Saturday, July 28, 2012

Video: Strange Circular Clouds Near Hawaii. 7-25-2012

Image capture, enhanced.  Click image to enlarge.


Video Link

I received an email from the person who video recorded this unusal cloud formation.  Here is what he had to say:

July 25, 2012 - Hawaii

"I filmed this very strange cloud formation yesterday outside of my home in Hawaii. I'm finding it difficult to see how this could have naturally occurred.
Maybe you can look it over and find out? Or post it to your website and someone there might be able to explain?

At the very least its quite interesting, no media reports were made of it either..

We welcome you polite commentary. -Sunny


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  1. I have only seen this once before..

    I watched from my front yard with my wife as it was being laid out.

    I was called outside by my wife in the middle of the afternoon about 2 months ago. As I walked out the door, she said "look at this, what is he doing?".

    I look south (over the lake) to where she was pointing and there it was. I caught it about half way through its job, leave a perfect (what I will call a circular chemtrail for lack of a better term)


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