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Lights Witnessed, Persons Affected

How could simple lights in the sky cause feelings of paranoia, anxiety?  These 2 sightings, which one witness thinks is related (they occurred on the same evening/time, yet miles apart), shows how some people can be affected.  Is it what they are seeing that is causing fear, or is it something else?

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MUFON Case # 21705
Event Date/Time: 01/28/2010 23:00
Location: Savannah, Georgia
Longitude: -81.1121
Latitude: 32.0616
Shape:    Star-like
Distance: One mile or less
Summary: Star-looking with red and blue lights, moving irratically

My friend was leaving my house around 11:30pm on 1/28/10. A few minutes after he walked outside, he called me and told me that there was something like a UFO in the sky moving around and that I needed to come outside to see.

I put on my bathrobe and walked outside to my friend. I had a baby monitor receiver in my robe pocket at that time, and when I walked out into the yard, the signal received some interference and I had to turn it down so that the noise from the interference would stop, which is rather unusual.

It was a really clear night, and the stars were very bright. My friend pointed up to one star and told me to watch. I asked what I would see and he said that it had been moving around the sky erratically and that it had blue and red lights moving around it from time to time.

My roommate also came outside to watch for a minute. At first the object did nothing. My roommate then went back inside stating that he thought it was an illusion from looking at something for too long. At first I thought the same thing but I had a feeling in my gut that it was more than just an illusion.

I kept watching this "star" and soon it appeared to be moving erratically, but in a small area. It seemed to move to the side and down, then up again; rather slowly. Then I witnessed what appeared to be small/thin rays of red and blue lights radiating from the object in a circular motion (as if it was shining blue and red flashlights while moving in circles). The lights only lasted a few seconds at a time and then would stop.

After a few more minutes of this, I got very nervous and decided to go back inside. My friend stayed in my yard for about another 2 hours watching this object. At some point, he states that up to 5 more of these objects started moving in the sky. He said that they would move towards and away from each other, as if they were dancing. All appeared to have the same red and blue light beams every few minutes.

At one point, my friend said that he got chills and goose-bumps and felt as if something were about to get him, so he got into his vehicle and drove to his house across town. He has since stated that he felt as though "they" knew he was watching and took notice of him. Once at his house, he could not see the object(s) anymore. After he was inside, he says that he got a feeling as though something was right outside of his house waiting for him.

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MUFON Case # 21706
Event Date/Time: 01/28/2010 21:30
Location: Port Murray, New Jersey
Longitude: -74.9091
Latitude: 40.7953
Shape:    Oval,Star-like,Triangle
Summary: saw same thing as Savannah, Georgia but way more intense.

It was around 9:15 pm on January 28th 2010. My friend and I were driving up a mountain road on a very clear night and the moon looked brighter than i had ever seen it before. as we passed a house we saw something in the air that was completely still and very low. like the georgia entry, this object had a bright white center light with blue white and red lights flashing around it. as we stopped to watch it, it started flying away from us slowing so we turned the car around and started following it and as we did this it took off flying very quickly away. we went back down the road as fast as we could and went to open fields to try to see it. we saw it still flying away from us, then it stopped, turned left and we watched it fly away for awhile. as we went to leave we turned around and we saw another one flying over the mountain top and as we were watching this one fly either another one appeared or the one that we thought flew away had come back and now two of the objects were flying toward each other right above the tree line. as they got close to each other they stopped. both of them had bright white lights on the front and were facing each other, then all of the sudden both lights turned away from each other and pointed directly at our car and started moving slowly toward us. at this point we freaked out and drove away to my friends house. we stood in my friends driveway and could kind of see them in the distance. we went inside and hung out about an hour. little did we know this was just the beginning. we left my friends house with him being very skeptical of our sighting but when we came to the fields again we saw another one, we started following it and when we came out where the tree line ended we saw at least 10 different objects in the sky all blinking colors and moving around, some of these were very close too. as we drove closer the 4 closest objects started flashing a white light and moving away from us, as we got closer the white light got brighter and brighter until it looked like a sliver bright light flashing quickly. we again freaked out and drove to my house. when we got to my house I called the cops to see if anything was going on, if helicopters were looking for a missing person or something, and they said nothing was going on in the area. as soon as i got off the phone, it is about 1120 now, we see about 6 of the objects in the sky above my house flying around, then we hear a loud noise and we could feel a vibration and three large bright orange circles appear from the tree tops in a triangle, they fly quickly over my house and disappear in the horizon, as soon as that was gone one of the ships flew above my front yard and a bright light started growing from the, I'm assuming, back of it. it stayed still as the light beam grew longer and was changing different colors (blues, reds, purples, yellows, everything) once the light beam was at least 100+ feet long it swooped over my house. my friends and i ran from the front to the back yard and watched it fly close over head, and as soon as it passed my over my house it let go of the light beam and the beam seemed to fall and turn into smoke that fell right above our heads and disappeared, as we saw this falling we shut the door and went inside. after all this happened, we called the police again to see if anyone saw anything and they said that they had a few calls of people reporting lights in the sky. i hung up the phone and we didnt see anything else really. I felt very strange, i dont know if it was from them or from freaking out, but at one point i felt very sick and the letters on my computer screen started moving and we all felt very paranoid. I was completely sober this entire time. Everything we saw was clear as day. My digital camera wouldnt work when i tried to take a picture of them, and my video camera wasnt charged and everytime i took it out there was nothing around. i called the cops today to see if anything was reported about last night and the cop who had been on duty since 730 am said he had not heard one thing. after i read the ufo sighting in georgia that happened the same night with the same objects, i knew something either very exciting or very scary had happened. there was a small orb of light that was significantly brighter than the rest of the stars that was far in the sky above my house that i caught on video, and on the video you can see the orb change colors some, and it stayed very still while everything else was going on. i will try to upload that footage later


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