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Huge Boomerang Craft And Entities Witnessed Near Cross Plains

Report is "as is".  Click on Map for larger view.

MUFON Case # 21707
Event Date: 11/30/2000
Time: 21:00 GMT
Location: Cross Plains, Texas
Longitude: -99.2708
Latitude: 32.1768
Shape:    Boomerang
Distance: 100 feet or less
Location: Farmland
Terrain: Fields
Entity Type: Human-like
Summary: Moving west to east, very slowly at treetop level, passing directly overhead,affording the three of us a detailed observation.

My wife, a retired school teacher, myself, a retired upper level mng. person in the corrugated box industry, and Gene Greenwood, owner of Greenwoods Insurance Co. in Austin and Cross Plains, Texas were standing at the edge of a pasture west of the ranch house at 9:00 pm talking about our purchase of the 600 acre ranch he had for sale. We noticed a row of bright lights off to the west at treetop level and my wife making the statement,"It's not a plane because there are no flashing lights." We watched without speaking as the craft drew closer moving directly towards us a a very slow speed. When it was about a mile away I noticed the craft was huge, I mean it was gigantic and coming straight for us. As it passed directly overhead I was in disbelief and wonder as it blocked out the night sky. There was what I would describe as a round or circular gondola that lowered from the center of the underbelly being 20 to 30 ft. in diameter and coming out of the bottom of the craft about 10 to 15 ft. It is a part of the craft not seperate. It appeared as if they could raise it back into the craft or lower it at will. The gondola was glassed in with many seperate panes of glass 4 to 6 ft wide having a metallic bottom and 3 to 4 ft of metal at the top. The glass panes allowed us to clearly see the individuals in what resembled a control room atmosphere that comprised the interior of the gondola. The occupants of the gondola were humanoid in appearance but I was struck by the fact they were all the same size being thin and slightly long limbed as they moved about at what looked like control panels or monitors of some sort. I sensed a sense of urgency in their movements but cannot put into words why I felt that way. They seemed completely oblivious to our presense as thy went about their duties. The craft slowly moved across highway 279 continuing east at treetop level. We stood speechless for a moment and Gene Greenwood broke the silence with, "Did you just see what I just thought I saw?" We said we had But we were all in an awed stupor of what's going on , our normal, safe, uneventful lives and world had been violated by images we were having trouble getting a grip on as our minds raced with so many thoughts. My wife said, "It's going to crash!" but as we waited in expectation of a terrible fireball and explosion, nothing happened. My wife and I do not share this event with others because we do not wish to be considered whacko's. BUT we saw what we saw! I am giving you this information to assist you as you compile information because I saw a gentleman ridiculed on Fox News Network by good people who just had no way of understanding what they had not seen for themslves. My wife and I are 66 yrs. of age, retired in a gated golf resort on Lake Whitney. We are affluent, respected members of our community and are willing at any time at our expense to take a lie detector examination. A sketch will be provided upon request. I do not wish to be contacted by a hoard of people and this is the reason I am supplying this information to you. I will co-operate with you and anyone who represents you. This is why I am Checking the no box for third party contacts. I understand from others that you are a reputable group searching for truth.

*       *       *

Note: This sightings, which is said to have occurred on November 30, 2000, near Cross Plains, Texas  really grabbed my attention.  Not only because the witnesses got such a detailed look at the object and entities but because the location is so close to Stephenville, where so many recent sightings have occurred.
For almost 30 years, my family lived less than 15 miles from Cross Plains and I can attest, that in regards to UFO sightings the area is very active.
Thanks to the witness for finally reporting this sighting.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lights Witnessed, Persons Affected

How could simple lights in the sky cause feelings of paranoia, anxiety?  These 2 sightings, which one witness thinks is related (they occurred on the same evening/time, yet miles apart), shows how some people can be affected.  Is it what they are seeing that is causing fear, or is it something else?

Click on case number for original report.
Note:  Grammar and spelling have not been corrected.

MUFON Case # 21705
Event Date/Time: 01/28/2010 23:00
Location: Savannah, Georgia
Longitude: -81.1121
Latitude: 32.0616
Shape:    Star-like
Distance: One mile or less
Summary: Star-looking with red and blue lights, moving irratically

My friend was leaving my house around 11:30pm on 1/28/10. A few minutes after he walked outside, he called me and told me that there was something like a UFO in the sky moving around and that I needed to come outside to see.

I put on my bathrobe and walked outside to my friend. I had a baby monitor receiver in my robe pocket at that time, and when I walked out into the yard, the signal received some interference and I had to turn it down so that the noise from the interference would stop, which is rather unusual.

It was a really clear night, and the stars were very bright. My friend pointed up to one star and told me to watch. I asked what I would see and he said that it had been moving around the sky erratically and that it had blue and red lights moving around it from time to time.

My roommate also came outside to watch for a minute. At first the object did nothing. My roommate then went back inside stating that he thought it was an illusion from looking at something for too long. At first I thought the same thing but I had a feeling in my gut that it was more than just an illusion.

I kept watching this "star" and soon it appeared to be moving erratically, but in a small area. It seemed to move to the side and down, then up again; rather slowly. Then I witnessed what appeared to be small/thin rays of red and blue lights radiating from the object in a circular motion (as if it was shining blue and red flashlights while moving in circles). The lights only lasted a few seconds at a time and then would stop.

After a few more minutes of this, I got very nervous and decided to go back inside. My friend stayed in my yard for about another 2 hours watching this object. At some point, he states that up to 5 more of these objects started moving in the sky. He said that they would move towards and away from each other, as if they were dancing. All appeared to have the same red and blue light beams every few minutes.

At one point, my friend said that he got chills and goose-bumps and felt as if something were about to get him, so he got into his vehicle and drove to his house across town. He has since stated that he felt as though "they" knew he was watching and took notice of him. Once at his house, he could not see the object(s) anymore. After he was inside, he says that he got a feeling as though something was right outside of his house waiting for him.

*     *     *

MUFON Case # 21706
Event Date/Time: 01/28/2010 21:30
Location: Port Murray, New Jersey
Longitude: -74.9091
Latitude: 40.7953
Shape:    Oval,Star-like,Triangle
Summary: saw same thing as Savannah, Georgia but way more intense.

