Friday, January 22, 2010

Daytime Sighting Of UFO In San Antonio

MUFON Case # 21586
Date/Time: 01/21/2010 16:12
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Summary: Was the shape of two spheres connected to make one object.. like a number eight

Was with my boys in the driveway talking for a while... And my Son finally told us to look up at the sky... asking what the object was. We all looked up and saw this object which looked like two spheres connected and spinning slowly.

The object would shine a light directly at us during the same moment of every rotation. It was very close at the beginning of the sighting, and just traveled very slowly away from us... We watched it till it got to far to see. Was very vivid, and was during the day.

We were all really amazed to see a UFO during the day. I have never heard of such a UFO... of this shape... was White/Metallic in color. Just made circular motions.. over and over again.... and the light would shine at us during every rotation. Will look for tomorrow at the same time....

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