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1984- Large Ship Over Casselberry, Florida and 2004 Crash of Unknown Object

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Witness claims that in 1984, she and 3 other people in their car saw an unidentified flying object that reminded her of the "Battlestar Galactica".

Here is that
unedited report which was recently submitted to MUFON.

Casselberry, Florida

Huge! Dark body with blueish and purplelish colored windows (rectangle and some smaller square shaped windows) on the bottom and possibly part of the sides of the craft.

Myself, my husband, my mother and my neice were in the car at the intersection of hwy 17-92 and Dog Track Road in Casselberry Florida in the mid 80s. We were taking my mother home on a Sunday night to the best of my recolection and it was between 11:00 to 12:00 am. I was in the back seat behind my husband who was driving and my mother was in the front passenger seat and my neice was beside me in the back right. We were at the interstection and I heard a very low humming sound and I asked if anyone else heard this and they listend and said yes.

We looked up and to the right we saw a huge hovering craft that I myself remember either saying or someone in the car saying that looks like something off of Battlestar Galatica. What would make us say that? It was big, so my husband said lets drive nearer to it so he turned right onto the road ( which I think was the other side of Dog Track Road) and from what I can remember got pretty close under it and we all remember seeing rectangle shaped windows and a few smaller square windows. They appeared to be the colors of Blue and Purple from what we can remember. If there were any windows on the side of it I can only barely remember...but perhaps there was. I myself felt eery about the whole thing and I remember thinking to myself thats strange some smaller square windows would be part of the pattern when really the rectangle ones are more obvious.

It stayed hovering and I dont remember anything else after that until I think my husband said lets pull over and get another look but our car was back on 17-92 at that point from what I remember and I said no way I am not getting out of this car. I dont think we were abducted that just couldnt have happened Im sure some of the memory loss on this is just from over the years of not talking about it. To answer the question of how we lost site of it....when we pulled over on the side of 17-92 would have been after we had driven away from it but I dont remember us driving away from it. So another words I dont remember being near it or seeing the windows anymore or the craft after we stopped and pulled over on 17-92. Hope that makes sense.....we would have had to turn back off of Dog Track Road to be back on 17-92. Whhhooo.... hope you understood that. Its as if we decided to drive and get back on 17-92 but I dont remember that but we did end up back on 17-92. Then we just drove mother home. I myself do not remember any time loss but ever so faintly in my memory I remember mother mentioning something to me about the time on the way home?? Maybe she was just confused because of what we just saw.

Supposidly there was a crash of something big on Dog Track Road in 2004 and it shook the residents homes in the area and the ground and had a bright light when it hit. People say Nasa was out there and acted suspiciously quiet and there is a pond there now.....or something of the sort. Maybe they were testing one of these Stealth Blimps Ive heard of or something similar....but we had never seen anything like it before or sense. It didnt look like the Stealth Blimps Ive seen pictures of but perhaps it was something else from Nasa. It was huge. Even my husband who cant deny this because he saw it too but is a skeptic to most things admits this thing was at least the length of a football field. To bad I never thought to report this before or to pay much attention to it. I just thought we were all freaks. But once I read about that crash in made me start to look at it again what ever it could have been. Man made or something else.
Location of Casselberry, Florida.
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Editor's Note: The crash the witness speaks of was July 4, 2004.  A large glowing object impacted the ground, leaving a sizable crater.  The sky around the area turned a yellow color, there were several post impact explosions and nearby residents were reported to have become ill.  NASA took over and no more info was released.

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