo, Texas



A witness in De Soto, Texas sees aliens in a nearby forest and a Laredo, Texas resident recalls an encounter with a sentient (seemingly intelligent) orb.

Here are those reports, submitted here "as is" (unedited).

De Soto, Texas

3 Aliens surrounded by mist and has green glow. they run FAST. (30 mph maybe)    

A small group of aliens surrounded by mist and had a greenish-blue glow. When looked directly at, they would make you feel major discomfort and nausea. The closer you were the more trouble with electronics. Made a small "Static" sound. Backs turned to me, so I didnt see face. When a Helicopter with a searchlight showed up they ran as fast as 30-40 MPH. No UFO found, weird green gunk found in place I found them. When they ran away, I went back home and wrote this report. before I was exploring a forest.


Laredo, Texas

a green orb twice the size of a basketball. it floated over a roof gracefully. I was shocked and I felt like it was shocked too. it stopped in mid air a quickly zoomed back in the direction it came the instant it saw me. it panicked . Ii know it was as sI

i was at a barbecue at a friends house. We were sitting in chairs under a patio roof, but my chair was not under the roof. Then a green ball like twice the size of a basketball floated over the roof. I quickly stood up shocked and as I shouted, "Holly Molley! What the hell!" the think freaked out. it stopped mid air. in an instant it shook back and forth as if not sure where to go. I don't know how I know, but the thing panicked and zoomed back the direction it came over the roof. I stood up and gave chase. it was gone. it was green, it glowed like a glow stick. I was a solid sphere. No one else saw it and I was the but of jokes for days after the fact. I know what I saw. I was sober and clear headed. I haven't spoken of it since because I've been made fun of every time I mention it. it was less than 20 ft from me. I saw it clearly.
[Name withheld by SW/LITS]   

Source: MUFON


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Strange Beam of Light Photographed in Arizona Desert

Beam of Light behind campers in McDowell Mountain Regional Park, AZ

Click on map for larger view.


I just received this emailed report and photo.

In the photo taken the evening of March 16, 2012, there was a beam of light shining down behind a camp area at McDowell Mountain Regional Park, Fountain Hills, Arizona.

Several photos were taken in a series, at the same angle, with a Droid X camera phone.  The beam of light shows up in only one of the photographs.

I examined the original photo in close detail.  It does appear to be a beam of light shining down upon the ground from some unknown aerial source.  The beam appears uniform and somewhat diffused.

Here is the emailed reports, as if, with only the witness's name withheld.

* Please note that I have blacked out the faces of the people in the photo and removed shirt print, per witness' instructions. -SW


Not sure if you're interested, but thought I'd share a photo we took last night in Fountain Hills, AZ. We were camping in the middle of the desert, there was absolutely no one and nothing behind us. We were, obviously, shocked to see this beam of light in this photo, as my husband never saw it when he was taking these photos. He took a series of photos at the same time/same angle and this is the only one with the "beam". As soon as we realized the beam a few minutes after the photo was taken, we searched the background quite extensively and couldn't find anything that we could remotely link to the beam. We took this with our Droid X camera phone. My friends tell me this is just light refraction, etc of the digital camera, and I suppose it very well could be, but the four of us who were camping last night surely don't think so. I would love to hear your thoughts...

Thank you,
[Name redacted-SW/LITS]

I asked a few questions and got a quick response:

"Hi Sunny,

Thank you so much for your quick reply! The terrain behind us was slightly elevated, perhaps a 20% incline. My husband guesses the light is about 50 feet behind the gentleman in the photo, and my husband believes the light to be touching the ground. Behind us were desert shubbery, and there were rocks everywhere but we do not recall any rocks/boulders of good size. The nearest mountain range was at least several miles off in the distance behind us.