It was around 9:15 pm on January 28th 2010. My friend and I were driving up a mountain road on a very clear night and the moon looked brighter than i had ever seen it before. as we passed a house we saw something in the air that was completely still and very low. like the georgia entry, this object had a bright white center light with blue white and red lights flashing around it. as we stopped to watch it, it started flying away from us slowing so we turned the car around and started following it and as we did this it took off flying very quickly away. we went back down the road as fast as we could and went to open fields to try to see it. we saw it still flying away from us, then it stopped, turned left and we watched it fly away for awhile. as we went to leave we turned around and we saw another one flying over the mountain top and as we were watching this one fly either another one appeared or the one that we thought flew away had come back and now two of the objects were flying toward each other right above the tree line. as they got close to each other they stopped. both of them had bright white lights on the front and were facing each other, then all of the sudden both lights turned away from each other and pointed directly at our car and started moving slowly toward us. at this point we freaked out and drove away to my friends house. we stood in my friends driveway and could kind of see them in the distance. we went inside and hung out about an hour. little did we know this was just the beginning. we left my friends house with him being very skeptical of our sighting but when we came to the fields again we saw another one, we started following it and when we came out where the tree line ended we saw at least 10 different objects in the sky all blinking colors and moving around, some of these were very close too. as we drove closer the 4 closest objects started flashing a white light and moving away from us, as we got closer the white light got brighter and brighter until it looked like a sliver bright light flashing quickly. we again freaked out and drove to my house. when we got to my house I called the cops to see if anything was going on, if helicopters were looking for a missing person or something, and they said nothing was going on in the area. as soon as i got off the phone, it is about 1120 now, we see about 6 of the objects in the sky above my house flying around, then we hear a loud noise and we could feel a vibration and three large bright orange circles appear from the tree tops in a triangle, they fly quickly over my house and disappear in the horizon, as soon as that was gone one of the ships flew above my front yard and a bright light started growing from the, I'm assuming, back of it. it stayed still as the light beam grew longer and was changing different colors (blues, reds, purples, yellows, everything) once the light beam was at least 100+ feet long it swooped over my house. my friends and i ran from the front to the back yard and watched it fly close over head, and as soon as it passed my over my house it let go of the light beam and the beam seemed to fall and turn into smoke that fell right above our heads and disappeared, as we saw this falling we shut the door and went inside. after all this happened, we called the police again to see if anyone saw anything and they said that they had a few calls of people reporting lights in the sky. i hung up the phone and we didnt see anything else really. I felt very strange, i dont know if it was from them or from freaking out, but at one point i felt very sick and the letters on my computer screen started moving and we all felt very paranoid. I was completely sober this entire time. Everything we saw was clear as day. My digital camera wouldnt work when i tried to take a picture of them, and my video camera wasnt charged and everytime i took it out there was nothing around. i called the cops today to see if anything was reported about last night and the cop who had been on duty since 730 am said he had not heard one thing. after i read the ufo sighting in georgia that happened the same night with the same objects, i knew something either very exciting or very scary had happened. there was a small orb of light that was significantly brighter than the rest of the stars that was far in the sky above my house that i caught on video, and on the video you can see the orb change colors some, and it stayed very still while everything else was going on. i will try to upload that footage later


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Friday, January 29, 2010

Science Meets 'Star Trek' - Fusion Power

NIF Moves 5.9 Million Degrees Closer To Fusion Power

The 'National Ignition Facility's' target positioner and target alignment system.
Photo courtesy of the Department of Energy. With the need for a cheap and abundant alternative to fossils fuels more important than ever before, the field of fusion energy is getting hotter. Really, really hot. 6 million degrees hot. Yes, the National Ignition Facility, the Department of Energy's pet fusion project, has finally fired up its 192 lasers and zapped something, moving us one step closer to the day of clean, nearly free, fusion energy.

Writing in the journal Science, NIF scientists describe how their lasers, which occupy as much space as three football fields in Livermore, California, heated a small gold capsule up to 5.9 million degrees Fahrenheit. Had the capsule contained the hydrogen isotopes deuterium and tritium, that temperature would have been hot enough to cause a fusion-generating implosion.

The scientists measured the record-breaking temperature by looking at the X-ray radiation emitted by the imploding gold capsule. The data shows that the lasers are hot enough, and targeted correctly enough, to proceed to the next step: actual fusion.

Currently, there's no date for when the lab will attempt to implode actual fusion fuel, but it will probably take at least a couple of months. In the meanwhile, to get an idea of the kinds of temperatures and energies the NIF scientists are dealing with, just take a look at that giant yellow thing in the sky.

Another related story-

MIT Experiment Envisions a New Way to Harness Fusion Power (With a 1,000-Pound Magnet)

 The LDX - Courtesy of the LDX team It’s amazing no one thought of it before: nuclear fusion from a levitating tire-sized magnet surrounded by 10-million-degree plasma. But that’s exactly what a joint project between MIT and Columbia University are tinkering with over at MIT’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center on the MIT campus. Using a donut-shaped half-ton magnet made of superconducting wire coils, researchers there are replicating the magnetic fields of planets to manipulate super-heated gases in an experiment that could lead to a breakthrough in nuclear fusion based power.

Nuclear fusion, of course, is the same process that provides the sun with its seemingly endless supply of intense energy. Researchers have long thought fusion could provide a nearly limitless source of carbon-free electrical energy. But creating a working fusion reactor with a solid energy output has proven tricky, as forcing atoms to fuse together is no easy task.

The MIT project offers a unique alternative to the two existing approaches to nuclear fusion that dominate the field. Tokamaks attempt to manipulate atoms by surrounding a central plasma-filled chamber with magnets. In an inertial fusion reactor, high-powered lasers bombard a fuel pellet in the center of the device to set a fusion reaction in motion. But neither approach has been able to achieve the kind of controlled, sustainable fusion reaction that would be useful for clean, dependable power generation.

The MIT project took a big step closer to making that happen with an experiment known as the Levitated Dipole Experiment (LDX). The round magnet was placed inside a 16-foot-diameter enclosure and suspended by a strong electromagnetic field. The magnet was then used to manipulate the superheated electrically charged gas – or plasma – contained within the enclosure.

It had previously been observed that plasmas in space become more densely concentrated when they interact with planets’ magnetic fields, so the magnet produced similar magnetic fields within the experiment. The result: random turbulence caused the plasma to become denser – a critical step to coaxing atoms into fusing together. This was the first time such results had been recreated in a laboratory.

Naturally, a whole lot more research has to go into this kind of technology, and scaling such a device to a commercially operable size would be something of a feat – precision levitating magnets and multi-million-degree plasma aren’t easy things to come by. But the findings do open a potential path to fusion as-yet unexplored, and since it doesn’t appear that mankind is going to quit gluttonously consuming energy anytime soon, any clean energy we can wring from our understanding of physics is a step in the right direction.

Check out the LDX in action below.

Video Link

More on NIF

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Ok, so now we know how UFOs fly...

