Friday, December 11, 2009

Witness Reports Utah 'Spiral'

In this sightings report to MUFON, the witness claims to have seen what they believe to be an event similar to the recent Norway Spiral.  Here is the report minus the 'all caps' and extra 'periods'.
The original post can be seen by clicking on the case number.

Depiction by SW.

MUFON Case # 20937
Report Date: 2009-12-10
Event Date/Time: 2009-07-31 02:00
Region:    Utah
Description: Large beam of light then spiral in sky over blue light area multicolored spiral

Report: The reason I enter this is it was very like yet not the same to the lights seen over Norway last night...  I didn't think to report this till I saw the news on MSNBC this morning.

Unlike the video on MSNBC "my" light was followed by a huge red flash.

After a band show (I am a club promoter), I watched a blue/green light in the western sky.

Sugar House area is on a hill in Salt Lake, giving me a huge view of the western sky.  The blue light appeared to be coming out of the Great Salt Lake, or maybe just past it... It's hard to tell at 2AM. Of my group of 5 people I was the only one sober after the rock show.

We thought it might have been lights from some desert party but after taking to my raver friends the next day, there were no parties to anyone's knowledge, that night.

At the time I thought my friend David who runs a light show, had outdone himself.  The blue/green light went away and we saw a spiral 'light show', much like the one we saw this morning on MSNBC.

I do not buy the Norway military saying it might have been the Russian's missile.  For one, the Russians would never test a weapon the day our US president is in Norway for peace prizes!!!  That was no missile and I saw np missile.

I have no clue what I saw but I saw something strange in the Utah western skies, as did my friends.  Also, a lot of people have seen weird stuff out that way lately.
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Editor's Note:  It would be best if people would report any such anomalies when they see them and not wait until another such event occurs.

Could this and other similar sightings be caused by terrestrial attempts to create a wormhole, or could they be natural phenomena, alien created wormholes, an errant missile, or the proverbial 'swamp gas'?

Maybe we will one day have the answer.

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