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Part Of The UFO Phenomena? Cases Of Missing Time

September 19, 1961 on a lonely stretch of road  in Groverton, New Hampshire Betty and Barney Hill's abduction and subsequent 'missing time', is the first widely accepted UFO abduction in modern record.

What about all the other stories before, or since?

Since the time of Betty and Barney Hill's abduction, there have been many thousands of reports.  Some are well documented, while others are questionable, lacking verifiable substance.

One element of such reports stands out and it isn't the character of the abductee, nor is it even aliens and their spaceships... its' the phenomenon of 'missing time'.

To those who know and have experienced extraterrestrial contact, they understand that 'missing time' is a symptom of the abduction experience.

For the experiencer (abductee), 'missing time' is unsettling, to say the least.  The experience often takes hours from one's life that the person cannot account for.  'Missing time' can result in a number of injuries, disturbing dreams and fragments of memories, or no memories at all of the time lost.

We've all been lost in thought before, not realizing that more time has elapsed than we think should have.  Maybe you feel only a few minutes have passed, when in actuality it's been an hour or more.
'Missing Time' is different, as one can't account for the minutes or hours, perhaps even days that have passed.  It's a void that can't be filled with recollections.

It doesn't take an hour and a half to make a sandwich. 

Here are three recent 'missing time' reports to MUFON.  Only some grammar/spelling have been corrected.  To read original reports, please click on the case numbers.

MUFON Case # 21083
Date of Event: November 6, 2006
Location: Coal Valley, Illinois

Description: Drove into and out of light column with apparent time loss

I was driving to my job in the predawn on interstate 280, approximately two to three miles west of the 280-80-72 interchange. I was the only vehicle visible in the area, when a bright white light filled the cab of my pickup.

The next thing I was aware of was a very bright, focused column of light in my rear view mirror that almost immediately went out. I was also aware that there was a set of tail lights several hundreds of yards ahead of me that were not there the moment before.

I have told this to a view friends and was dismissed as being full of it.

I had no ill feelings at the time nor any time since. I only wish to know what happened.

I do not believe that we are not alone, I know it for a fact! I have had other unexplainable sightings in my life but never one so close, so apparently intimate.

There is nothing I can add to this, I just want someone who won't think I am nuts to know.

*   *   *

MUFON Case # 21093
Date of Event: June 12, 2004
Location: Keego harbour, Michigan

Description: Mainly missing time during this period

This strange event occurred in the kitchen. I was making a sandwich and I was sure to look at the time, it was 12:29 p.m.,

So in the middle of making lunch nothing seemed to have occurred but it was 2:00 pm after making the sandwich, again looking at the clock 5 minutes at the most went by in my subjective time but a hour and a half went by objectively, hence missing time.

I've had many other occurrences besides that also, such as telekinesis, teleportation, actually seeing a gigantic UFO and so forth.

This stuff has really effected me on many levels, good and bad. Not being able to talk to others about this stuff has impacted me emotionally and intellectually.

*   *   *

MUFON Case # 21098
Date of Event: December 21, 2009 @ 22:30
Location: Danville, California
Shape:    Sphere
Distance: One mile or less
Entity Type: Unknown

Description: Orange sphere traveling slowly, west low over houses; time lost

I was walking my dogs late on 12/22/09, south on Camino Tassahara to a middle school.

We had just started back toward home (north) and I noticed a very bright orange sphere, appx. 10 feet diameter above me to my left. It was flying slowly at about 200 feet.

The speed was no more than 50 mph but stayed at that rate of speed throughout. There were no other colors (no red and green to indicate wings). It was traveling west.

I took off with the dogs down a side street to follow it and watched it in decent until a house blocked further view. It was no more than 1/4 mile from me and made no sound at all.

After it was out of view, I stayed a few minutes longer to see if it changed its direction and would come back into view. It didn't.

I started back toward Camino Tassahara to resume my walk. Shortly after turning around, I heard a car come up behind me at a fast pace, then pull over and stop about 100 feet back.

I continued about 300 yards more before turning left on Camino Tassahara. The car with headlights on was still sitting there when I turned.

I left on my walk at 9:00 p.m. and arrived home at 11:00 p.m.. I lost an hour as this particular 3.5 mile walk, which I regularly do, generally takes us a little less than an hour.

I have since checked Google Earth and there is nothing in the area of decent, just a very large undeveloped area.

The following night, a helicopter was circling the area. The object in no way resembled a helicopter.


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