Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Reports of Aliens Near De Soto, Texas and Sentient Orb in Loredo, Texas



A witness in De Soto, Texas sees aliens in a nearby forest and a Laredo, Texas resident recalls an encounter with a sentient (seemingly intelligent) orb.

Here are those reports, submitted here "as is" (unedited).

De Soto, Texas

3 Aliens surrounded by mist and has green glow. they run FAST. (30 mph maybe)    

A small group of aliens surrounded by mist and had a greenish-blue glow. When looked directly at, they would make you feel major discomfort and nausea. The closer you were the more trouble with electronics. Made a small "Static" sound. Backs turned to me, so I didnt see face. When a Helicopter with a searchlight showed up they ran as fast as 30-40 MPH. No UFO found, weird green gunk found in place I found them. When they ran away, I went back home and wrote this report. before I was exploring a forest.


Laredo, Texas

a green orb twice the size of a basketball. it floated over a roof gracefully. I was shocked and I felt like it was shocked too. it stopped in mid air a quickly zoomed back in the direction it came the instant it saw me. it panicked . Ii know it was as sI

i was at a barbecue at a friends house. We were sitting in chairs under a patio roof, but my chair was not under the roof. Then a green ball like twice the size of a basketball floated over the roof. I quickly stood up shocked and as I shouted, "Holly Molley! What the hell!" the think freaked out. it stopped mid air. in an instant it shook back and forth as if not sure where to go. I don't know how I know, but the thing panicked and zoomed back the direction it came over the roof. I stood up and gave chase. it was gone. it was green, it glowed like a glow stick. I was a solid sphere. No one else saw it and I was the but of jokes for days after the fact. I know what I saw. I was sober and clear headed. I haven't spoken of it since because I've been made fun of every time I mention it. it was less than 20 ft from me. I saw it clearly.
[Name withheld by SW/LITS]   

Source: MUFON


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