My husband and I only joined our friends for that evening. They camped there and we returned home a few hours after the photo was taken. I called our friends just now. They are still there and packing up, though they had to move to a different campsite the second night (someone else had reserved that site the 2nd night). They are going to try to go back to that campsite and take a photo of the background. Hopefully if there are people at that campsite, they will allow them to take photos. 
Yes, you may post our photo and story on your website. Thank you for asking first. A more exact location - we were in McDowell Mountain Regional Park. But yes, we would like to remain anonymous, and please blur our faces and the writing on my sweatshirt.

I will send you the daylight photo if my friend is able to get it.

Thank you again for your help!
[Name redacted-SW/LITS]

[Note: If you were in the McDowell Mountain Regional Park, AZ on 3/16/2012, and you witnessed anything unusual, please send me a detailed report.  Thank you. -Sunny]


Saturday, March 17, 2012

NASA Takes Us On A Rocket Ride


Well, it may not be a rocket to the moon, as it doesn't even quite reach "space".  However, if you put on your headphones and enlarge the video to full screen, you'll see what it looks and sounds like to have a rocket strapped to your butt, then launched to 28 miles above the earth.

In this video, Riding the Booster Up and Down In 400 Seconds, you'll not only see the ride from the perspective of the camera but you will hear ever clank, bang, boom, rattle and whoosh, as the boosters propell the space shuttle away from earth, release, then fall back to earth for a splashdown in the Atlantic.

NASA's booster rocket video is dazzling in detail.  And with the sound works done by Skywalker Studios, it's an amazing armchair ride to the far reaches of our atmosphere, that should not be missed.

This spectacular footage will be an extra on a new NASA DVD, which will commemorate the Space Shuttles.

Big Kudos to NASA for this stunning piece of film and to Skywalker Sound, for giving us a video ride into a realm where so few humans have been.



Video link


This video was compiled using footage obtained from booster cameras aboard shuttle flights STS-117 and STS 127.

Velocities shown are approximations taken from actual flight data.

Sound Design & Mixing by Benny Burtt and Noah Katz.

Post-Production Sound Services by Skywalker Sound, a Lucasfilm Ltd. Company, Marin County, California.


From the upcoming Special Edition Ascent: Commemorating Space Shuttle DVD/BluRay a movie from the point of view of the Solid Rocket Booster with sound mixing and enhancement done by the folks at Skywalker Sound.

Special edition of the Ascent: Commemorating Shuttle Trailer


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Venus and Jupiter Put On Dazzling Display In Mid March, 2012


Those aren't unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in the sky, those are our neighboring planets!

Aside from a waning moon, Venus and Jupiter are the brightest lights in our skies right now and they are putting on a spectacular show.

Best Venus-Jupiter conjunction in years in mid-March 2012

The whole world can see the two bright lights in the west after sunset now, but, for the Northern Hemisphere, mid-March 2012 presents the best time to see a Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the evening for years to come. At mid-northern latitudes, these two brightest planets – Venus and Jupiter – stay out for nearly four hours after sunset. That’s about the longest period possible at these latitudes. No matter where you are on Earth now, you can’t miss these two worlds in the west as darkness falls.

And in the opposite direction at nightfall – looking east – you can’t miss the ruddy planet Mars. This world won’t be so brilliant in our sky again until April 2014. Mars shines from dusk till dawn, whereas Venus and Mars set four hours after sunset at mid-northern latitudes.

How to see Mars in March 2012

March 15, 2012 presents the exact date of conjunction, when these two worlds have the same right ascension (like longitude on Earth) in Earth’s sky. But Venus and Jupiter are close throughout the month of March 2012. They are like twin beacons – two very bright planets – near each other in the west as soon as the sun goes down.

The next Venus-Jupiter conjunction after this one falls on May 28, 2013. Although Venus and Jupiter will be closer together on the sky’s dome during that conjunction, they won’t be as spectacular then as they are this month. That’s because, in May 2013, the two planets will set only a little more than one hour after the sun (at mid-northern latitudes).

