Monday, December 21, 2009

UFO Levitated Furniture In Canadian Home

Unedited Report posted to MUFON.

Depiction by SW

MUFON Case # 21073
Date/Time: December 24, 1982 04:00
Location: Echo Bay near Sault Ste-M
Region:    Ontario
Country: Ontario,Canada
Shape:    Disc
Description:    Ground level sighting outside window, looking from inside

Report: I was reading a book sitting on a lazy-boy chair in the reclined position on Christmas eve in a friend's living room corner next to a bay window at my right side, when suddenly a beam of light shone through a heavy set of curtains at that window across the adjacent wall, the beam moving from end to end of that wall as though searching for something. At the same moment I could see a glare of light outside the house from where the beam originated, heading toward my backside, meaning the side of the house where the driveway was. I instantly had the thought of getting up from the chair but before doing so, felt the surrounding room air to be electrified and smelling like burnt electricity, and the hair of my arms and neck were standing out straight, and the room felt extremely cold, but not out of fear. The lazy-boy chair started to levitate about a foot off the floor with me still sitting upon it, and it began shaking violently, at which point I jumped off the chair without tilting the recliner arm back to its normal sitting position. I turned to look back at the chair and it still was levitating and bouncing up and down, and then looked at the Christmas tree at the left side corner of the living room entrance as its branches were moving up and down in slow motion similar to a bird flapping its wings, and as I walked next to the tree toward the living room entrance, the tree bent itself toward me and some of its branches tried to grab me, or so it seemed, as though by magnetism, so I hurried past it through the entrance and scurried toward the backside of the house hoping to catch a glimpse of whatever may have been outside. Upon entering the rear bedroom, I noticed a circular silver saucer with a transparent dome outside the window hovering silently perhaps two feet above the snow about twenty feet from the house heading toward a ravine at the end of the lot until I lost sight of it perhaps a minute later. Its size and shape was similar to a Volkswagen Beetle automobile; I did not see any occupant in the dome area but remember thinking that only small beings could fit inside, if there were any within; I also thought at that moment how un-earthly the ship appeared, like out of this world; I also noticed a plume of vapour at the rear end of the craft, but it seemed ethereal or ghost like; I sensed or feared a bit of danger at that point, something alien or un-common in nature, but it was a fleeting emotion. I would judge its speed at approx. 20 km/hour nearest the window area, and increasing to approx. 60 or 70 km/hour as it headed toward the ravine where I lost sight of it. Ten minutes later, there was a phone call from the hospital stating that the son of the people I was visiting had crashed his snowmobile into a road-side mail box; the mailbox ricocheted off the side of his helmet upon impact and hit his girlfriend straight in the face, killing her instantly as she was sitting behind him as a passenger. I related my sighting to the mother, father and daughters with whom I was a guest that night, but they could not digest my story with the sudden news they had just received concerning their son. I thought it best to leave the morning after, but my automobile had difficulty cranking which was odd considering it had always started easily in extreme cold. After adjusting the distributor cap, I headed back toward Sudbury but never made it with that car, as the motor seized half way there, the engine block being red like a tomato. I ended up taking a bus the rest of the way home.

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