Sunday, March 25, 2012

Navajo Nation Rangers Take Paranormal Reports Seriously


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CBS 5 (AZ) Paranormal Task Force - Arizona's Navajo Nation Rangers say that a lot of UFO and Paranormal reports they receive are real events and they take the reports seriously.


There is a law enforcement agency in Arizona that actually takes seriously, reports of ghosts, witchcraft, UFOs and even Bigfoot.

Arizona Navajo Nations Rangers take reports of paranormal events and actually follow up with an investigation.  What a novel idea! 

In reference to witnesses, "Their testimony would be accepted in a homicide trial." said retired Navajo Ranger Lieutenant John Dover.

Jim Mann, Arizona MUFON State Director said, "We have to grow up and realize that this phenomena is really happening.  This is really happening.  We have to get over the giggle factor."

I feel it would be in everyone's best interest, if other law enforcement agencies dropped the eye rolling and "giggle factor" and followed the Navajo Ranger's lead. - Sunny


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