Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Spiral Phenomena Seen in Skies over Norway- Dec. 9, 2009

By ebief76 (on Youtube)

Between 7 and 9 o clock in the morning, December 9, 2009 this strange thing happened in the skies above Norway. Thousands of people saw this, took photos and filmed it and posted to their blogs. It appeared in the east, moving westwards.

It was described as a spiral moving light, completely silent. After about 1 minute or so, the light disappeared and seemed to dissolve, leaving a grey mist/halo expanding, then dissolving. The green/blue lighttrail remained for hours. People describing it as frightening/exciting and beautiful.

Norwegian defence say they dont know what it is. Russians say they have not launched any rockets, neither have the Norwegian And√łya rocketsite.

It is not Aurora borealis, and not a meteor since it remained in the skies for more than 2 minutes. Russian, Swedish and Norwegian rocket sites report they have not fired any rockets. Nobody knows what this is.

Watch video on Youtube

Newslinks with pictures:
Newslink 1
Newslink 2

English google translation for newslink.


Video 123


Associated video

Similar phenomena seen in China- Video.

Another report of this phenomena
can be seen on Phantoms & Monsters

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Editor's Note:  I have been told that this is an artificially induced natural phenomena, known primarily as a "wormhole".

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