Sunday, March 4, 2012

Gladewater, Texas Couple Have Close Encounter With UFO


This report was submitted to MUFON and is presented here, "as is", unedited.

Gladewater, Texas

Round, oval like object, 4 exterior white lights with huge white central light

Driving East on Hwy 80 out of Gladewater toward the town of White oak. Passing across a bridge that divides Gladewater/clarksville city and White Oak right next to Lake Divernia(spell check). My Wife and I noticed a bright white light in the rear view mirror of my vehicle, thought it was an aircraft of some sort. As we crossed the bridge on Divernia, just prior to beginning a hill to come into the city of white oak, the light went from what seemed like miles away to over my vehicle. It resembled a Helicopter spotlight and was directly on my vehicle. Thinking it was some form of law enforcement, we pulled the vehicle over and rolled my window down. It hovered right above the tree line and just over my vehicle..50-100 feet above the vehicle as a guess. I stuck my head out of the window and looked up and was absolutely blinded by the light. My wife was screaming at me to stay in the car and just go. I remember her telling me J***** just go...go go go. I used my thumb to block out the brightest light and noticed 4 white lights, North/south/east/west on the craft. I opened the door to my vehicle and stepped out. Standing as if you were to be looking at an object in the sky during the day, shielding my eyes with the back of my right hand, right hand palm facing the object. It felt somewhat like warm sunlight. No burning sensation, just a warm feeling. Im not sure how long i was standing outside the vehicle...and this is where i begin to feel like i am going crazy. I remember getting out of the vehicle, i remember being in total shock and awe at the site of this craft and then i remember what seems to be a snap back like from a daydream and a huge amount of fear set in. I was telling myself, "get back in the car and go". At this time i looked over the roof of the car and noticed my wife doing the exact same thing i was doing. I yelled at her and she did the exact same motion i did. Almost as if youre concentrating on something and begin to daydream. Someone says your name and you snap back and she literally said "huh". I told her to get in the vehicle with me and we then left the scene. The object returned to the same area we initially saw it and was then gone. I feel like i am a crazy person. I know what i saw...i am of perfect mental health and have no issues with seeing little green men or even believe in aliens. Infact i want to believe this may be something of ours. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt it was no helicopter and last i checked, no plane in east texas is able to hover. It made no noise minus a small electrical discharge sound..the same form of a "hum" that youd hear from a transformer on an electrical pole. Please, please help me understand what this could have been and help me find someone that can make sense of this. I am scared..excited..worried and thrilled at the same time. I cant believe something like this has happened to my wife and myself. We had what seemed to be minor sunburns on our face and the palm of our hands were red. No blisters or scars/marks. Just a light red/sunburn tinge to our face, neck, palms. Mufon is the only avenue i have found to go to. Please, we need your help.


p.s. i have had a gentleman contact me twice about the purchase of my vehicle. Hes seen me twice now at a gas station once and a shopping mall the 2nd. I drive a 2001 Saturn L200....its nothing flashy and nothing special at all. I am unsure as to why this man has talked to me twice yet wont give me any information of his. He only asks for contact information for me so he can call to question if ive considered his offer for the vehicle. Said his name was (name moved to FI box) 03/04/12 flg if this helps at all.


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