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Video: Bright, Rotating Object Above Vienna 23-07-21


Video Link


I received this video, apparently from the person who took the video.

Is it a metallic craft, or could it be a balloon?  You decide. -SW

by alanalan77

[Best to be watched in full screen mode] Monday morning, in bright daylight, 9.00 am, 23 July 2012, this object was filmed above the City Center of Vienna. The quality of my mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy SIII) was not appropriate enough to zoom further in, but with the eye it could be seen as a rotating and at some points very very bright object (i guess due to strong reflection of sunlight). I had the impression it was chrome like metallic, but this could be too much judgement here. It was not emitting light, it seemed to be reflecting it. It seemed to have a high altitude. Rotating across several axis. Nothing below a a couple of hundred meters. More in the region of low flying passenger planes.
The object moved relatively slowly (south-east), at the start of the observation, then at 01.01 minutes (of the video) it shifts its direction rapidly (!!!!!) and then continued flying at this point in a rather more constant speed in a straight line south. You can nicely see it compared to the balcony of the building in the video. The more i watch that move to the side on video, the more it freaks me out. I could see it with my eye, the move was very sudden and swift, and rather not common to what i would expect from an object I know.
I continued to watch it with my eye walking down the street in southern direction. I could follow it for at least 5 more minutes.
I could not hear any sound. It was very surely no plane. No helicopter noise. It was not a balloon or kite. It was rotating, around several axis. If it was a satellite crashing, it would not have made a turn at 1.01 minutes of the video and gone south-west... satellites crash rather with speeds in the range of several thousand km.
Whatever it was...i am not sure...but it had me at "owkayyy". What was striking me the most, it was very very bright at points, so it must have a strong reflecting side and the rest must be also reflecting but not as strong, as it was always was visible but at some points very very much. I could see people on the street looking at it too and seeing it... You can actually see right at the start of the video, that when the camera is not in focus, that the object was pretty bright, when i started filming. It was really a bright blue sky with a lot of sun, and the object was extremely bright at some points.
Maybe this footage can be used to be analyzed some more.

Thermal Version:

Video link


Once in a Blue Moon - August, 2012: The Next "Blue Moon"



You won't have long to wait long and no, the moon won't really be blue but that is what we call it when there are two full moons in one month.

The first full moon will be August 1, 2012 and the second (the Blue Moon) will be on August 31, 2012.

Don't worry if you miss it, you'll get another chance in three years.  The next blue moon will be July 31, 2015.  Be sure to mark your calendar!


5 Moon Myths


"Lay me down gently"- "Sky Crane" Set To Lower Curiosity Down to Mars Surface


High-stakes Mars mission relies on untried 'sky crane'

At first blush, using a rocket-powered flying crane to lower a $2.5 billion nuclear-powered rover to the surface of Mars seems risky at best. But engineers say it solves a host of daunting challenges.

The entry, descent and landing of the Mars Science Laboratory requires autonomous steering, a supersonic braking parachute and an innovative "sky crane" technique to lower the nuclear-powered rover to the surface of the red planet.
(Credit: NASA)

CNET News- The question is straightforward: how to get a car-size rover safely to the surface of Mars? And not just anywhere, but to a very precisely defined bull-s-eye on the floor of a broad crater, within roving distance of a 3-mile-high mountain.

In earlier ventures to Mars, spacecraft have either bounced to the surface cocooned in giant airbags or made the trip atop a rocket-powered descent stage. But neither approach was an option for NASA's Curiosity rover, the centerpiece of the $2.5 billion Mars Science Laboratory mission.

Tipping the scales at one ton, the nuclear-powered Curiosity, a rolling laboratory equipped with a suite of state-of-the-art cameras and instruments, is too massive to use airbags like the ones that cushioned the landings of NASA's much smaller Pathfinder and the hugely successful Spirit and Opportunity rovers.

While a legged lander could do the trick, powerful braking rockets would be needed to get Curiosity to the surface. The sheer size of the descent stage would result in a daunting engineering challenge: get a bulky rover safely down to the surface from a perch many feet above the ground atop its lander.

"This rover is 900 kilograms, it is a beast, it is the size of a car," said Steve Sell, an entry, descent and landing engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. "So you're trying to land something very heavy, so that means you need sizable engines."

More powerful rocket engines could kick up billowing clouds of dusty debris as the lander approached touchdown "so you tend to want to keep the engines farther away from the surface," Sell said.
"That makes you want to have longer legs, and having longer legs means your center of gravity is higher and then it's much easier to tip over," he said. "Or you need to be very wide. It tends to drive you [to a] larger and larger [lander] in order to do that and be stable."

Then there is the little matter of getting the rover down to the surface after landing.

"Let's say you solved all that and were able to land and you now had to drive a one-ton rover off the top of a platform, either down ramps or some other kind of mechanism," Sell said. "If you were oriented in a way that maybe wasn't favorable to your wheels, like you were tilted to your side, you could slide sideways off the ramps. Maybe there are rocks where the bottoms of the ramps would normally touch and you can't deploy the ramp in the first place."

Continue reading and view photos at CNET News.


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Video: Strange Circular Clouds Near Hawaii. 7-25-2012

Image capture, enhanced.  Click image to enlarge.


Video Link

I received an email from the person who video recorded this unusal cloud formation.  Here is what he had to say:

July 25, 2012 - Hawaii

"I filmed this very strange cloud formation yesterday outside of my home in Hawaii. I'm finding it difficult to see how this could have naturally occurred.
Maybe you can look it over and find out? Or post it to your website and someone there might be able to explain?

At the very least its quite interesting, no media reports were made of it either..