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

UFOs- Our Imagination, Our Reality

There are objects in our skies that we sometimes can not identify, or even relate to.  It's a definite possibility, that not everything in our skies are of a terrestrial origin, at least not of this Earth, our atmosphere, or even 'our space".

It's quite possible that some of these objects seen flying, floating, cruising, wobbling, hovering, or streaking across Earth's day and night skies are simply put, from "someplace else".

And just where do these strange and unidentifiable objects come from?  Well, for most it is a mystery, others merely speculate and a few think they actually know.

Ours is a mysterious universe.  We have yet to discover everything in our own world, our own back yard, let alone the trillions upon trillions of miles of space.  That doesn't even suggest a glint of knowledge about other universes, other dimensions of space and time.

What if some of the strange phenomena that thousands witness every week, every month, are not even of this time, or space?  What if they are time travelers, seeking to understand the past, hoping for a better future, as we ourselves hope for?  Surely we can't step into a time machine and fling ourselves back to the days of the dinosaurs... but what if we could?  Wouldn't we?

And what if the aerial acrobatics of a seen, yet unknown vessel is piloted by alien space travelers?  Do you think that they are going to stop and ask such primitives as ourselves, how to get to Alpha Centauri?  About all we can do, is point out a star.  But is that 'their Alpha Centauri' and how many of us humans even realize that Alpha Centauri is not just one star, it's a system of 3? We're still searching for planets around those stars closest to us and the discoveries come slowly.

What would these aliens want with us?  I'm afraid the list would be quite lengthy but for some, it is evident that 'they' want the bountiful resources that our planet has to offer, including us, or at least our DNA.

Are the Extraterrestrials (ETs/Aliens) setting us up for world domination?  I'd assume that would be a simple task, as it would appear they have already conquered space and most likely other worlds, some possibly more advanced than ours.  On a scale of 1 to 10, the aliens being 10, I guess we would rate at about '1.5', no more than a '2'.

Again, what if some of those anomalous lights in the sky are creatures and not mechanical, driven devices?  Are there living beings that can live in the vaccum of space, then glide through our upper atmosphere on their way to new feeding grounds?  If so, do they live on stellar dust?  Solar radiation?  Just what are they, how do they survive and are they even aware of us?

What about beings from other dimensions, parallel universes?  Can two objects occupy the same space, at the same time, yet be "out of phase" with our reality, thus they exist as we do, yet on a different plane of existence?  Are they simply different realities, or different lines of time, or both?  How can we see them?  How do we see them? Do they see us?

What if you knew that T-Rex just tromped through your living room and was devouring a Triceratops in your back yard?  Sounds rather freakish but actually quite possible, according to some theoretical physicists, such as Michio Kaku.

One thing can truly be said about human beings: what we can imagine, we can achieve. In less than 100 years, we went from horse drawn wagons to the Space Shuttle and beyond.  So why is it so hard to believe in other worlds, other dimensions, time travel and alien beings?

Parallel universes, multi-dimensions, time travel, aliens from distant galaxies, possibly our own back yard phenomena.  The imaginations are limitless.  So are the possibilities.  Something to think about.

Keep watching the sky! -SW
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shannon, GA Triangle UFO And Possible Contact

MUFON Case # 21649
Reporting Date:    01/26/2010
Event Date: 10/10/2009 17:00
Location: Shannon, Georgia
Shape:    Triangle
Summary: red orbiting glowing triangle seen over tree-line from my house

I walked onto the front porch of my house to feed the dogs when I noticed that the sky over the tree-line in front of my house was a very hazy red color. It was sometime in the early evening (around dusk I think) and I was home alone.

I then noticed a triad of red glowing lights orbiting in the shape of a triangle. They seemed to outline the bottom of a craft much, much larger than an airplane in the sky.

It was as if the object was very close and right above the trees. It was moving in a western direction and then disappeared behind the trees.

The red haze in the sky seemed to be stronger around the object and weaker the further away from the object, as if it were emanating from the UFO.

I have always been very interested in UFO's and extraterrestrial life. I remember thinking that I should go get my camera but I didn't want to miss the UFO.

I also remember thinking that I had to call someone and tell them what was happening when I first spotted the UFO! I was so excited.

However, all I remember is walking back into the house after watching it disappear and forgetting about it! That is the exact opposite of a normal reaction from me.

In fact, I didn't even remember that it happened until a couple of days later and the entire event just came back to me.

I still can't remember what I did after walking back inside. In fact, I can't remember the rest of the evening until my family came back home.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

The 1994 Lake Gosford, Austrailia Incident

Video link

What was it in 1994 that had residents around Lake Gosford, Austrailia townsfolk so bewildered and

Numerous upstanding and highly credible people, such as policemen, retired acedemics and business owners claimed to have witnessed a shiney, round metallic object sucking up water from a nearby lake.

The object was also seen to show some interest in motorists, as at least 2 witnesses mentions that the object shown a light on their cars and followed 'some distance'.

Dozens of calls were made to the local police and there was a write-up in the newspapers, describing what people reported.

So many of the more recent sightings provide evidence, that some UFOs are not hiding the fact that they are here.

It is becoming more apparent that disclosure is coming bit by bit, from the ETs themselves.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Are ETs at war in our solar system, or is the sun just 'letting off steam'?

NASA's SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) spacecraft, which is meant to study the sun's activity, has captured some very unusual images.

Some claim that these objects are planets, or comets that have been caught in our sun's gravitation field, while some believe these are gigantic spacecraft of unknown origin, waging war in our solar system, around our sun.

Video Link

See more at DiscloseTV

*      *      *
And now these planet sized objects have been seen around the sun, beginning on January 18, 2010.

Video Link

*      *      *Or is it possible that all those theories of planets, comets, spacecraft, etc., are really just 'sun spit', the 'objects' simply ejected plasma. You watch and decide.

Video Link

Latest SOHO Images:
The SOHO Extreme ultraviolet Imaging Telescope:
Solar images at SDAC:


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Monday, January 25, 2010

Bright Objects Seen In Texas Skies- January 24, 2010

From several locations, bright lights were seen in the Texas Skies on the evening of Sunday, January 24, 2010.  Was it possibly the same object?

Here are three (3) reports that were submitted to MUFON.  Some spelling and grammar have been corrected. To view original reports, click on case number.

MUFON Case # 21630
Reporting Date:    01/24/2010
Event Date/Time: 01/24/2010 19:28
Location: Brownsville, Texas
Shape:    Sphere,Star-like
Summary: Moving object from west northwest to east southeast

While outside with my dog walking around the house, I noticed this huge bright object moving smoothly from northwest towards an east southeast direction. I would calculate altitude around 8 thousand feet based on airliners passing overhead continuously during the day over 10 thousand feet.