Why are Venus and Jupiter up so long after sunset now? For any Venus-Jupiter conjunction to light up the nighttime for a maximum time after dark, a perfect storm of conditions has to prevail. First of all, Venus has to be at or near its greatest evening elongation – farthest angular distance from the setting sun. Second, the ecliptic – or pathway of the planets – has to make its steepest angle with the sunset horizon. Both of these conditions exist this month. The greatest elongation for Venus – when this planet is due to be farthest from the sunset – will happen on March 27, 2012. As for the angle of the ecliptic, it could not be more ideal than March for evening viewing, as seen from the Northern Hemisphere.

The close coincidence of Venus and Jupiter in conjunction, the steep angle of the ecliptic and Venus’ greatest evening elongation keeps these worlds up for several hours after dark – and ensures the Northern Hemisphere of a beautiful gathering of worlds in the western evening sky this month. They are well worth getting outside to see.

Bottom line: Venus and Jupiter are in conjunction on March 15, 2012. This is the best evening Venus-Jupiter conjunction for years, as seen from the Northern Hemisphere. Venus and Jupiter stay out for nearly four hours after sunset. Venus and Jupiter are close throughout the month of March 2012. They are like twin beacons – two very bright planets – near each other in the west as soon as the sun goes down.



1984- Large Ship Over Casselberry, Florida and 2004 Crash of Unknown Object

Read more about Battlestar Galactica at TV
Indepth look at Battlestar Galactica on Wikipedia


Witness claims that in 1984, she and 3 other people in their car saw an unidentified flying object that reminded her of the "Battlestar Galactica".

Here is that
unedited report which was recently submitted to MUFON.

Casselberry, Florida

Huge! Dark body with blueish and purplelish colored windows (rectangle and some smaller square shaped windows) on the bottom and possibly part of the sides of the craft.

Myself, my husband, my mother and my neice were in the car at the intersection of hwy 17-92 and Dog Track Road in Casselberry Florida in the mid 80s. We were taking my mother home on a Sunday night to the best of my recolection and it was between 11:00 to 12:00 am. I was in the back seat behind my husband who was driving and my mother was in the front passenger seat and my neice was beside me in the back right. We were at the interstection and I heard a very low humming sound and I asked if anyone else heard this and they listend and said yes.

We looked up and to the right we saw a huge hovering craft that I myself remember either saying or someone in the car saying that looks like something off of Battlestar Galatica. What would make us say that? It was big, so my husband said lets drive nearer to it so he turned right onto the road ( which I think was the other side of Dog Track Road) and from what I can remember got pretty close under it and we all remember seeing rectangle shaped windows and a few smaller square windows. They appeared to be the colors of Blue and Purple from what we can remember. If there were any windows on the side of it I can only barely remember...but perhaps there was. I myself felt eery about the whole thing and I remember thinking to myself thats strange some smaller square windows would be part of the pattern when really the rectangle ones are more obvious.

It stayed hovering and I dont remember anything else after that until I think my husband said lets pull over and get another look but our car was back on 17-92 at that point from what I remember and I said no way I am not getting out of this car. I dont think we were abducted that just couldnt have happened Im sure some of the memory loss on this is just from over the years of not talking about it. To answer the question of how we lost site of it....when we pulled over on the side of 17-92 would have been after we had driven away from it but I dont remember us driving away from it. So another words I dont remember being near it or seeing the windows anymore or the craft after we stopped and pulled over on 17-92. Hope that makes sense.....we would have had to turn back off of Dog Track Road to be back on 17-92. Whhhooo.... hope you understood that. Its as if we decided to drive and get back on 17-92 but I dont remember that but we did end up back on 17-92. Then we just drove mother home. I myself do not remember any time loss but ever so faintly in my memory I remember mother mentioning something to me about the time on the way home?? Maybe she was just confused because of what we just saw.

