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Interesting UFO Reports from around the U.S.- Dec. 6,'09

2 Black Boomerang Objects Fly Low Over Carlisle, PA

MUFON Case # 20897
Date/Time: 2009-12-05 21:30
Location: Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Shape: Boomerang,Chevron
Duration: 00:00:15
Distance: 500 feet or less
Vallee Index: FB1
I was outside having a look at the stars with my binoculars while visiting Carlisle, PA. at approximately 9:30 pm. Sky was completely clear, moon was 3/4 full and there was very little unnatural light in this area, which made it a particularly good spot for sky watching as opposed to my home in the city. After spotting a very bright star through my binocs, I brought them down from my face to view the star/planet with my naked eye when I see (2) Black "Boomerang" or "Chevron like" crafts (the size of 2 stealth bomber jets each) flying extremely low, side by side (but 1 was slightly behind the other in formation).They each had 1 VERY DIM, round, greenish/yellow light on each wing tip (so 2 total lights per craft that blended in with the stars in the night sky so well). They were moving almost as if they were gliding through the sky, but at extreme speed. So fast in fact, that before I could bring my binoculars up to my face to see better details, they had zipped over our house and over the neighborhood, out of sight! These 2 objects were completely SILENT and produced ZERO vibration, which was shocking due to how low they were flying. Had I not been looking up in the sky at that very moment and seen them, I would've had no idea they were even there. That's how "Stealth" these objects were! They were all black in color and didn't have a body or passenger/pilot cabin area at all (Almost Drone like). I described these objects as boomerang", or "chevron like", but in reality they were a unique shape that I had not seen before, but those words would describe these crafts best. I have seen many planes fly over my home and my families over the years and living close to West Point, NY and growing up here in PA by the Army War Barracks, also visiting military air bases all over the country to visit friends in the past, but I've never seen anything like this! The basic Physics of these crafts did not fit in with our current technology (even "secret ops" that have been leaked to the public)just because of the height in which they were flying (very low) and their size, to cause no sound or vibration whatsoever was the most amazing thing about the whole sighting! You expect to hear or feel something (even a breeze??) when 2 objects the size of 2 stealth bombers each, fly over the roof of your house that low! It's a mystery! This was my first real sighting where I was able to see the crafts up close and personal to give a description. I went outside several more times over the night, through 5am and never saw anything else like what I had seen earlier. Thanks:)

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Diamond Shaped UFO over Lafayette, Indiana

MUFON Case # 20899
Date/Time: 2009-08-25 00:00
Location: Lafayette, Indiana
Shape: Diamond
I was traveling southbound on I-65 near MM 158 when I noticed a strange V shaped cloud which looked like it had a head on it. I took a sequence of aprox 10 photos at about 1 second intervals of the cloud and didn't see the diamond shape object until after reviewing the photos. I was driving at the time so I have idea what happened to the object. Since then I have noticed more of these objects that just kind of pop-up and disappear very quickly and are completely silent. So fast in fact that if hadn't actually caught one with my camera I would not know what I was seeing. Diamond2.jpg is the same photo as Diamond1.jpg except cropped. Vcloud.jpg was taken about 1 sec before the shot that actual diamond shaped object appeared in.
Attached Media:
Diamond1.jpg External Link

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Radio Host says UFOs Seen With 3G Night Vision Goggles

MUFON Case # 20903
Date/Time: 2007-10-26 20:10
Location: Monterey, California
Shape:  Sphere,Triangle
Distance: Over one mile
Vallee Index: FB1
I was born and raised in Monterey California as part of a fifth generation Monterey family. I've always questioned everything my entire life. I always wanted a way to know what was going on with UFOs, Rosewll, the moon landing, all the wars on the planet, and all the unresolved questions such as UFO sightings, and "Are We Alone". The government lies to us about everything. I can give you a concept to help prove this statement. "If you can see UFOs with third generation Night Vision Goggles, and you can, then everything else is a lie." Simply question everything from the standpoint that "what you know - ain't so." ...Now, all you need to do is look through the night vison goggles and see for yourself. It was the Saturday before October 31st 2007. Ed Grimsley came to Monterey to show me night viewing with third generation night vision goggles. Shortly after 8pm we went outside and began checking out the sky with the night vision goggles. After seeing birds, planes, moths, trees, leaves, and getting use to viewing, four fly overs took place in about 10 to 15 minutes. There were three groups of two and one group of four. As they flew they remained in perfect formation distance from one another in close proximatry as though they were in perfect unison with one another. What I saw were craft that resembled a folded 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper into a Delta paper airplane glider. There was a tail section similar to how you would make the tail on the paper glider just like on an airplane tail. The craft were low enough to make out their description. There were wispy cload formations, but mainly clear sky. It appeared that the craft were visibly under 10,000 feet. We have a 1,000 foot mountain near by. The craft appeared to be enveloped in a wave bubble as there was a distortion field around the craft resembling heat rising. The craft were angled slightly pitched nose down like riding on the crest of a wave. The craft crossed the sky from one horizon to the other in about 6 seconds. They made about 4 to 6 sharp angular cuts in straight line formation. That is to say they traveled in a straight line and abruptly made an angular cut of perhaps 30 degrees then straight on the new trajectory until the next cut. First cutting one way then back the other way as they crossed the horizon in about 6 seconds. I computed their speed at roughly 40,000 miles per hour. The best term to decribe the experience is "surrealistic". No noise. Ed Grimsley was with me and he saw the craft at the same sighting with me. That evening I stayed up all night. I did not see anything more dramatic or low. I did see at least ten addition high flying (100-200 miles) which often did make course changes. That night Ed saw a Spherical craft low over housing area near us. It was the size of a one bedroom house. I did not see this craft. But Ed seamed very shocked when he saw it. It abruptly shot off. Ed Grimsley and I have gone night viewing about 20 times together. Each time people see lights and or craft. It is my belief from what I have seen myself, and my conversations with hundreds of other people, that the skys are full of craft and the government simply lies about it. To what end I don't know. But it has caused me to question things even more than before. Ed and I have shown over 500 people in the Monterey area that you can see the craft with third generation night vision goggles. Ed has been doing this since 1996 with the night vision equipment and I imagine has given thousands of people the oppertunity to view. For more information feel free to contact me directly: Bob Oliver 831 383-2676 I do the Radio Show "The Bob Oliver Show, The Quantum Leap" Mon8pm sat9pm west oast time. 888 579-2540 live I have had four other sightings with the naked eye, maybe more. But, for anyone interested, you definately can see the craft with third generation night vison goggles, every clear night. Best viewing time is just after dusk.
Here is how it works: 1. Our eyes do not operated well. We see only a limited spectrum of light. Therefore everything above and below that spectrum of light is essentially invisible to us. 2. During the day when it is bright, we squint because our eyes can't handle all the light. 3. In fact it is so bright we cannot see the stars during the day. 4. At night our eyes aren't getting enough light it is hard for us to see thngs. 5. Using night vison allows the electronic equipment to sense much more frequencies of light and image those frequencies into a spectrum we can see as a solid colored visible object. 6. So what was invisible is now visible. 7. Also illuminated objects stand out brighter in the night vision field, so there are objects we can see with the naked eye at night that are then enhanced with the night vison goggles. Other observations include experiences which lead me to believe these craft and or occupants communicate with us intelligently. When they are visually sighted, often people including myself feel a connection and and understanding that there is an awareness of being viewed. Even at extreme distances. Figure that one out and let me know! Call me if you want more information. Bob Oliver 831 383-2676 It's okay for the Public to have my Information. Thanks!


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