The sky is clear, cool, light breeze. I called my wife out to see it and the object made a smooth 45 degree turn towards the east for about 3 seconds then turned just as smoothly towards a southern direction. No sound, no anti-collision lights, just one big yellowish sphere.

This object was bigger than the current planets out tonight or any star on the Orion Constellation. As it moved south it just dimmed out and disappeared. As big and bright as this thing was it would have been visible for another 2 or 3 minutes as it moved along. Even my dog just stared at it.

*     *     *

MUFON Case # 21640
Reporting Date:    01/25/2010
Event Date/Time: 01/24/2010 22:00
Location: Austin, Texas
Shape:    Star-like
Summary: Single point of brilliant white light moving extremely fast. The light got much brighter and disappeared.

I went out on my front porch at about 10pm CST. I saw a point of light at roughly 20K feet moving in a north-by-northeasterly direction. It was moving extremely fast in a manner I can only describe as smooth. The speed was incredible, I've never seen anything at that height moving remotely close to that speed.

I watched as the light moved in my direction and, apparently, slightly upwards. There were clear skies with not a cloud in the sky. After 3-5 seconds, the brilliant white light got much brighter, approximately 2-3 times as bright, then disappeared. There was absolutely no noise. This was near Braker Lane, just east of I-35.

*     *     *

MUFON Case # 21641
Reporting Date:    01/25/2010-01-25
Event Date:    01/24/2010 17:10
Location: Unspecified location in Texas
Longitude:    -102.791
Latitude:    33.0189
Shape:    Bullet/Missile,Cigar
Summary: Bullet/Cigar shaped object hovering high in the sky S/W of McKinney, TX

At 5pm on Sunday Jan. 24th I had a strong feeling, almost a physical need to go in West direction from my house. While driving West on Eldorado Blvd., I noticed a bullet/cigar shaped shiny silver object hovering high in the sky, in the SW direction from McKinney, TX. It was not moving at all, which is exactly what drew my attention. I was pretty exited and was hoping not to loose the sight of the object while finding an appropriate parking spot. I parked my car, got out and proceed watching this object. After a few minutes the object got very bright and vanished. I felt happy,joyful and exited during and after this experience.

It's hard to say an exact location, over which this object was hovering, but it looked like it was in proximity of DFW airport, but did not look or behave as a conventional aircraft. Plus, there were a few airplanes going at the same direction, but they were flying much lower, then the location of this object.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Daytime Sighting Of UFO In San Antonio

MUFON Case # 21586
Date/Time: 01/21/2010 16:12
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Summary: Was the shape of two spheres connected to make one object.. like a number eight

Was with my boys in the driveway talking for a while... And my Son finally told us to look up at the sky... asking what the object was. We all looked up and saw this object which looked like two spheres connected and spinning slowly.

The object would shine a light directly at us during the same moment of every rotation. It was very close at the beginning of the sighting, and just traveled very slowly away from us... We watched it till it got to far to see. Was very vivid, and was during the day.

We were all really amazed to see a UFO during the day. I have never heard of such a UFO... of this shape... was White/Metallic in color. Just made circular motions.. over and over again.... and the light would shine at us during every rotation. Will look for tomorrow at the same time....

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

HAARP- Conspiracy Theory or Real Threat?

Did HAARP have anything to do with the Recent earthquakes in Haiti and China, or are conspiracy theorists way off base?

Just what is HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) capable of and could it, has it been used as a weapon of mass destruction?

3.6 million watts of energy, beamed into the ionosphere... sounds like more than just a research program.

Note: I feel it is important to acknowledge that these are beliefs held by a certain percentage of the populace.

As with our government's cover-up on UFOs, so is the Air-force's stance on HAARP.

Know thine ememy, know thine ally even more.  But what if the enemy is you...
           *          *         *
"O what a tangled web we weave
When first we practise to deceive!"
Sir Walter Scott, Marmion, Canto vi. Stanza 17. Scottish author & novelist (1771 - 1832)
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Part 1

Watch Video on Youtube

Part 2

Watch Video on Youtube

Part 3

Watch Video on Youtube

Part 4

Watch Video on Youtube

Part 5

Watch Video on Youtube

Part 6

Watch Video on Youtube

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Video Of UFO Over Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada

Watch Video on YouTube

fftimes- An unexplained flying object was seen hovering in the sky on two separate occasions early December in the Fort Frances area. This video was taken with a home camcorder in Alberton, Ontario. and the Fort Frances Times will follow up on this sighting, ultimately revealing the amateur videographer.

Note: This looks very similar to other videoed sightings.  It would be of great interest, to know how many people actually saw this object at the time it was recorded.


In response to "Pep", I found this report submitted to MUFON

It is Case # 21488.

Witness reports:

"no flash game camera, infered on location in woods behind the house.

a number events recorded over the last several months.

please note flash at 14 seconds on deer 223. and we have no idea what was photographed on deer 232 but this was at 9:15 am and that was on 11-9-09

the last one was just an unusual flash then darkness.

would be greatful for any ideas."

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Monday, January 18, 2010

Photo Of Orange Orb Over San Antonio

MUFON Case # 21527
Reporting Date:    01/17/2010
Event Date: 01/10/2010 20:55
Location: San antonio, Texas
Summary: Witnessed an orange orb flashing on and off

I was in my backyard taking pictures of the stars when I noticed an red orb floating. It faded in
and out .

The orb was changing colors from orange to red. It would stay on for 3 seconds fade out and reappear after 1 second. I watched it for a couple of minutes and setup my camera.

The shutter speed was set for 8 seconds, the aperture was set on f5 and I believe the ISO was set either at 1600 or 3200.

I took the picture and the object disappeared. I did not hear any sounds or notice anything else strange.

The object was north of my location was about 45 degrees. It was a clear cool night.

Original Photo

Object Disappears Mid-Air in Central Texas

A number of witnesses are reporting seeing unidentified flying objects that seem to disappear in mid-air.  Here is a recent sighting that was reported to MUFON.

MUFON Case # 21517
Reporting Date:    01/15/2010
Event Date: 09/30/2009-09-30
Location: Kyle,Texas
Shape:    Saturn-like
Duration: 00:02:00
Distance: Over one mile
Summary: Saw flying object disappear in midair

1. Where were you and what were you doing at the time?

From my back porch in Kyle, Texas (just south of Austin) in mid-October 2009. It was during the day.
The sky was bright blue with a few clouds. I was merely relaxing and looking at the pretty sky.