We welcome you polite commentary. -Sunny


New Crop Circle: Stanton St Bernard Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, UK - 20 July, 2012


Video Link


I don't normally post reports of crop circles but this one is definitely interesting. -SW


Friday, July 27, 2012

Documentary: The Westall UFO Encounter


For approximately 20 minutes on April 6, 1966 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, at approximately 11.00 a.m., over 200 students and teachers at two Victorian state schools observed a flying disc, which hovered, then descended into a nearby open grass field. The field was near a grove of pine trees in an area known as The Grange, which is now a nature reserve. As some students raced to follow the object, it then ascended in a north-westerly direction, flying over the suburb of Clayton South, Victoria, Australia.

One student, a young girl, collapsed as she approached the landed craft.  She was later whisked away from the scene, never to be seen by other students again.

After the encounter, teachers were threatened not to say anything about the "flying saucer".  There was a cover-up and the sighting was seldom mentioned, until now.

Referred to as Australia's Roswell, The Westall UFO Encounter goes into the history books as one of the largest and most important mass sightings of our time. 

This Australian documentary about the 1966 Westall UFO Encounter, stands out as one of the best I've ever seen.

Video Link


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Triangle Observed Over Van Alstyne and Denton, Texas: July 24-25, 2012

Two witnesses report having seen a triangle-shaped craft in the night skies over Texas, July 24th and 25th, 2012.  Could this have been the same object?

Both reports are presented here, "as is", unedited.


MUFON Case # 41132
Location:  Van Alstyne, Texas
Date:  07/24/2012
Time:  10:45
Distance: Unknown
Duration: 00:03:30
Flight Path: Path with directional change
Shape: Triangle
Summary: Large dark triangle craft moving from southeast to north west.

This is exactly the same craft I reported earlier this year. It moves very slowly , but this time it was directly above me and did emit a very low rumble that I did not hear the last time I saw it. It came from the southeast and moved north west and then turned slightly more northwest after passing my position. It appeared to be heading in almost exactly the same direction after the slight turn , as it had traveled the last time I saw it. Their was no other aircraft in the immediate area this time and the Ruby red light in center mass which I saw last time was not on ( or visable )


MUFON Case # 41135
Location: Denton, Texas
Date:  07/25/2012
Time:  12:00
Distance: Over One Mile
Duration: 02:00:00
Flight Path: Stationary, Hovering then path,Straight-line path, Path with directional change, Path then hovering
Shape: Flash, Triangle
Summary: Unkown hovering object in night sky

As I was doing my occasional star gazing on the patio of my apartment I noticed a hovering triangle like object approximately around 12:30am. At first I thought It was a satellite but noticed that it wasn't conventional moving across the sky instead it was creating hovering like motions as well as moving back and forth and even covering up other stars in the night sky.

Source of reports: MUFON


Monday, July 23, 2012

New Book Release- UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry



UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry
By Authors Michael Swords and Robert Powell

Governments around the world have had to deal with the UFO phenomenon for a good part of a century. How and why they did so is the subject of UFOs and Government, a history that for the first time tells the story from the perspective of the governments themselves. It's a perspective that reveals a great deal about what we citizens have seen, and puzzled over, from the "outside" for so many years.

The story, which is unmasked by the governments' own documents, explains much that is new, or at least not commonly known, about the seriousness with which the military and intelligence communities approached the UFO problem internally. Those approaches were not taken lightly. In fact, they were considered matters of national security. At the same time, the story reveals how a subject with such apparent depth of experience and interest became treated as if it were a triviality. And it explains why one government, the United States government, deemed it wise, and perhaps even necessary, to treat it so. Though the book focuses primarily on the U. S. government's response to the UFO phenomenon, also included is the treatment of the subject by the governments of Sweden, Australia, France, Spain, and other countries.

 This large-format, fully illustrated book is the result of a team effort that called itself "The UFO History Group," a collection of veteran UFO historians and researchers who spent more than four years researching, consulting, writing, and editing to present a work of historical scholarship on government response to the UFO phenomenon. Michael Swords was the primary author of the United States chapters. The work was coordinated and edited by Robert Powell. Clas Svahn, Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos, Bill Chalker, and Robert Powell contributed country chapters. Jan Aldrich was the primary content consultant, with additional content consultation and writing coming from Barry Greenwood and Richard Thieme. Steve Purcell was the primary photo illustration editor.

From the foreword by Jerome Clark: "While UFOs and Government revisits an often unhappy history, the reading of it is far from an unhappy experience. The authors, eloquent, intelligent, sophisticated, and conscientious, provide us with the first credible, comprehensive overview of official UFO history in many years... Most of the current volume deals with U.S. military and intelligence responses to the UFO phenomenon, but it also features richly informative chapters that expand the story across the international arena. If you're looking for an example of a nation that dealt productively with the UFO reports that came its official way, you will take heart in the chapter on the French projects... From here on, every responsible treatment of UFOs and government will have to cite UFOs and Government prominently among its sources... this is the real story as accurately as it can be reconstructed in the second decade of the new century. I expect to keep my copy close at hand and to return to it often. While it cannot be said of many books, UFO-themed or otherwise, this is among the essential ones. Stray from it at your peril."

You can order this book from Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

Also find them on Facebook and Twitter. Join those sites where little quotes from the book will be sent out on a periodic basis.



Please note that though I recommend this book, neither I, nor Lights in the Texas Sky, profit from the sales.

If you have a book recommendation (UFOs and/or related paranormal phenomena), please submit your title choices for consideration.  Thank you. -SW


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Flashes of Light Seen Over Upshur County, Texas

Location of sighting between Gilmer and Ore City, in Upshur County, Texas.
Click on map for larger view.


We received an emailed report of flashes of light in the sky over Upshur County, Texas. 

The report is as is, with no corrections.

July 20, 2012
Upshur County, Texas

I am hoping that someone has an idea what this might be. We have goats and milk at night. So we are outside walking and forth from the barn.