Supposidly there was a crash of something big on Dog Track Road in 2004 and it shook the residents homes in the area and the ground and had a bright light when it hit. People say Nasa was out there and acted suspiciously quiet and there is a pond there now.....or something of the sort. Maybe they were testing one of these Stealth Blimps Ive heard of or something similar....but we had never seen anything like it before or sense. It didnt look like the Stealth Blimps Ive seen pictures of but perhaps it was something else from Nasa. It was huge. Even my husband who cant deny this because he saw it too but is a skeptic to most things admits this thing was at least the length of a football field. To bad I never thought to report this before or to pay much attention to it. I just thought we were all freaks. But once I read about that crash in made me start to look at it again what ever it could have been. Man made or something else.
Location of Casselberry, Florida.
Click on map for larger view.

Courtesy Google Maps


Editor's Note: The crash the witness speaks of was July 4, 2004.  A large glowing object impacted the ground, leaving a sizable crater.  The sky around the area turned a yellow color, there were several post impact explosions and nearby residents were reported to have become ill.  NASA took over and no more info was released.

Below are links to the information available. -SW


Saturday, March 10, 2012

March 2012 Comes In Like A Solar Flare Lion

And it probably won't "go out like a lamb..."
The biggest solar storm since 2006 reached earth Thursday morning. (NASA/AP)

Strong solar flares still shooting out from active spot on sun

The sun is continuing its active streak this week, firing off another solar flare late Thursday (March 8) from the same region that produced this week's strong solar storm.

An M6.3-class solar flare — a mid-range eruption — spewed from the surface of the sun last night at 10:53 p.m. EST (0353 GMT March 9), according to an alert from the Space Weather Prediction Center, a joint operation by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Weather Service.

Space weather scientists use five categories — A, B, C, M and X — to rank solar flares based on their strength and severity. A-class flares are the weakest types of sun storms, while X-class eruptions are the most powerful.

The M-class solar flare exploded from the same sunspot region, called AR1429, which has been particularly active all week. This dynamic region has already unleashed three strong X-class solar flares. On Tuesday (March 6), two powerful X-class eruptions triggered the strongest solar storm in eight years, Bob Rutledge, head of NOAA's Space Weather Forecast Office, told reporters today (March 9).

"When you take overall intensity and length — how long it persisted — we're confident in saying by some measures, it was the strongest storm we've seen since November 2004," Rutledge said. "That doesn't mean that between November 2004 and today we haven't had brief periods that were more intense. If you look at the storm overall for length and strength, it was the strongest storm since November 2004." [Photos: Solar Flare Eruptions of 2012]

A fast-moving cloud of solar plasma and charged particles, called a coronal mass ejection, was triggered by the Tuesday X-class eruptions, and this wave of energetic particles hit Earth yesterday. The resulting geomagnetic storm was weaker than expected, but solar physicists say there is a potential for conditions to escalate.

"We still have about a 40 percent chance of seeing another X flare," Rutledge said. "We still think it's fairly likely to see one later today, tomorrow or the next day. We're watching this region closely."
A coronal mass ejection from last night's flare is also approaching Earth, and while this one is expected to hit Earth directly on Sunday (March 11), experts at the Space Weather Prediction Center are not anticipating the effects to be very severe.

Continue reding at Fox News

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Saturn-like UFO Over Frisco, Texas

Artist rendering- SW/LITS

The report below was submitted to MUFON, by a resident of Frisco, Texas.

This report is presented here, unedited.

Frisco, Texas

Snake like with sphere in middle ring around outside connected with 5 tentacles    

While outside on a Sunday afternoon, I heard an airplane and looked up. We live in Frisco, Texas and on the flight path for DFW International Airport. Watching several planes at once, one on approach and two at higher altitudes with contrails, I noticed a very bright light slowly passing from West to East. First noticed due north at approximately 80 degrees inclination (nearly directly overhead). The object was not an aircraft as it was moving too slow and did not emit a contrail. (recommend checking the con altitude for this day, time and location. This will help determine altitude. I think it was well above the cons). The light brightened and then dimmed and brightened again, changing reflectivity. Appeared to be a reflection from the sun on some type of object, similar to aircraft glint, but not quite the same and much brighter.