2. What made you first notice the object?

I noticed it because I just happened to be looking in its direction as it glided past.

3. What did you think the object was when you first noticed it?

It was an unfamiliar flying craft. By definition, that is "UFO." I did not make assumptions as to its origin or makeup.

4. Describe the object and its actions and motions.

I saw a flying object in a patch of blue sky unobstructed by clouds. I did not recognize the object, yet there it was--flying. It was close enough for me to tell it was not a helicopter, not an air balloon, not an airplane. I heard no noise coming from it. It was dark metallic and roundish, Saturn-shaped, and not elegant or sleek.

It was moving in a straight line, not stopping or slowing. It is hard to judge size or speed because there was nothing sufficiently close to it to judge scale.

5. Describe your feelings, reactions and actions,
during and after sighting the object.

My reaction was "Oh. I guess I have now seen a UFO." I have not told anyone. I know what I saw.

6. How did you lose sight of the object?

It moved steadily and then disappeared into thin air. It was not suddenly obscured by a cloud. It *disappeared* before my eyes as I watched it. Into clear blue sky.

Image is a depiction - by SW
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Friday, January 15, 2010

Strange Planes Sighted In San Antonio, Texas

MUFON Case # 21503
Reporting Date:   01/15/2010
Event Date:    02/28/2005
Location: San Antonio. Texas
Summary: White fixed wing plane with very thin fuselage and no markings

We met for dinner at a local restaurant. After dinner my husband took my mother home and in a different car to go to the grocery store about a mile from our home. As I was pulling up to the grocery I saw something that I thought was a helicopter because it was hovering over the ditch in the back of the store. I thought it might be a police helicopter but then it did a 90 degree turn and started moving slowly above us. I am not good with distance so I asked my daughter if she thought it was a football field up in the air...she said "NO" it looked like it was 1/2 football field up in the air so that would be about 50 yards then. It was the size of a normal fixed wing passenger jet but this had an extremely thin fuselage and there were no markings and it just glided overhead with no sound. I don't know how it could glide because it was so big and then it took off and started to fly through the neighborhood and then I started to drive in the direction it was going. As I spotted this thing though I called my husband and he said "Do you see what I see?" I said how could I ... I was at HEB and he was on our block which is about a mile away. He was seeing the exact same thing over our block. Anyway, I followed the one that I saw for about twenty minutes and then went home. As I was going home I saw four of them just hovering in the neighborhood in a stair stepped pattern. I realize that since I live in a military town that it was probably some sort of military exercise. We have had friends mention that they have seen similar aircraft at various times and have been just as freaked out as we were. The strange thing though is I called the police, the airport, local radio and television stations and none of them were interested. Four of us saw this thing so I know it isn't something I just dreamed up... not to mention other friends have seen it too in other locations. I cannot find anything that looks like it on the internet. I had my phone with me but didn't even think to take a picture of it because I was so blown away. I now keep a camera with me in case I ever seen anything remotely like it or even remotely strange again.
*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

News- MUFON's James Carrion Stepping Down On Tuesday January 12, 2010 James Carrion announced he is stepping down as the MUFON International Director and assuming the position of MUFON Business Manager. This announcement does not come as much of a shock after speculated rumors of a change in organization have flooded the internet for months.

Carrion expressed that he will also continue to do independent UFO research focusing on the role of Government in t he UFO field. His personal blog Follow the Magic Thread will continue to document his opinions and research in the UFO field.

The Mutual UFO Network was founded in 1969 with the mission to scientifically study UFOs for the benefit of humanity. Over the years MUFON has gained precedence as the largest UFO Network in the world even attracting the respect of Hollywood legend and UFO enthusiast Dan Aykroyd. Currently Aykroyd serves as the Hollywood Consultant for MUFON.

Carrion’s replacement, Clifford Clift, has kept a low profile in the UFO scene serving as the MUFON State Director and is slated to take over beginning March 1, 2010. He will continue to lead MUFON in their core goals of investigating UFO sightings, promoting research on UFOs and to educate the public on the UFO phenomenon.

-Maureen Elsberry

* * *

James Carrion

Effective March 1st, 2010, I am relinquishing my position as MUFON International Director to take on a different position within the organization. The reasons for my relinquishing the position are many but the overlying issue is that I simply no longer have the time to dedicate to the job. As a member of the “sandwich generation”: a single parent of a young child who must also deal with aging parents, my time has become very limited. In addition, I still actively manage a separate for-profit company which further limits my time. Finally, I am also doing time-consuming independent UFO research that focuses on the role of Government in the UFO field - a gold mind of information yet to be adequately explored.

It may come as a surprise to you, but my transitioning out of the International Director role has been two years in the making. In 2006, I committed to a three year term as the International Director until 2009, but when no suitable candidate was found, I agreed to stay on for one more year. In 2008, the MUFON Board of Directors approved the role of a MUFON Business Manager to separate the duties of leadership from those of running MUFON’s nonprofit business operations. I gave the board notice in December 2009, but I offered to stay on until the 2010 Symposium in July so a suitable candidate could be found. Fortunately, a candidate search was not necessary as one of the existing MUFON Board members offered to become the new International Director and was unanimously voted into office. I will be occupying the role of MUFON Business Manager which will be far less demanding of my time.

I am proud to announce that the new MUFON International Director is my long term good friend and colleague, Clifford Clift. Clifford will be featured in the MUFON Journal so that the MUFON membership can become acquainted with him and his professional background. I am completely confident that Clifford is the best man for the job and I know that MUFON could not be in better hands.

It has been my pleasure to serve MUFON as the International Director these last three years and I know that going forward, MUFON will still be on the cutting edge of UFO investigation.

If you would like to congratulate Cliff or introduce yourself to him, please direct all correspondence to

If you want to keep up with my independent research, stay tuned to my personal blog at where I will continue my fight for the truth and exposing those who have no intention of revealing the truth.

* * *

List of MUFON International Directors:
* 1969 — 1970: Allen Utke
* 1970 — 2000: Walter H. Andrus, Jr.
* 2000 — 2006: John F. Schuessler
* 2006 — 2010: James Carrion
* 2010 — present: Clifford Clift

* * *

UFO Chronicles

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Michigan Game camera Captures Aliens?

Another game camera has supposedly captured some strange images.
Video capture and enhancements by SW.

Report is "as is". For original report, click on case number.
For original videos, click on video links below report.

MUFON Case # 21488
Reporting Date: 2010-01-14 11:00 GMT
Event Date: 2009-11-08 18:15 GMT
Locationy: Petoskey, Michigan
Summary: unusal images captured by camera

no flash game camera, infered on location in woods behind the house.

a number events recorded over the last several months.

please note flash at 14 seconds on deer 223. and we have no idea what was photographed on deer 232 but this was at 9:15 am and that was on 11-9-09

the last one was just an unusual flash then darkness.

would be greatful for any ideas.

