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Reported Texas UFO Sightings- Nov. 24-30, 2009

MUFON Case # 20709
Date/Time: 11-24-2009  19:40 GMT
Location: Coppell, TX
Report: Diagonal formation of lights in the night sky very close together  
I was on my way to work on Tuesday night the twenty forth of November and I was watching the sky as I normally do and it seemed there was much activity this night due to all of the airplanes and normal aircraft I see. I saw at one point a flashing light which did not strike me as an airplane but it was moving spasmodic and moving in very close to what was pretty clear to be an airplane and it seemed that they were so close that they almost ran into each other and one split second I thought they had hit and then it was all ok and they were on their way in opposite directions. I kept watching the sky and as I drew nearer to work I work very near the DFW airport and always see aircraft which I know to be airplanes but tonight there were strange lights in the sky more like spheres, there were about 6 of them flying in and out close to each other and then out again and as I drew near my exit they formed a diagonal line and just hoovered there not moving while other airplanes were flying all around them. I am so surprised that nothing has been reported on TV because these were not your usual aircraft in these skies.. I wanted to stop and take pictures but I do not have a great camera on my phone and could not get a view on them so I drove on thinking I would see them when I got to work but when I got to work I could not see for the trees so I was not sure if they left or what they did. Next time I will be late to work and I plan on buying a really good camera because lately I have seen several sightings in this area... Who knows maybe someone else will speak up on this I know they had to see them however I think because of the abundant aircraft in these parts no one really pays attention to the lights in the sky..

MUFON Case # 20728
Date/Time: 11-24-2009  21:26 GMT
Location:    Laguna Park, TX
Shape:    Cigar,Flash,Other
Distance:    Unknown
Sister called saying she was seeing a strange flashing object in telescope that looked cigar shaped. I went outside and asked her what direction in the sky, close to what star grouping. As I turned to face East, what looked and moved like a shooting star, but from bottom to top appeared and then disappeared. Then suddenly I seen what my sister had been seeing. It flashed red like, then orange and was moving in angles, changing directions, at tremendous speed. After a few minutes, it slowed down to a pace, as if to appear just a plane in the sky. At this point, I knew better. At least not like any plane I'd ever seen. It moved southernly towards Waco direction. I watched til I could not see it anymore. It appeared to have been possibly over Lake Whitney Area, which is East from my home. Government UFO? or other Origin?

MUFON Case # 20753
Date/Time: 11-10-2009 23:40 GMT
Location: Tyler, TX
Shape:    Triangle
Distance: Unknown
Vallee Index:    AN1
was outside to see Leonid meteor shower with wife and friend when wife said look what i see. and what we saw was a triangular shaped object with light on each corner moving north to south very fast and quiet too. later perhaps 30-45 min we saw it again moving north to south more west of us.

MUFON Case # 20775
Date/Time: 11-12-2009  14:45 GMT
Location: La Porte, TX
Shape:    Square/Rectangular
I was walking my dog at approx. 2:45P.M. looking up in the sky saw a white, rectangular object moving north to south. It was clearly visible against a clear blue sky moving about 150 M.P.H. No observable Propulsion system, no cockpit, no vapor trail, no sound, moving steadily. at the end of the event the center of the object started to disappear and blend with the blue sky. the edges turned a medium gray color and slowly they too faded away and the object completely disappeared. I looked for a good 25 or 30 seconds for any sign but the object was completely gone. It was the most amazing thing I have seen in my whole life. Call me if you have any questions, any day around Noon or if im not there leave a message on my message machine.

MUFON Case # 20781
Date/Time: 11-25-2009 13:55 GMT
Location: San Antonio, TX
Shape:    Square/Rectangular
Distance:    Over one mile
I read the sightings on this website daily and now have one of my own to post. Because I was curious to see if anyone else would post a similar sighting, I waited until now to post mine. Well, someone from Texas did post a sighting that matches mine exactly, other than the date and time of day are different. My sighting is identical to the one observed November 12 in Texas. Mine, however, occurred on November 25 between 1:50 PM and 2:00 PM on the northwest side of San Antonio. I was out on my apartment patio and just happened to look up into the clear blue sky. I soon saw an object that I first thought was an aircraft of some kind. Since we have two air force bases and one army base, plus civilian airports, seeing something in the sky is a common occurrence. Immediately, though, I knew there was something different about this object. As I stared at it, I could tell that it was white and rectangular, with no wings. There was also no contrail behind this "craft", and it was heading from a northwest to a southeast direction seamlessly. In other words, it was traveling smoothly through the air. At a couple of points during its journey that I saw, it appeared to be reflecting light off of it, or perhaps it was emitting something that gave that appearance. There also appeared to be some device attached to its top that resembled a radar dish. It also seemed to disappear, then reappear while I was watching it. Finally, as I was trying to retrieve my binoculars, it completely disappeared past some buildings and trees. I knew I had seen something I could not explain, and it was very exciting.

MUFON Case # 20806
Date/Time: 11-18-2009 20:00 GMT
Location: Dublin, TX
Shape:    Circle
Distance:    Unknown
Vallee Index:    MA1
Witness was on his front porch turning off Christmas lights before retiring for the night. As he looked up from under the porch, he saw an orange ball of light from which a smaller light came from the bottom of it and moved to the left creating another (2nd) orange light. This cycle happened 2 more times within an approximate 10 second time span. Witness went inside to call his wife out, but by then, the lights had vanished. Witness described the light as being "ten o'clock high". The light was a little East of Dublin and was moving from the South to the North from the witnesses perspective. Witness indicated that the light in relation to speed, was "just idling along." Witness remembers that jets were "around" the light at the time. After the disappearance of the lights, the jets could still be heard. Witness further stated that jets dog-fight, drop chaff and flares, and perform missel-avoidance training over Lake Proctor very frequently.

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  1. We just witnesses,with out a doubt!I never could imagine this!We have a family member down from college.She managed to film the thing as it came over our home at a low altitude.This is the wildest thing i have ever experienced!I am left with alot of questions!!!


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