We have for a few mths been seeing what we are calling big flashes and little flashes of light. There are two of us and have seen them at seperate time. We had not talked about it until last night when we went to sit outside together and watch the stars. Something we do not usually do.

The flashes that we call the big flashes are like seeing a flashbulb go off behind you. You don't see a direct flash. It's like a big flash went off the brightens the whole sky all around you but you don't really know where it came from. We saw about 10 to 12 of them last night.

The small flashes are like a very distant but very bright flash bulb went off out in space. Very bright white concentrated light for less than a second. We saw it two different times last night. The first time if flashes 3 times about 30 seconds and 50 seconds apart in the same area. About 20 min later it did it 2 times right over head the flashes were about 20 seconds apart.

We have both seen these things in the past few mths but not while we were outside together so it never came up. The big flashes we thought might be our eyes playing tricks on us. Because if you are not actually looking up at the sky when it happens and it happens so fast the you wonder if you really saw something. But last night we would both say at the same time. "There it is." So we knew we were seeing it.

We live pretty far out into the country. We don't see lights from town. It's not spotlights because the big flashes are not concentrated to one area. They seem to come from all directions at once.

If anyone has any idea what this is please let us know.

We live in Upshur County, Texas. Between Ore City and Gilmer [location redacted].

Also I forgot to say we have looked up space debris and iridum flares on youtube and those are not what we saw.

We do see shooting stars and space debris out here but the flashes we saw were different.


Editor's Note:  I can't say for sure but these sightings could possibly have been meteors, that were exploding in the earth's atmosphere.-SW

Check out the Latest Worldwide Meteor Reports


Friday, July 20, 2012

News: Saturn's Moon Titan has River Networks and Lakes of Liquid Methane


Video Link


For many years, Titan's thick, methane- and nitrogen-rich atmosphere kept astronomers from seeing what lies beneath. Saturn's largest moon appeared through telescopes as a hazy orange orb, in contrast to other heavily cratered moons in the solar system.

In 2004, the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft — a probe that flies by Titan as it orbits Saturn — penetrated Titan's haze, providing scientists with their first detailed images of the surface. Radar images revealed an icy terrain carved out over millions of years by rivers of liquid methane, similar to how rivers of water have etched into Earth's rocky continents.

While images of Titan have revealed its present landscape, very little is known about its geologic past. Now researchers at MIT and the University of Tennessee at Knoxville have analyzed images of Titan's river networks and determined that in some regions, rivers have created surprisingly little erosion. The researchers say there are two possible explanations: either erosion on Titan is extremely slow, or some other recent phenomena may have wiped out older riverbeds and landforms.

Read more at MIT News: http://web.mit.edu/newsoffice/2012/river-networks-on-titan-0720.html

Video, animations, and images courtesy Taylor Perron/Ben Black; ESA/NASA/JPL/University of Arizona; NASA/JPL.


Monday, July 16, 2012

The Odessa Event, 1973 - Witness Testimony

Witness' depiction of craft over radio tower west of Odessa, Texas, 1973


I recently had the pleasure of talking with a witness to an event, which occurred in Odessa, Texas, in the summer of 1973 (39 years ago).

Mr. Stanley Wilson sent me a CD, with his verbal testimony, of he and family members witnessing a disc-shaped UFO, which hovered over a radio tower for more than an hour.

That event should have been investigated in 1973 but it wasn't.  It should also have made the UFO history books... but it didn't.  And that is a shame.

I listened to Mr. Wilson's audio testimony, spoke with he and his wife and have transcribed his testimony.  I present it here in it's entirety.  The recording was too long to post here, so I will attempt to do so at a later date.

Begin transcription:
This is Stanley Wilson, the date is the sixth month, 21st day, 2012.  I am sixty years old. This is also Georgia's birthday, my sister.

I wanted to tell everything that occurred with UFOs in 1973, that I can recall.  I just want and record of it before I die and it's for whoever is interested in listening to the truth.  I am a Christian, so I am not gonna lie about anything. 

It started in 1973, there was a flap going on.  A flap is a concentration of UFOs moving across the country.  And in this case they were moving across the southern United States.  The best I remember from the east to the west.  And you can get on the computer and check that out, you'll find out there was a flap in 1973.

The first event was a UFO, what they call a mother-ship and I refer to it that way because it was huge.  My grandma, which is my daddy's momma, Minnie Windham, she lived on the west side of town and I had worked real hard that day for the State Highway Department and she called and I was taking a nap.  My wife answered the phone and she told Judy, my wife, "Tell Stanley to go outside and look, there's a UFO heading y'alls way."

And before I forget it, let me say, everything concerning this UFO was in the daylight, no clouds, best I recall in the summer.

So I leaned up on the bed and told Judy, "Grandma Windham ain't much on teasing, so I guess I better go look."

I went outside, I looked to the north, I didn't see anything, I looked to the... toward Odessa, east and I didn't see anything.  I looked south, I didn't see anything.  But when I looked west, there was a tower about 1 mile from our house.  And, but on above the radio tower, just a little ways above it, sitting stationary, was a huge UFO.  We were about a mile from it, I didn't see any windows or doors, which would have been the eastern side of the UFO.  No noise.

So me and Judy are looking at it in the yard and my big sister, which is Georgia,  her and her husband Jim Hess, came running around the corner in their car real fast, hollering out the window, "Do you see it?  Do you see it?  Do you see it?!"  And we're saying "Yeah", and they whooped up in the yard.

So we're all four standing there and looking at this huge UFO.  And uh, I said you know that might might be a radio tower, I didn't know but I said it might be and my wife's 65 Malibu was sitting over there in the yard, front yard.  I went over there and turned the radio on and I located a station called KBZB and I the best I remember, it was a country station.  They were reporting live, on the radio that they have a UFO above their tower, causing static.  You can hear the static through the car radio as he's talking.