Attached Videos:

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

* * *
Editor's Note: I'm not saying that this is real but as I worked on the images (cropping and enhancing them), seeing them really gave me a really creepy feeling.- SW
* * * * * * *

I haven't heard anything more of this particular event but as Pep said in the comments section, others picked up the videos and report.  I would be particularly interested in seeing some follow-up on this case.

Here is a list of some of the sites:
Sign of the Times



The Debris Field


Thanks to Pep for the 'heads-up'.
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cloaked Disc Seen Over Nashville-1994

This report was related to me by a friend.  He has neither a phone nor computer, so I asked him if I could report this sighting to MUFON for him and he agreed.

I submitted this report today and my friend has other sightings that will be filed at a later date.

Here is his first report, with my depiction of what he saw:

MUFON Case # 21474
Reporting Date:    01/13/2010
Event Date:    06/20/1994  16:00
Location:    Nashville, Tennessee
Shape:    Disc
Distance:    One mile or less
Description:    While preparing to leave work, saw "cloaked" disc over woods.

1. Approx. June 20, 1994- Leaving work at 4:00pm and was in the IHOP parking lot, preparing to drive home. Looked up and saw something shocking.

2. Saw dark disc above trees.

3.& 4. Disc shaped object, hovering above a small forested area across the interstate highway. Object was 'wobbling' as it hovered. One second it would seem to disappear, then as it wobbled a different direction, it would become visible until it rotated, becoming "cloaked like the ships in Star Trek". Therefore, one second it was visible, then the next it was not.

Object was approximately 60 feet in diameter, 6 feet top to bottom. Appeared black except when it took on another angle, then it 'disappeared' (reflected it's surroundings).
Elevation: 80 to 100 feet, hovering.
Distance: 800 to 1,000 feet.

5.& 6. Transfixed, somewhat scared, watching the object until it vanished and did not reappear. Observed approximately 1 to 2 minutes. Don't know if the object just stopped moving, or if it took off at 'light speed'.

Editor's Note:  I know this man and his wife.  They are good, honest people, not prone to fantasy.  He honestly "knows what he saw."  He said there is no doubt in his mind and that he remembers it all, very clearly.- SW

*       *       *

Rod Or Disc Shaped Object Photographed Over Wisconsin

MUFON Case # 21466
Event Date: 01/11/2010 11:40
Location: Lomira, Wisconsin
Shape:    Other
Duration: 00:01:00
Summary: White rod or edge of white disc over Fondulac County Wisconsin

I was traveling south on US-41 near Lomira, WI and while observing some unusual clouds I noticed what looked like a white rod or possibly the edge of a white disc towards the east. It looked very solid and straight and I could see both ends of it. I was able to take 2 photographs of the object and then lost site of it as I drove south.
Original Photos:
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3

*    *    *
Editor's Note: I cropped and enhanced the photo, to show the object. The object in the photo casts a shadow below it, onto a portion of the cloud and hints at a much larger craft.  There also seems to be an energy, or some displacement around the object.
Something else I noticed in photo # 6508a, is a phenomena known as a Circumhorizontal Arc (neon cloud), located in the upper left-hand portion of the photo.

Below this beautiful rainbow effect appears to be a 'cut' through the cloud, as if possibly the object in question traversed through, thus parting the clouds.

Is this truly an Unidentified flying object, or is it a well-made hoax?  You be the judge.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Triangle Cloud Photo and Report

MUFON Case # 21454
Reporting Date:    01/12/2010
Event Date:    07/17/2009
Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Shape:    Triangle
Description: Clear blue sky with cloud surrounding blue triangle

I was in the kitchen looking outside and I saw a strange cloud formation. I grabed my camera a took two photos of what seemed like an invisible trinagle surrounded by clouds. I did not think much of it because I went back inside and brushed it off. The time was about 3pm. Later in the year many people were reporting triangle typed ufos throughout the world and I remembered taking the photo of the invisible triangle shaped oddity. I have seen alot strange things in the sky lately but it always seems that I do not have my camera nearby.
Original Photo

*    *    *
Editor's Note: I cropped and enhanced the photo of clouds, seemly formed around a triangular object that is not visible.  Once enhanced, I noticed a dark area above and to the left of the 'triangle shape'.  I'm not sure but that could be just a water spot on the camera lens.

I'm fairly proficient with Photo Shop but if this is faked, it's darn good.

*    *    *
Have you seen an unidentified flying object (UFO)?

If so, please report it, then Email Us.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Unknown Light Seen Covering Tip of Crescent Moon

Witnesses over 200 miles apart saw the same light covering the tip of the crescent moon, on Monday morning, January 11, 2010.
These are their reports.
*        *        *

MUFON Case # 21450
Event Date: 01/11/2010 05:45
Location: Dallas, Texas
Summary: UFO in front of moon

I was driving to work in the Dallas area at 5:45 am on January 11 2010 and I noticed the moon. There was what appeared to be something blocking out the bottom tip of the crescent moon. Further out from where the tip of the crescent moon would have extended was a white light. The obaque object "sat" staionary from the time I left my house to the time I got to work (approx. 30 minutes). I came back outside after the sun had come up with a coworker and it was gone. Never seen anything like it. That afternoon, there was an abundance of chemtrails also. Atleast 10-15. I attached a rendering of what I saw. This is not a photo.
Original photo

*    *    *
MUFON Case # 21452
Event Date: 01/11/2010 00:00
Location: DarDanelle, Arkansas
Summary: red flashing star on tip of cresent moon  

my 17yo daughter was taking me into work so she could drive to school that day. i am very observant of the skies these days , i looked at the cresent moon and yelled at alicia to look, i asked her if she saw the flashing star on the tip of the cresent moon and she did, we pulled over on the shoulder of the road and i told her to start taking pictures. i called my girlfriend whom i was going to give her a ride to work too and told her what i was seeing and to go look at the moon. i asked my daughter if the flashing star looked red to her and she said yes. we drove very slow down the mountain and i took pics with my cell phone too.when we got down to the bottom of the mountain the star appeared to be further away from the tip of the cresent moon and it was a white star. i went to work and looked out on the back porch and there was a star still further away but i think this was a normal first thought was a ufo because i have had some unusual sightings of unexplainable lights since april of 2009 and several years ago too.the red flashing light was on the lower tip of the crescent moon. i dont remember any certain rythm of times i thought it was flashing white. we pulled off the road a couple of times to get pictures and being a wooded area we only had full view here and there. when we got to the bottom of the mountain and down the road a ways , i asked alicia if the light appeared further away from the moon and i think she agreed, i was still very excited. i dont think my friend could see anything . i will call her today and get her details because i feel the need to start writing this down in a journal. i cant download pics now but we do have them on our phones and camera. i havent had a good look at the pics on the camera because i was very tired yesterday and rested all the evening.