I called my family outside to look at the object. The 4 of us tracked it East until it disappeared from sight at 1801 CST. Object was observed for approximately 5 minutes. Using a Simmons spotting scope on 60 power a definite object was spotted. Spotting scope was used when the object was well to the East at approximately 30 degree inclination to the East. The object was somewhat translucent, wavering, with reflective properties. I was only able to see the object through the scope for about 1 min due to the distance and now getting lower on the horizon and beginning to fade away. My teenage son also saw the object through the scope.

My first words when spotting the object were, "its one of those sky snake ufos!" The object appeared to have a spherical center with 5 tentacle like tubes that flexed out to a flexible tubular ring around the outside. The entire object wavered and slowly changed shape as if it were blown by the wind.

My thought is that it was some type of weather ballon, but some of the facts did not add up. Personally Ive witnessed strange shaped weather balloons while flying in the USAF. Ive seen them pancake, wobble, flatten and once even look like the Martian mothership. I even hit a Buzz Lightyear mylar ballon at 22,000 feet while flying in Mexico. Though the translucent coloring was similar to a weather balloon, there were no ribs, nor payload like most weather balloons. Speed and track was consistent with a weather balloon, but the shape did not make sense.

This object was similar to thy sky snake ufos Ive seen on the internet. This was basically a Saturn type object with 5 spokes reaching out to the ring. The ring and spokes were tubular and flexed, changing shape somewhat. The sphere did not change shape. Reflectivity depended upon shape. The object did appear to slightly disappear and then reappear, but this could be because of distance, coloring, and shape.

My 13 year old younger son stated he saw a very fast moving light moving toward the object and then disappear. The remainder of the family had looked away for a moment and could not corroborate that particular alleged event.

The object was spotted by my father some 40 miles East of my location, in Rockwall. He was unable to get optics on the object, but definitely saw the bright and then dimming reflectivity from the object.

The object could only be seen to have form while viewing through optics. Definitely structured, reflective object with unique shape and flexible properties. This sighting falls into the classic definition of a unidentified flying object.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Governments South of The U.S. Border Show How UFOs Should Be Investigated


Video link

In a historical first for UFO conferences in the USA, the just held 21st 2012 International UFO Congress in Fountain Hills, Arizona, counted with the participation of a government official who runs a project to investigate UFOs. Retired Chilean Air Force General Ricardo Bermúdez is the director of CEFAA (Committee of Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena), which is part of DGAC, Chile’s Civil Aviation Agency equivalent to our FAA. General Bermúdez spoke at the Congress on Saturday Feb. 25, revealing a number of highly interesting cases involving commercial and military pilots, as well as an extraordinary daytime multiple video case showing a clear metallic-looking object during an important Chilean Air Force ceremony in 2010. The message throughout his lecture was unmistakably clear: some UFOs are real and may pose a threat to air safety operations, that’s why they should be investigated officially not only in Chile but throughout the world.

Continue reading at


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Gladewater, Texas Couple Have Close Encounter With UFO


This report was submitted to MUFON and is presented here, "as is", unedited.

