Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jellyfish-like UFO Seen By Witnesses in Tyler, Texas

Drawing by witness.

On February 22, 2012, two residents of Tyler, Texas see a glowing orange orb with tentacles.

This report was submitted to MUFON and is presented here, unedited.


Tyler, Texas

Bright orange star-like orb, almost like a jelly-fish, longer at the bottom

My father and I were walking our two dogs like we do on a weekly basis. It was about 10 pm and it was not cloudy. The stars shone bright, as usual. It was not an especially cold or windy night for February. We live on a desolate street with no streetlights and a lot of trees. However, we were not anywhere near the woods when we saw a bight orange orb coming towards us. It was above some houses and trees, descending, getting closer and appearing larger. We stood still. Our dogs did not seem to notice. It moved drifted continuously nearer as we stared at it. Neither of us had a camera or phone. The bright orb seemed to hover and have control over its movements. As it got nearer, I could see it had something like tentacles with the bottom being longer in length. It was bright, but looked like it had some transparency. It did not resemble a spaceship or aircraft of any kind. It was more like a star, but was definitely not a star or meteor. In my opinion, it had the characteristics of a dandelion blowing in the wind.

After watching it for two or three minutes, I decided to give my dog leash to my dad, and I began to run back towards the house to get a camera. As soon as I did so, the object began to ascend further away. It seemed to be moving in a straight line parallel to me, while also getting farther away and fading in color. It was gone by the time I got to our house. There were no more traces of it that night or the following night when we went on a walk at the same time.

My father and I are amazed at the sighting. We agree it was not a plane or helicopter, but he wants to believe there is a more logical explanation. At the time, however, we were both amazed by the bright object. It was memorizing.

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  1. Me, my husband, and a very good friend were sitting on our back porch two days ago and saw a bright light blinking and changing colors. I went and got my binoculars to see more closely and saw a jelly fish hovering in the sky above austin texas. It was moving from left to right, up and down in a rectangular pattern. It had a nucleus like area on one side with electricity coming out of it. It changes in color from pink to blue to white. NEVER in my life have I ever seen or heard of UFO's looking like jelly fish. When I googled it, sightings are everywhere. After about ten minutes, a second one showed up in another area- so there were two at the same time. We watched it for about 40 minutes before it left. that night, I hugged my kids when they were asleep. I was completely freaked out. I still am. i have not been able to stop thinking about it since it occurred. I want to tell everyone but no one seems to truly believe what we are saying. they say it must have been a weather balloon, or a star fluctuating from the change of temperature.I know what I saw. My husband knows what he saw. Our friends knows what he saw. That was not man made. It LITERALLY looked like a giant moon jelly fish hovering and rotating in the sky.

  2. ikno im alittle crazy, but im not going to ignore what icontinuously see every night. stars that react to laser pointers immediatly following the movements and flowing back and fowarth like jellyfish swiming the sea. however, i live in bakersfield ca. and am looking up. the crazy part is we are on scedule every single day it seems we understand eachother more and more as we interact. call me what you want, but witness it yourself.


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