I received an email from the author of MUFON Report Case # 21450.

Witness states: "My name is (name withheld by LITS) and you posted my MUFON case (#21450) on your blog.  Thank you for spreading it, I have been googling this since yesterday morning and am quite surprised no one else has really reported it.  I got to work and still saw the object in the same position so I phoned my mother in law and she went outside (she is staying with us right now).  And she saw the same thing, but said it had a reddish tinge to it.  I thought it looked more white.  Needless to say, I made sure I now have my camera with me since I dont want to miss this again!

*     *     *
A witness brought to my attention that other witnesses (from Colorado), also saw the strange light near the moon.  Here are their reports.

MUFON Case # 21443
Date/Time: 01/11/2010 05:55
Location: Denver, Colorado
Shape:    Star-like
Duration: 01:07:00
Summary: This morning while driving to work, I saw a bright white (planet sized) object that was stationary with the moon.

This morning while driving to work, I saw a bright white (planet sized) object that was stationary with the moon. I live in the Denver area, and was traveling south on 470 to I25 South (0555). The object was as bright as Venus would be, and was 2 degrees to the right of the moon in a stationary orbit. I kept an eye on the object that was in the same position relative to the moon (2 degrees). The object stayed in the same position to the moon for the duration of the observation (1hour). After traveling on I 25 South until 0700 the object disappeared with the moon as the sun came up. From an educated guess the object was probably very large as it was in the moons shadow, and did not fade or move. The object could have been at the same position before and after my observation. My other guess is it was a mother ship from the size. I usually see at least 1 UFO a week in this area of Colorado. I reported this object as it was very differnt, and easier to not dispute.
Attached drawing

*     *     *

MUFON Case # 21444
Date/Time: 2010-01-11 06:30 GMT
Location: Colorado
Shape:    Star-like
Summary: Similar Sighting

Response to : "This morning while driving to work, I saw a bright white (planet sized) object that was stationary with the moon. CO, US Jan112010.jpg" I saw this posted just now. I ALSO saw this bright light by the moon, in the exact position and thought it was a little out of place. Orion's belt was near, so I assumed it must have been a star in that constellation and didn't think anything further of it until now.

*     *     *

Could these sightings possibly have been of the double star known as Al Niyat, or was it something more?

Personally, I don't think a star blocked out the tip of the crescent moon, so for now, I'll go with "unidentified".

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

UFO may have left evidence in a Grandfalls, TX landing

MUFON Case # 21440
Date/Time: 01/09/2010 22:00
Location: Grandfalls, Texas
Shape:    Sphere,Teardrop
Distance: 100 feet or less
Vallee Index: CE2
Summary: A bright light that descended to the ground and left a mark

My sighting started as we were going home after attending Saturday evening mass and going out for dinner afterwards. As we drove toward home, we stopped at the Town and Country and picked up a gallon of milk and a case of Pepsi for the house and I picked up a pack of cigarettes. As we headed home and talked amongst ourselves about the week ahead. As we approached Grandfalls, my wife asked me if I could see that plane in the sky, I looked up and saw a large, intensely bright, white light. I told her that the light could not be coming from an airplane since the nearest municipal airport was in Monahans which was about 13 miles away and the nearest large airport was Midland International about 50 miles away. We watched as the light, changed shape from round, to more of a tear drop shaped and got lower and lower in the sky.

My wife asked if it could be a helicopter, but I honestly don’t remember seeing a helicopter out this way and this late at night. I told her it could be, but if it was it must belong to one of the oil companies and they must be checking the pipelines. We watched as the light got lower and lower and eventually came to rest behind the old power substation. As we watched it land, the light eventually faded, but the sky around the power station got lit up like a spot light was being shown at the station. We were curious and decided to take the road toward the substation and check it out for ourselves. We turned down 5th street and as we drive past the old power station we saw a large shiny object floating there. It stayed there for a few seconds then it shot off toward the north and looked like it shot over the water tower and toward the direction of Monahans.

This scared my wife who demanded we go home and go home right now. She says she did not feel safe being there in the dark. I returned home and we talked about what we saw, but neither of us could really get any sleep. The next morning as I headed out to work, I drove by the old power station and to my surprise; there was a big black circle where the object had been. I called my wife and she got upset that I had gone back. I looked up on the internet about this and it lead me here to this site and now here I am reporting this to you. I do not wished to be called, I have a reputation and a career to think about, This is a very small community and very tightly knit, I do not want people thinking that I am crazy. The old power station is easy to find and so is the circle that the object left. This was something that we will never forget.

Note:  The witness does not want any contact with UFO investigators, yet he reports the sighting.
How many people could have witnessed this same object?  I live in a small town and I know how talk gets around, like a prairie fire.

Grandfalls is also in close proximity to Monahans, where other alien craft have been seen to land and their occupants observed.

*       *       *
Have you witnessed an unidentified flying object (UFO)?
If so, please report your sighting.
*       *       *
Contact LITS

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Monday, January 11, 2010

Triangle UFOs Over Ohio

A report of over 100 triangle UFO sightings has been submitted to MUFON.
My question is, if these sightings are real, why don't more people report them?  That many unusual objects in the sky should warrant some attention.
Report is "as is", no corrections.

Depiction of Sighting by SW.
MUFON Case # 21433
Date:    01/09/2010 22:52
Location: Tarlton, Ohio
Shape:    Triangle
Duration: 00:04:00
Summary: Surreal Triangle, I'm still in shock...

Over the past few monthes begining in Summer of 2009, I have personally witenessed atleast 130+ sightings of 'black triangles' literally in my front yard. I realize that yeah, I should've reported each and every sighting, and I had planned too, but these reports take awhile to fill out and Ive seen them so many times Ive become used to seeing them. I'll look at them and laugh out loud and watch them until they fly away and put it aside. They always look and appear the same way; a very bright yellowish/white/amber light in the distance and once they reach a certian distance the light dissappears, leaving only an odd triangle craft that slowly hovers across the sky. The belly has a multitude of red, white and blue blinking lights in a strange almost eye-like pattern. The only noticible noise is a low humming or buzzing sound, kinda like a transformer or a power station. Ive seen these things so many times that its honestly funny; ive seen one slowly crawling at an altitude of 200 ft. shining some strange searchlight into the pine trees across the road. Ive seen 4 of them flying almost one after another across the night sky. Ive even brought friends/family to my house to see them, most leaving saying "What the [cms/tg/pd] dude, why show me that, thats scary!?" and becoming firm believers. Tonight was different . . .

