Friday, January 8, 2010

Another Spiral Anomaly Seen On New Year's Eve 2009

Another spiral anomaly has been seen and reported to MUFON.
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MUFON Case # 21390
Event Date: 12/31/2009 18:07
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Summary: wormhole ufo?

I was observing the rising full moon, immediately below but off to the right of the moon there appeared to be a darker place which was like a circular void. Within that void a large X of light appeared.

That X started to spin, and as it spun a lit cloud tube extended from the place where the void across the sky to the right of the point of origin.

At the point where the black void started and where the tube started a tiny blip of light came out, which moved out a distance from the point of origin and then disappeared.

The tube started to fade, but continued to seem un-naturally lit for about 3 minutes as it shortened.

It did not flow away like a cloud, the sky was perfectly clear and this appeared to be way above the atmosphere.

It had entirely disappeared within 5 minutes.

Editor's Note:  Though the witness claims this phenomena appeared to be outside our atmosphere, Was this event similar to the Norway Spiral Phenomena seen on December 9, 2009; in Utah on July 31, 2009; over Tomsk, Russia in 2006; or the one seen over China in 1988?

Events such as this are being reported all around the world.  Could this phenomena be wormholes, the results of HAARP, or (tongue planted firmly in cheek) could this be part of Project Blue Beam, or another malfunctioning Russian rocket?

Search for answers, seek the truth, keep watching the skies.

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