So I went in the house and got on the phone, cause back then there wasn't no cell phones and I called the radio disc-jockey and I got him and I talked to him, 'live' on the radio station and everybody was listening to it, whoever listens to  KBZB.

And I said that UFO that your talking about, we're looking at it.  And they could hear me talking to him, outside. they were still listening to the radio and they could actually hear me through the car radio, talking to him.

Well, in a little bit I got off the phone, went back outside and we all four stood there, watching the UFO.  And it wasn't making any kind of sound.

Well,  me and Jim Hess decided we'd go try to get closer to the UFO.  We told Georgia my sister and my wife Judy, to stay in the yard, that way, make sure they're safe.  And me and Jim took off and started going all over them little dirt roads out there.  There wasn't hardly anybody that lived out there then.

By the way, before I forget it, I did run to my neighbor's house and try to get a camera but they weren't home.  I didn't own one. If you wanted to get a portrait, you just went to Gibson's.  They had a portrait studio.  So we didn't get a picture of it.

And anyway, me and Jim's running out there all over them dirt roads, we can't locate the road that goes to it, so we go back to the main highway, which is 42nd.  And we start heading out towards 866.  We weren't very far from 866 when we turned north on a little dirt road that goes to the radio tower.

Well, when we first got on the road I said, "Jim, I'm not gonna [chuckle], I'm not gonna get real close to that, cause we might get a trip we don't want."  He said he didn't want to get close to it either.

So we stopped the car right there and it looked as though the UFO had been 'cast'.  We didn't see any kind of seams, no windows, no doors.  Now the west side of the UFO might have had them, or the north side, we didn't see those sides. And we couldn't see under the UFO, we wasn't quite there, close but you could see the side and over it, it was flat on the bottom and it was curvature over the top, like the common UFOs you see on TV.  That's what they really look like.  Well, at least the one we saw.

Anyway, we sat there quite a while and I don't remember what all we said but finally, the UFO drifted off of the radio tower and went out, not too awful far, and made a 90 degree turn and drifted off to the west and went out of sight.

So, me and Jim drove back home.  They were no longer reporting that there was a UFO above the radio tower, they totally, completely quit talking about it.  So I called the disc jockey up again.  And I said, "Hey man, I'm the one who was talking to you about the UFO, how come y'all quit telling that?"  He said, "Cause the government told us to shut it down, or we was gonna lose our license."

And I said, "Is there anything else you can tell me about it?" and he said, "Well, I can tell you this, our electrician went out there and he saw under the bottom of it, and it had some kinda writing on it, that looked kind of like hieroglyphics.  And he got scared and he left and we, he was so panicky, we actually had to go out and meet him on the way in.  And then we took him to the hospital and got a hypo to calm him down."  Which I didn't even know what a hypo was but that's what they said. What he said.

Anyway, about, uh, one month later, I called him again and I said, "Hey, this is the guy that had talked to you about the UFOs, is there anything else you can tell me?" and he said, "Well I can tell you KOSA TV Channel 7 went out there and took pictures of a UFO, right above the lights on West University."  Which is another main road out there and he said the government confiscated their pictures and told them they better not say anything else about it.  And they sure better not show any pictures, or they would lose their license.  And he said, "If you don't mind, I'd prefer that you didn't call me any more, because I'm afraid that I'm gonna lose my job over it."  And I said Okay.  So, that ended that.

And the next event was, we heard that the Smithsonian Institute was in our area out there, taking pictures of UFOs at night, with infrared cameras. So all four of us started hunting for them at night and we finally located them, out on some of the dirt roads and they were, had roads out there blocked off with their cars.  And there was a guy on each side of the car, in black suits... where you couldn't enter.  And you could see people out in pasture, with cameras on tripods, you could see little red lights out there.

So, we left that alone, cause we had already heard about it, we knew what that was.  And we could see that you couldn't enter. And of course there were things went on, cause we was watching for them. you know and after that.  We seen some lights and stuff, you know you couldn't swear any of that for sure. 

There was some odd things though, at night.  We'd sit up on our roof out there and look and watch for things but anyway, finally, I totally quit watching for them and uh, we was just back to normal life.

And one night, and normally I don't tell this story, cause I know if you tell too much, people think you are either lying, or you're crazy.  So I don't normally tell this particular story.  It's the last main thing that happened. And I don't know whether, you know, whoever was on that UFO had identified me and our location where we live, or what.

But anyway, one night I walked outside and there was this low cloud that looked like a cigar.  Oh, it was probably 50, 60 feet long [pause] and uh, it was moving slow, about 100 feet, a 150 feet above the road and I just watched it.  And it got down the road a ways and all of a sudden the cloud dissipated off of the UFO. It was a camouflage of some kind.  And it was moving through the dark sky and you could see the edge of the UFO.

And I hollered at Judy and I said, "Let's go, come out here and look."  She saw it to and we jumped in our Volkswagen, I said, "We're gonna follow it."  It's not moving real fast and I said, "You keep an eye on it and I'll do the driving."

And it started veering off more toward, uh, West University, rather than 42nd, so we got to 1936 and we dropped down to West University.  It started going toward town and the UFO was over a pasture out there to the north of University [pause] and it started flashing lights on it's side.  We was a little behind it and best I remember, they was blue, red and orange and they were flashing in sequence.  And the thing stopped and it started coming straight down, and it landed.  Out in that pasture.

So I pulled off of University, found a road out there that my head lights shined directly at it, it was about half a football field out there.  And I told Judy, I said, "This time, I'm gonna try to make contact."