Gladewater, Texas

Round, oval like object, 4 exterior white lights with huge white central light

Driving East on Hwy 80 out of Gladewater toward the town of White oak. Passing across a bridge that divides Gladewater/clarksville city and White Oak right next to Lake Divernia(spell check). My Wife and I noticed a bright white light in the rear view mirror of my vehicle, thought it was an aircraft of some sort. As we crossed the bridge on Divernia, just prior to beginning a hill to come into the city of white oak, the light went from what seemed like miles away to over my vehicle. It resembled a Helicopter spotlight and was directly on my vehicle. Thinking it was some form of law enforcement, we pulled the vehicle over and rolled my window down. It hovered right above the tree line and just over my vehicle..50-100 feet above the vehicle as a guess. I stuck my head out of the window and looked up and was absolutely blinded by the light. My wife was screaming at me to stay in the car and just go. I remember her telling me J***** just go...go go go. I used my thumb to block out the brightest light and noticed 4 white lights, North/south/east/west on the craft. I opened the door to my vehicle and stepped out. Standing as if you were to be looking at an object in the sky during the day, shielding my eyes with the back of my right hand, right hand palm facing the object. It felt somewhat like warm sunlight. No burning sensation, just a warm feeling. Im not sure how long i was standing outside the vehicle...and this is where i begin to feel like i am going crazy. I remember getting out of the vehicle, i remember being in total shock and awe at the site of this craft and then i remember what seems to be a snap back like from a daydream and a huge amount of fear set in. I was telling myself, "get back in the car and go". At this time i looked over the roof of the car and noticed my wife doing the exact same thing i was doing. I yelled at her and she did the exact same motion i did. Almost as if youre concentrating on something and begin to daydream. Someone says your name and you snap back and she literally said "huh". I told her to get in the vehicle with me and we then left the scene. The object returned to the same area we initially saw it and was then gone. I feel like i am a crazy person. I know what i saw...i am of perfect mental health and have no issues with seeing little green men or even believe in aliens. Infact i want to believe this may be something of ours. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt it was no helicopter and last i checked, no plane in east texas is able to hover. It made no noise minus a small electrical discharge sound..the same form of a "hum" that youd hear from a transformer on an electrical pole. Please, please help me understand what this could have been and help me find someone that can make sense of this. I am scared..excited..worried and thrilled at the same time. I cant believe something like this has happened to my wife and myself. We had what seemed to be minor sunburns on our face and the palm of our hands were red. No blisters or scars/marks. Just a light red/sunburn tinge to our face, neck, palms. Mufon is the only avenue i have found to go to. Please, we need your help.


p.s. i have had a gentleman contact me twice about the purchase of my vehicle. Hes seen me twice now at a gas station once and a shopping mall the 2nd. I drive a 2001 Saturn L200....its nothing flashy and nothing special at all. I am unsure as to why this man has talked to me twice yet wont give me any information of his. He only asks for contact information for me so he can call to question if ive considered his offer for the vehicle. Said his name was (name moved to FI box) 03/04/12 flg if this helps at all.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jellyfish-like UFO Seen By Witnesses in Tyler, Texas

Drawing by witness.

On February 22, 2012, two residents of Tyler, Texas see a glowing orange orb with tentacles.

This report was submitted to MUFON and is presented here, unedited.


Tyler, Texas

Bright orange star-like orb, almost like a jelly-fish, longer at the bottom

My father and I were walking our two dogs like we do on a weekly basis. It was about 10 pm and it was not cloudy. The stars shone bright, as usual. It was not an especially cold or windy night for February. We live on a desolate street with no streetlights and a lot of trees. However, we were not anywhere near the woods when we saw a bight orange orb coming towards us. It was above some houses and trees, descending, getting closer and appearing larger. We stood still. Our dogs did not seem to notice. It moved drifted continuously nearer as we stared at it. Neither of us had a camera or phone. The bright orb seemed to hover and have control over its movements. As it got nearer, I could see it had something like tentacles with the bottom being longer in length. It was bright, but looked like it had some transparency. It did not resemble a spaceship or aircraft of any kind. It was more like a star, but was definitely not a star or meteor. In my opinion, it had the characteristics of a dandelion blowing in the wind.

After watching it for two or three minutes, I decided to give my dog leash to my dad, and I began to run back towards the house to get a camera. As soon as I did so, the object began to ascend further away. It seemed to be moving in a straight line parallel to me, while also getting farther away and fading in color. It was gone by the time I got to our house. There were no more traces of it that night or the following night when we went on a walk at the same time.

My father and I are amazed at the sighting. We agree it was not a plane or helicopter, but he wants to believe there is a more logical explanation. At the time, however, we were both amazed by the bright object. It was memorizing.

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