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Texas UFO Sightings- First Week of July, 2012


Witnesses around Texas report UFO sightings, during the first week of July, 2012.

Originally posted to MUFON, these reports are reprinted here, as is, with no corrections. -SW

MUFON Case # 40307
Location: Dalls, Texas
Date of Sighting: 07/04/2012
Time of Sighting: 09:22 p.m.
Viewing Distance: Unknown
Sighting Duration: Undisclosed
Object Flight Path: Hovering then path
Object Shape: Sphere, disc, hovering lights
Summary: Red/orange glowing, hovering orbs on 4th of July pre-fireworks

On the 4th of July, we went to see the fireworks at Fair Park in Dallas. We parked in a church parking lot at the corner of Gurley Ave and Carroll. Many other people were parked here as well. I noticed two red/orange slow-moving orbs, or what I first thought were fireworks. I was thinking, "Why aren't they racing upward to explode like they usually do?" I asked my cousin, "What ARE those!?" We thought they looked like Chinese lanterns on fire. Then we noticed they weren't going up, they were moving sideways, and I thought it was weird that they seemed to be "caught in the wind" and moving away from where the fireworks would be. I'm not good with direction, but we were facing Fair Park from the parking lot, and these orbs were moving past us, in the direction behind us. They were not moving quickly. They never seemed to stop moving but taking their very sweet time, maybe going about 20-30 mph. Everyone was staring at them, trying to figure out what they were. They were reminiscent of tail lights on a car, but far apart from each other. They were also hovering rather low, which is the other reason I discerned they weren't fireworks. Low, slow moving, and non-exploding. And then I got impatient waiting for the fireworks and forgot all about them. Until the next day. My brother in law arrived at my house to pick up his kids and he sat down and said, "I SAW something last night." The kids were around so he was hesitant to go into detail at first but I instantly knew what he was talking about. I told him to tell me what he saw, and he described EXACTLY what my cousin and I saw, and he lives at LEAST 30 minutes away from where we saw them. And it was at the exact same time.


Witness photo, MUFON Case # 40293

MUFON Case # 40293
Location: Dallas, Texas
Date of Sighting: 07/05/2012
Time of Sighting: 12:00
Viewing Distance: Unknown
Sighting Duration: Undisclosed
Object Flight Path: Hovering then path, Straight-line path
Object Shape:     Fireball, Sphere, lights
Summary: Two glowing red-orange orb-like hovering

For fourth of July, we went to Fair Park in Dallas to see the fireworks. While getting ready before they began the show, we noticed two red lights a little off in the distance. I made a passing joke about UFO's, until we noticed they were progressively getting closer, proving they weren't fireworks because they were moving sideways and didn't explode. They were moving between 20-40 mph and were not that far above us. At one point they were directly above us. I looked away for a moment, and when I looked back they were completely vanished. I was able to take two photos on my cell phone that make them appear a little farther than they were, but they look exactly like so many other descriptions I have read from sighting all across the country.


MUFON Case # 40200
Location: Aledo, Texas
Date of Sighting: 07/04/2012
Time of Sighting: 10:07
Viewing Distance: Over One Mile
Sighting Duration: 12 seconds
Object Flight Path: Path with directional change
Object Shape: Unknown, light
Summary: Orb shape, Faster than a plane, but slower than fight jet. Just out of focus of a10x50 binocs.

My sister-in-law, brother and myself were lighting fireworks in their back yard.She got our attention about a light in the south east. My brother commented wouldn't that be wild if that was a Ufo. I live behind their home and I was able to grab my binoculars and focus in on it. My binocts are 10x50 and there were not any green and red required Faa lights to be seen by naked eye or by my binocts. This Orb traveled from the South East towards the North West. It seemed to have a slight right turn and made no noise. This Orb had a solid orange-yellow glow. I wasn't sure what it was, but I can tell what it wasn't. I've seen the Military C-130s to F18s,F22s, cargo copters to light prop planes going to or from Dallas / Loves field This Orb traveled faster than a plane, but slower than fighter jets inbound or outbound from airport. This all happened in just seconds. taking a guess this was over in 11 sec or a bit more before it went behind our tree. To describe my feelings and mind set, I was energized This whole event Started 10:06or :07 and was over about 12secs later. +++++++++++------------


MUFON Case # 40557
Location: Houston, Texas
Date of Sighting: 07/07/2012
Time of Sighting: 01:30
Viewing Distance: Unknown
Sighting Duration: 00:10:00
Object Flight Path: Stationary,Path then hovering
Object Shape:     Disc, Saucer
Summary: around 1:30pm i noticed a cloud forming then a silver object emerged. I grabbed binoculars and notice that it was saucer shaped. then it disapeared in the cloud and the cloud vanished along with the object.

around 1:30pm I was sitting in the back yard starring up in the sky when i noticed a cloud forming. After it formed a silver object appeared. I watched while this object started to move away from the cloud and start to move back and forth and then it hovered. I realized this was not an airplane so i went and grabbed my binoculars and zoomed in on it. The object was saucer shaped and the sun was gleaming off it. after awhile the object moved back in the cloud and the cloud vanished along with the object. I tried to get the sighting recorded but was unable to see the object. I have had many sightings over my life time and have learned to take notes.I was a witness to the '97 phoenix sighting while a truck driver. That object passed over me and i swear it was at least a mile wide. The object i saw today could only be seen with sunglasses.

Source of Reports: MUFON


Editor's note:  Please folks, when reporting a UFO sighting, it helps immensely if you give as much information as possible, as in location, what direction, how far away the object(s) were and how long you viewed the object (even if you have to make a "guesstimate").   We need to know "where, when, what, how high, how far, how long, speed, direction, size of object, color, description, etc."
Please read: How to Report a UFO Sighting.  Thank you. -Sunny


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