And I remember looking at the cars up on 338.  They weren't stopping, wondering how come me, and then I realize they probably don't realize what this thing is, or else they're just not seeing it and uh, I told her I was gonna make contact.  She didn't say anything and I started flashing my headlights right at it.

Well, the next thing I knew, well me and Judy were real tired and there was nothing out in that pasture, it was just dark out there. And I said, "Man, I am so tired." And I looked at my watch and I said, "Where did all that time go?" 

And she looked at hers and she said, "I don't know.  Looks like about an hour." and I said, "Yeah, I think we've lost about an hours time."  And we were both extremely, extremely tired and we said we got to go home and go to bed.  And we both headed home, boy, and I mean we went directly to bed and went to sleep.

And I asked her later on about it and she said, "Well, all I remember is, we chased it and I remember we lost some time and it looked about an hour."  And she said. "That's about all I can remember about it."  And I said, "Well, I remember more than that. So evidently they hypnotized you better than they did me."

Anyway, I'm not saying we was picked up, we don't know for sure, if we was, or not but that occurred.

Everything I've stated here, is the truth.  And it sounds like it was a movie and we felt as though we were in a movie. 

But it wasn't.  This was real life and it's all true.  And that's the reason I'm documenting it right now, because future generations need to know they're real.  UFOs are real.

So, I can't think of anything else to say, other than it's documented and if you want to hear it, here it is.  Goodbye.

Stanley A. Wilson

[Transcribed from audio disc by Sunny Williams]


Investigator's Notes: For those unaware, infrared photography was discovered in the early 20th century but was not widely used until the mid to late 60s. 

I spoke at length over the phone, with Stanley and his wife, Judy.  Normally I do not post names but Mr. Wilson assured me that would not be a problem and that he insisted I keep the report, as is.

Both Stanley and Judy came across as honest, good people and their story never wavered.  A report of the main experience was submitted to NUFORC, in 2005.  That report can be viewed here:
And here:

There is also a report by Stanley's sister, Georgia (Hess) Landers.  You can view that report here:

I asked the Wilsons and both were forthcoming about illnesses that they each have experienced, since that night in the pasture, when they both lost an hour of time.  It also seems that Judy was more affected and not just more memory loss than her husband, at the time of the event.

I believe the Wilsons and other witnesses saw what they claim to have seen.  I also believe what the Wilsons experienced later, to be true. 

There was a country radio station in Odessa (at that time), with the call letters of KBZB.  It apparently changed hands in 1972 (Diama Joy Atkins took over after her husband died), then later the station was again sold.  The call letters have since been assigned to another station in a different state.

As in many such events, i.e., Roswell, there always seems to be a cover-up. 

- Sunny Williams
Location as it looks today.
Courtesy Google Maps



Friday, July 13, 2012

Surveillance Camera Captures Orb Near Breckenridge, Texas



I was checking the videos from my surveillance camera and aside from the usual bug zipping by the lens, looking exactly like all the flying rods I've seen on countless videos, there was nothing much of interest, until...

Suddenly I began noticing that several videos were void of the usual bugs and there seemed to be no movement, that would lead to the triggering of the motion activation.  As I watched each video, I suddenly came upon the one that you see above.

In the video, you see an orange light at the far left of the screen.  It appears to drop down over the top of the fence, pause, then move out of frame.

The light appears to be an orb that is generating light.  The light is reflected off of the chain link fencing and the T-post.  The post is 5 feet high.The object appears to be approximately 1 foot in diameter.

I did not see the video as it was being recorded, however, shortly after that, I let my dogs out into the fenced area.  The dogs began barking and my usually tough older, larger dog started barking like he was afraid.  I open the door and he nearly knocked me down trying to get into the house. 

I stepped outside and looked around, thinking maybe our cat was in the yard.  I saw nothing to indicate that anything was around.

After examining the video, I watched each subsequent video.  None of those videos had any indication that the object was still in the viewable area.  Whatever it was, it had vanished, or simply flew away.

What this object is, I am not certain but it does seem to match the many orbs and spheres witnesses are reporting.

Have you seen an object like this?  If so, please report it.

-Sunny Williams, LITS

Note:  Cameras and program - Uniden Wireless Surveillance System.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Space Portals Found



Space portals do exist, and a researcher has found them

A NASA-funded physicist at the University of Iowa has figured out how to pinpoint so-called X-points, or places where the magnetic field of Earth connects to the magnetic field of the sun.


Space portals: fact or fiction?
According to NASA, a researcher at the University of Iowa says portals, long a favorite of science fiction, actually are real.

Jack Scudder, a plasma physicist who made the portal discovery, explains:
"We call them X-points or electron diffusion regions. They're places where the magnetic field of Earth connects to the magnetic field of the Sun, creating an uninterrupted path leading from our own planet to the sun's atmosphere 93 million miles away."

Using observations from NASA's THEMIS space weather satellites and Europe's Cluster operations, Scudder concluded that these magnetic portals, located tens of thousands of kilometers from Earth, open and close at intervals. They provide a through-way for energy from the Sun to cause geomagnetic storms, heat the upper-atmosphere, and even cause dramatic light shows known as auroras.

NASA will launch a mission in 2014 to observe the portals. Watch the video from NASA for more of the science behind the science-fiction-gone-fact.

Just like "Star Trek," right?

Read more and see videos at UPI.com.
Editors' Note: Could that explain some the reports of flashes of light in the sky?

And is it possible that someone already knows how to use these portals?  Hmm.  -SW


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vortex Discovered on Titan


Strange Vortex Discovered on Saturn Moon Titan

Photo of Titan's south polar vortex
This true color image captured by NASA'S Cassini spacecraft before a distant flyby of Saturn's moon Titan on June 27, 2012, shows a south polar vortex swirling in the moon's atmosphere.
CREDIT: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

A NASA spacecraft has spied a vortex swirling in the atmosphere high above the south pole of the Saturn moon Titan, hinting that winter may be coming to the huge body's southern reaches.