Just like the first time I saw one, I was taking my dog outside to potty. Immeditally I saw the bright light in the distance and recognized it as a triangle. I chained the dog up and as always I stayed to watch it fly over. But I was soon shocked (my cigarette litterally fell out of my mouth from awe) by how vastly different it was; firstly, the sheer size of it. ATLEAST 300+ ft. across (typical triange I see is 90-100ft across)and the dazzeling lights which were vastly different from regular triangles. Unlike other triangles, the bright light on the front didnt go off; it was clearly visable that it was a collection of 3 amber/white lights on the front. Because it was pitch black outside I was unable to clearly define the outline of it, but I was almost directly under it with a small side view. Tons of white, red, blue and one green light, some blinking rapidly others staying on. Since I am limeted by my frugile human memory, I really couldnt describe the exact formation on the lights but there where a lot more than any typical triangle.

Two other huge differences where the CLEARLY visable outline of some kind of 'cargo-bay' on the back, almost like the kind you'd find on a milatary jumbo jet used for dropping and loading cargo. There where 4 whitish lights of the corners of the 'cargo-bay' and a noticible slant to it. The other difference was . . . I want to say 'rabbit ear' protrutions from the sides of it. Like if you took a regular black triangle and put two 'Z' shaped wings on the top/side of it, thats what youd have. On the tips of them there were elongated ovals, like a small jet engine. The usual humming noise and soft roar probly caused by the massive displacment of air it caused. Ive already ruled out the jumbo jet idea and the possibility of it being a V-22 Ospery, simply because ive seen V-22's in action; theyre loud and not this big. Altitude of 500-600ft, moving South-to-North.

*      *      *
Have you had an encounter, or seen a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object)?

If so, we'd like to hear from you.

Email Us
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Halo Of Dark Matter Surrounds Our Galaxy

Dark matter 'beach ball' unveiled

BBC News- The giant halo of dark matter that surrounds our galaxy is shaped like a flattened beach ball, researchers say.

It is the first definitive measure of the scope of the dark matter that makes up the majority of galaxies' masses.

The shape of this "dark matter halo" was inferred from the path of debris left behind as the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy slowly orbits the Milky Way.

A team of US astronomers announced the findings at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Washington.

Dark matter is a mysterious kind of matter that makes up nearly a quarter of the universe, but does not interact with light and so has until now remained invisible to scientists.

Mass transit

However, because it has mass, it acts on matter as we know it through gravity.

"You can't actually see it directly, you can see it through its effects on stellar structure, star clusters, and dwarf galaxies orbiting around the Milky Way," explained David Law of the University of California, Los Angeles, the researcher presenting the work.

"So what you want to do is map where these star clusters and dwarf galaxies go and use that to reconstruct their orbits and where the mass is."

Dr Law and his colleagues turned to the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy as one of the best-studied cosmic neighbours orbiting the Milky Way.

Using data from telescope surveys of stars across the full scope of the sky, including the Two Micron All-Sky Survey (2MASS) and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, the team was able to identify individual stars that had been dragged out of the tiny Sagittarius galaxy as it skims past our galaxy.

But in thinking about the Milky Way's dark matter halo as a sphere surrounding it, something didn't fit; the positions of the galaxy and its apparent speed didn't line up.

Dr Law's team then came up with the idea that the halo might be different sizes in different directions, and allowed for this in their gravity model.

What came out is what Dr Law described as a "cosmic beach ball, squashed from the side", flattened along the direction corresponding to the plane of the Milky Way.

The fact that the un-flattened direction should be above and below the galactic plane remains a mystery.

"It's a little weird in current dark matter models, but it'll be very useful in helping constrain future models, not only of dark matter itself but also how galaxies such as our own form in the universe."

The 215th American Astronomical Society meeting was confirmed on Wednesday as the largest astronomy meeting in history, with more than 3,400 attendees.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Navy Vet Saw Crippled 'Bogey' Crash Into Sea

MUFON Case # 21408
Reporting Date:    01/09/2010
Event Date:          02/01/1962
Location of Sighting: Johnson Island S. Pacific
Shape: Cigar,Cone,Cylinder
Distance: Over one mile
Entity Type: Human-like,Apparition,Other
Summary: About 200 yards long- taveling parralle to the horizon approx. 2500 feet above sea level.

To whom it may concern, you may contact me regarding my personal knowledge of the Navy’s deep sea UFO / USO 1961 deep sea salvage attempt in the South Pacific, during Operation Dominic-an unprecedented series of atmospheric nuclear tests.

After 48 year , I like many ex-military service personnel are coming out of the wood work to share their UFO/USO experiences – this is mine. I am hoping it will fill in and add to the early 1960’s UFO/USO sightings not reported in the area of the South Pacific. What is amazing to me after all these years I still get a visit from one or two unknown strangers suggesting I think twice before going public with what I know about what I witnessed back in 1961/1962 while serving onboard a US Naval Escort Destroyer.

It was during one of our ships many sea operations back in 1962- patrolling restricted sea and air space. While serving onboard a US Navy Destroyer Radar Picket Ship, I and a dozen other selected crew members was ordered on deck to observe a crippled ‘Boggy’ or UFO about to crash into the sea, not far from our ships location. Later, I was to learn the subject UFO was accidently struck down by a powerful high altitude atomic test missile.

Years later in 19--, while stationed at Guantanamo Bay Cuba I met a Chief Navy Diver who said he was going to write a book about his involvement and a secret Navy attempt to extract a UFO from the bottom of the ocean floor in 1962 during Operation Dominic. I was shocked to learn it was the exact same UFO/USO I witnessed on its way to the sea bottom.

About week later, after our conversation on the UFO topic the Master Chief Diver died under strange circumstances- a day before his 30 year retirement in the Navy.
I have a lot more information on the subject when it comes to UFO and USO human connection, on a personal level. If you want to learn more- I will share documents and a picture taken by a Navy Pilot in 1961, of a UFO near the exact same UFO crash site in the South Pacific.

*        *        *
Note:  Report is 'as is', no corrections.

It is my hope that this case will be thoroughly investigated, as I suspicion that the Navy Vet has much more information to add.

I'd like to add that I hope he stays safe and thank him for his service to our country.

*        *        *
Have you seen an unidentified flying object (UFO)?

If so, please Email us.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


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