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Two Women Confronted With A UFO in Ocala National Forest

Note:  Report was written by witness in "all caps".  I have re-written and edited report for spelling and some grammar.

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MUFON Case # 21371
Reporting Date:    01/06/2010
Event Date:    05/14/1978
Location: Ocala National Forest, Florida
Summary: Stood looking up at a crft on an isolated road in Ocala National Forest.

My boyfriend informed me that every Christmas I tell him a story about a UFO.  He said he thought the Christmas lights reminded me of it.

This year, he insisted that I research to find any information about what I had seen in the Ocala National Forest.

I had told him of an encounter I had and that it was reported in the Ocala Star Banner the next day. However, I had never persued any information about it.

On May 14, 1978 at night, I was coming home from Ocala with a girlfriend. I was driving down an unpaved isolated road where I lived, when I had an encounter with a craft.

All I can recall of the event is that my friend and I were standing, leaning back against my car, looking up at the craft. It was a hazy experience.

I remember looking at her profile and thinking that the light was so bright, that I could see tiny hairs on her nose. I recall feeling like I was moving in slow motion.

I can best describe the craft as reminding me of giant tinker toys. It had round, pod-like compartments connected with large cylinders.  It had green, white and I think red lights (looked pinkish).  Anyway, the colors seemed to look like muted and blurred neon lights.

I think it was no more than 20 - 30 feet away from us. I do not remember getting out of my car, or getting back into my car and going home.

The next morning I said to my friend offhandedly, "Do you remember seeing THAT last night?" Her reply was yes and that was the end of the discussion.

The event seemed dream-like and I had no impulse to talk about it further with her, nor did she with me.

I vaguely remember something about my friend's face looking like it was sun burnt but I don't recall if my face was burnt.

I remember seeing this object hovering silent and still above us and I remember being outside my car.  Everything else is blank.

My research of this event corresponds with the sightings at the Pine Castle Electronic Center.  So, for any other reports of this sighting, I will attest 100%, that this craft was there.

Editor's Note:  This was apparently a case of Alien Abduction and I would definitely be interested in a follow-up of this case.

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The Pinecastle Electronic Warfare Range Tracking Station received a "visual" on a UFO, on a Sunday, May 14, 1978.

"The incident began with a phone call from a civilian. At about 10:05 PM, she called from nearby Silver Glen Springs to ask if the installation was shooting off flares. She had just seen something that looked like a flare. The duty officer, SK-1 Robert Clark, assured her no such operation was going on at that moment. A second call came a few minutes later."
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  1. Yes i was in the tower that night the UFO was spotted and it is REAL!! We did track it on radar!!

  2. my sister and I saw this from Ocala Florida just as described but just the lights red green and yellow Bratz the other was white spread across the sky back and forth together then disappeared very fast I called her out from the house to witness this really cool


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