NASA's Cassini probe photographed the polar vortex — or mass of swirling gas — during a flyby of Titan on June 27. The vortex appears to complete one full rotation in nine hours, while it takes Titan about 16 days to spin once around its axis.

"The structure inside the vortex is reminiscent of the open cellular convection that is often seen over Earth's oceans," Tony Del Genio, a Cassini team member at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, said in a statement.

"But unlike on Earth, where such layers are just above the surface, this one is at very high altitude, maybe a response of Titan's stratosphere to seasonal cooling as southern winter approaches," he added. "But so soon in the game, we're not sure." [Gallery: Amazing Titan Photos]

When Cassini arrived at the Saturn system in 2004, Titan — which is 3,200 miles (5,150 kilometers) wide — had a vortex and a visible "hood" of relatively dense haze high above its north pole. It was winter there until Saturn's August 2009 equinox, which marked the arrival of spring in the northern hemisphere and fall in the southern reaches of the planet and its many moons. While Titan's northern hood still remains, the circulation in the upper atmosphere has been moving from the warming north pole to the cooling south, researchers said.
  Read more of this story at Space.com.             **************************************************

Monday, July 9, 2012

Texas UFO Sightings- First Week of July, 2012


Witnesses around Texas report UFO sightings, during the first week of July, 2012.

Originally posted to MUFON, these reports are reprinted here, as is, with no corrections. -SW

MUFON Case # 40307
Location: Dalls, Texas
Date of Sighting: 07/04/2012
Time of Sighting: 09:22 p.m.
Viewing Distance: Unknown
Sighting Duration: Undisclosed
Object Flight Path: Hovering then path
Object Shape: Sphere, disc, hovering lights
Summary: Red/orange glowing, hovering orbs on 4th of July pre-fireworks

On the 4th of July, we went to see the fireworks at Fair Park in Dallas. We parked in a church parking lot at the corner of Gurley Ave and Carroll. Many other people were parked here as well. I noticed two red/orange slow-moving orbs, or what I first thought were fireworks. I was thinking, "Why aren't they racing upward to explode like they usually do?" I asked my cousin, "What ARE those!?" We thought they looked like Chinese lanterns on fire. Then we noticed they weren't going up, they were moving sideways, and I thought it was weird that they seemed to be "caught in the wind" and moving away from where the fireworks would be. I'm not good with direction, but we were facing Fair Park from the parking lot, and these orbs were moving past us, in the direction behind us. They were not moving quickly. They never seemed to stop moving but taking their very sweet time, maybe going about 20-30 mph. Everyone was staring at them, trying to figure out what they were. They were reminiscent of tail lights on a car, but far apart from each other. They were also hovering rather low, which is the other reason I discerned they weren't fireworks. Low, slow moving, and non-exploding. And then I got impatient waiting for the fireworks and forgot all about them. Until the next day. My brother in law arrived at my house to pick up his kids and he sat down and said, "I SAW something last night." The kids were around so he was hesitant to go into detail at first but I instantly knew what he was talking about. I told him to tell me what he saw, and he described EXACTLY what my cousin and I saw, and he lives at LEAST 30 minutes away from where we saw them. And it was at the exact same time.


Witness photo, MUFON Case # 40293

MUFON Case # 40293
Location: Dallas, Texas
Date of Sighting: 07/05/2012
Time of Sighting: 12:00
Viewing Distance: Unknown
Sighting Duration: Undisclosed
Object Flight Path: Hovering then path, Straight-line path
Object Shape:     Fireball, Sphere, lights
Summary: Two glowing red-orange orb-like hovering

For fourth of July, we went to Fair Park in Dallas to see the fireworks. While getting ready before they began the show, we noticed two red lights a little off in the distance. I made a passing joke about UFO's, until we noticed they were progressively getting closer, proving they weren't fireworks because they were moving sideways and didn't explode. They were moving between 20-40 mph and were not that far above us. At one point they were directly above us. I looked away for a moment, and when I looked back they were completely vanished. I was able to take two photos on my cell phone that make them appear a little farther than they were, but they look exactly like so many other descriptions I have read from sighting all across the country.


MUFON Case # 40200
Location: Aledo, Texas
Date of Sighting: 07/04/2012
Time of Sighting: 10:07
Viewing Distance: Over One Mile
Sighting Duration: 12 seconds
Object Flight Path: Path with directional change
Object Shape: Unknown, light
Summary: Orb shape, Faster than a plane, but slower than fight jet. Just out of focus of a10x50 binocs.

My sister-in-law, brother and myself were lighting fireworks in their back yard.She got our attention about a light in the south east. My brother commented wouldn't that be wild if that was a Ufo. I live behind their home and I was able to grab my binoculars and focus in on it. My binocts are 10x50 and there were not any green and red required Faa lights to be seen by naked eye or by my binocts. This Orb traveled from the South East towards the North West. It seemed to have a slight right turn and made no noise. This Orb had a solid orange-yellow glow. I wasn't sure what it was, but I can tell what it wasn't. I've seen the Military C-130s to F18s,F22s, cargo copters to light prop planes going to or from Dallas / Loves field This Orb traveled faster than a plane, but slower than fighter jets inbound or outbound from airport. This all happened in just seconds. taking a guess this was over in 11 sec or a bit more before it went behind our tree. To describe my feelings and mind set, I was energized This whole event Started 10:06or :07 and was over about 12secs later. +++++++++++------------


MUFON Case # 40557
Location: Houston, Texas
Date of Sighting: 07/07/2012
Time of Sighting: 01:30
Viewing Distance: Unknown
Sighting Duration: 00:10:00
Object Flight Path: Stationary,Path then hovering
Object Shape:     Disc, Saucer
Summary: around 1:30pm i noticed a cloud forming then a silver object emerged. I grabbed binoculars and notice that it was saucer shaped. then it disapeared in the cloud and the cloud vanished along with the object.

