Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Triangle Cloud Photo and Report

MUFON Case # 21454
Reporting Date:    01/12/2010
Event Date:    07/17/2009
Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Shape:    Triangle
Description: Clear blue sky with cloud surrounding blue triangle

I was in the kitchen looking outside and I saw a strange cloud formation. I grabed my camera a took two photos of what seemed like an invisible trinagle surrounded by clouds. I did not think much of it because I went back inside and brushed it off. The time was about 3pm. Later in the year many people were reporting triangle typed ufos throughout the world and I remembered taking the photo of the invisible triangle shaped oddity. I have seen alot strange things in the sky lately but it always seems that I do not have my camera nearby.
Original Photo

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Editor's Note: I cropped and enhanced the photo of clouds, seemly formed around a triangular object that is not visible.  Once enhanced, I noticed a dark area above and to the left of the 'triangle shape'.  I'm not sure but that could be just a water spot on the camera lens.

I'm fairly proficient with Photo Shop but if this is faked, it's darn good.

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  1. Wow! I'm totally convinced. You took a picture of a cloud.

  2. see star destroyers are real. now that giant chicken in my book club will not be able to refute my outlandish claims!

  3. Okay. I had never heard of the triangular cloud formation sightings when I saw one while driving south to work on 10-14-2010 (East Bay, Northern California), about 9:50 AM. It looked very much like the photo, an isosceles triangle pointing upwards towards the East. The sky was blue. The surrounding clouds were fluffy cumulus clouds. The clouds inside the triangle were a sequence of "parallel" jagged lines.

  4. I saw a triangle cloud with brushed appearance and dark clouds were above and behind it. It was white and then it went clear. Monday 6/6/16 at the Walmart parking lot in Hoover, Alabama off hwy.150 7 p.m.


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