around 1:30pm I was sitting in the back yard starring up in the sky when i noticed a cloud forming. After it formed a silver object appeared. I watched while this object started to move away from the cloud and start to move back and forth and then it hovered. I realized this was not an airplane so i went and grabbed my binoculars and zoomed in on it. The object was saucer shaped and the sun was gleaming off it. after awhile the object moved back in the cloud and the cloud vanished along with the object. I tried to get the sighting recorded but was unable to see the object. I have had many sightings over my life time and have learned to take notes.I was a witness to the '97 phoenix sighting while a truck driver. That object passed over me and i swear it was at least a mile wide. The object i saw today could only be seen with sunglasses.

Source of Reports: MUFON


Editor's note:  Please folks, when reporting a UFO sighting, it helps immensely if you give as much information as possible, as in location, what direction, how far away the object(s) were and how long you viewed the object (even if you have to make a "guesstimate").   We need to know "where, when, what, how high, how far, how long, speed, direction, size of object, color, description, etc."
Please read: How to Report a UFO Sighting.  Thank you. -Sunny


Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Days After- A Survival Guide



I have received emails from folks asking what to do if a disaster strikes; most were concerned with "end of the world" scenarios.  Well, if it's the end of the world, will anyone survive?  If you do, you'll need a few skills, or at least a survivalist mindset.  So I have decided to address this topic and make a few suggestions.

If you are like me and can't afford a defunct missile silo, or a remolded bunker as your posh holocaust getaway, then you might want to consider alternatives, such as the nearest root cellar and/or living by your wits.

I'm not saying that the world as we know it is going to end but disasters do happen.  I am not going to hold my breath and wait for some 'alien craft' to snatch me up, then whisk me and my family to safety.  No, surviving is going to be up to me.

So what do you do in case of a major calamity?  Well first off, you need to be prepared and it helps if you know how to live off the land.  If that isn't an option, then aside from a plethora of weaponry and a stockpile of ammunition, you are going to need fresh drinking water... and plenty of it.  Figure at least 1 gallon of water, per person, per day. That's for drinking, not bathing.  Yeah, your gonna get ripe after the first month, so let's hope this disaster doesn't last very long.

You can strain and boil water for drinking, or disinfect water.  If you have water purifying tablets*, that is fine, if you can't light a fire. You will also need containers for your water.  Clean one gallon milk jugs will do fine, just so long as you don't throw away the caps!  Screw on tops are even better.  If you thought ahead, maybe you have already purchased one gallon jugs of water, in bulk.

OK, so you have your drinking water, what's next?  Food.  MREs (meals ready to eat) are darned expensive but there are frugal alternatives.  Canned goods right off the store shelves do have a shelf life but they can last from 2 to 5 years, so stock up.  Hey, you can rotate them out and consume as needed now but replace with a fresh stock.  Figure on at least 2-3 cans per person, per day. And please, don't forget the can opener.  You know, one of those that requires no electricity. 

Food stuffs that come in cans and sealed jars:
Vegetables (assorted, such as beans, corn, peas, asparagus, etc.)
Fruits (assorted, such as peaches, pears, cherries, etc.)
Peanut butter
The list goes on...

Flour, cornmeal, rice and sugar stores well (kept dry) and so do some dried beans, pasta and potato flakes, though after a while, pinto beans get a bit hard.  I suggest you have plenty of glass containers that seal tight.  You don't want weevils, etc., unless you need the added protein.

Speaking of protein, dried meats such as jerky will be a big plus.  So are peanuts, cashews and other assorted nuts. Make sure everything is stored in stout, sealed containers.  You can also buy powdered eggs in a can.  Check the expiration dates!

Okay now, your tummy is full, so don't forget the toilet paper!

Now where were we... Oh yes.  Survival isn't just eating and enough water to sustain you, or TP to... well, you know.

To survive properly, you need clothing that is going to be of some protection.  We aren't Bigfoots, so we need proper attire.  Post apocalyptic wear calls for comfortable yet sturdy boots, tough pants such as jeans (not cut-offs) and long sleeved shirts. Oh, and don't forget a hat. You also might want to have some sturdy work gloves too.  When chopping wood for a fire, you don't want blisters on your hands.

Why do you need a weapon after a major disaster?  Aside from protection from pedators (including the two-legged kind), you might want to go hunting for fresh meat.

If it is winter, you are going to need blankets, parkas, and anything else that can keep you warm and protect you from hypothermia.

OK, so now we are properly attired, we also tools.  Here's a list of necessities:

First aid kit (stocked well: see link below)
Spoon & fork
can opener
Cooking pans
Camp stove (or learn to build a campfire: See link below)
Hatchet (axe)
Machete (also a weapon against zombies)
Guns and ammo (lots and lots)
Knives (assorted)
Screw driver, wrench, sockets, etc. (in case you need to repair your transportation, or the generator you bought in case the electricity goes out.)

Other essentials:
Hammer & nails
Shovel (for the latrine, etc.)

Um, if you have to be mobile, you will probably need a way to haul all this stuff, so you will need an vehicle, or at least a small wagon. 

Unless you own stock in Exxon, I suggest you store up as much petrol (gasoline) as possible but not in your house!  You also need batteries for the flashlight and lantern (unless it is a kerosene lamp, then you need... kerosene!)

If your house is destroyed and you can't get your neighbor to allow you to bunk with him in his cozy cave, then I suggest you pack a tent, or learn to make a teepee out of branches (the axe comes in handy here), vines and moss.  If you are in the dessert, cactus may make a good fence but it's lousy building material.

Two, three or more heads are better than one and that equates to a lot more hands also, so if you have obliging neighbors, or find other survivors you can get along with, then there is more safety in numbers; more guns too!

If there is radiation, well, sorry.  Unless you have one and can wear a radiation suit, 24/7, then just do the best you can, as long as you can.

If you have medical issues and take medications, see if you can stock up, at least a 3 month supply. 

Remember, you need food, water, shelter and protection!
OK, so we can't all be Bert Gummer but we can make do with what we have, even if it is just a sharp knife and a will to live.

Here are some handy links for those who want to know more, plus complete lists of survival needs and "how to" links:

Be prepared:

How to:


Other how to links (survival is dirty business.  If you don't stockpile processed food, you have to do things the hard way.  The following links are not intended for children!):

For some of you, my list is incomplete but you can build on what I offer and what you find through the links I have provided.  There are many more sites and much more information on the internet.

I hope and pray such disasters never occur in our life time, or our children's, or your children's children but if it happens, be prepared.  Survive.  Rebuild.

-Sunny Williams

* Denotes a site where you can purchase said item but since I do not promote advertisements, you will have to Google it.


Update: "White Sphere Over Aransas Pass, Texas" - A Pilot Reports Sphere Over Goliad


I received this email from a pilot, confirming a report made by a witness who observed a white sphere flying over Aransas Pass, Texas, March 10, 2011.

"I was reading the post on your site by the person who observed a bright spherical object on March 2011 that moved from west to east overhead where he or she lives in Aransas Pass, Texas. That town is on the bay northeast of Corpus Christi, and it is about 40 miles south-southeast as the crow flies from where I live in Goliad, Texas.

The way that object was described precisely fits the description of an object I saw from my home in Goliad on or around the same day. It was traveling west to east around the same date. The object was a bright sphere of solid white light. As it moved toward the east, its appearance changed to look sort of like a smaller version of a crescent moon for a few seconds before it completely blacked out, like somebody turned the light off with a rheostat dial switch. It didn't go black instantly but turned black over a couple of seconds after it changed to the crescent appearance. I'm convinced that what I saw was the same as what they saw in Aransas Pass, which means it was pretty big, whatever it was.

I am a pilot, so I know what airplanes and helicopters look like. This couldn't have been a conventional aircraft because it was very big and it did not have the required lights for an aircraft flying in our airspace."

[Name withheld by SW/LITS]
Goliad, Texas

Read the original report:
White Sphere Over Aransas Pass, Texas


Friday, July 6, 2012

"Among the Spirits" - Recommended Reading


Irene Allen-Block
Might I recommend an excellent book to all my readers.

It isn't about UFOs but it is about one woman's journey through life, speaking with spirits.

The story is told by the author herself, my dear friend and mentor, and founder of Spirit Rescue International™ , Irene Allen-Block.


Among the Spirits

Authored by Irene Allen-Block

If the title suggests a nice warm heart rendering book about being surrounded by spirits then you're in for a real surprise. From the age of 4 Irene saw and spoke with the dead, and by the time she had moved to London aged 9 she was helping spirits move to the light, well the good ones anyway. Imagine being that age and confronted by Demons. This is one woman's terrifying story about the tormented souls that have been with her for most of her life. However, it's more than a book about naughty ghosts; it's an honest, down to earth account of Irene's life, including her mischievous teenage years, her journey into the paranormal and the tormented dark side of the paranormal that is hardly ever spoken about. Let's not forget that wherever there is good, there is bad AND this lady has a habit of encountering the bad spirit out there. This is why she created Spirit Rescue International, a worldwide agency dedicated to helping rid the world of the bad spirits, the demons and the tortured souls that choose to hang around and torment the living. From demons to devilish poltergeists Irene and her team have solved cases all over the world using their natural gifts AND scientific remote viewing. This book is a must read, if you want to know the real truth about how to get rid of spirit then this is the book for you.
- Paul Stevenson - Haunted Magazine

Please order your copy here.

Note: All proceeds go to book publishing, maintenance of the S.R.I. website and various charities. -Sunny 

Book Review:  Exceptional, inspiring!

"Among the Spirits" is an autobiography by Irene Allen-Block, a true, open and honest account of her life as a Ghost Whisperer.  Today, the seemingly typical housewife, Irene is so much more.

From the age of four, Irene has been able to see, hear and interact with spirits; the souls, the essence of deceased human beings.  But there is a darker side, the negative, the demonic that has tested her in a battle of wills, to save both the living and the dead.

Irene has the ability to do a clearing, the removal and sending to the light, those spirits that need to move on. When desperate home owners plagued by hauntings have reached out to her, she is there to help.  Since Irene is an accomplished remote viewer, she doesn't even need to be physically present to do what needs to be done.

Several years ago, Irene Allen-Block started Spirit Rescue International™, which is a non-profit, world-wide organization.  This organization, based in Southern Wales, UK, has a wide membership, a few of which are hand-picked by Irene, as her "team".  The S.R.I. Team is composed of psychics, researchers and experts in fields such as Science, Spiritualism, cryptozoology and ufology. 

S.R.I never charges their clients.  The help is free and it's only a phone call or an email away.

I ordered Irene's book, "Among the Spirits". I received the book within a week and began to read. I must make note here, that I happen to be a team member for S.R.I.. I call Irene my dear friend and also the "boss lady" but having read her book, it has really opened my eyes and I now know more about Irene and her work.

"Among the Spirits" is a truly inspiring story, of a young girl growing up in a world that many may experience in hauntings but a world few ever see.  Underneath Irene's tough exterior lies a golden heart and much love for everyone. 

Irene has inspired me to be the best I can be, as I am sure she will inspire you.  Thank you, Irene.

-Sunny Williams



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