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"Among the Spirits" - Recommended Reading


Irene Allen-Block
Might I recommend an excellent book to all my readers.

It isn't about UFOs but it is about one woman's journey through life, speaking with spirits.

The story is told by the author herself, my dear friend and mentor, and founder of Spirit Rescue International™ , Irene Allen-Block.


Among the Spirits

Authored by Irene Allen-Block

If the title suggests a nice warm heart rendering book about being surrounded by spirits then you're in for a real surprise. From the age of 4 Irene saw and spoke with the dead, and by the time she had moved to London aged 9 she was helping spirits move to the light, well the good ones anyway. Imagine being that age and confronted by Demons. This is one woman's terrifying story about the tormented souls that have been with her for most of her life. However, it's more than a book about naughty ghosts; it's an honest, down to earth account of Irene's life, including her mischievous teenage years, her journey into the paranormal and the tormented dark side of the paranormal that is hardly ever spoken about. Let's not forget that wherever there is good, there is bad AND this lady has a habit of encountering the bad spirit out there. This is why she created Spirit Rescue International, a worldwide agency dedicated to helping rid the world of the bad spirits, the demons and the tortured souls that choose to hang around and torment the living. From demons to devilish poltergeists Irene and her team have solved cases all over the world using their natural gifts AND scientific remote viewing. This book is a must read, if you want to know the real truth about how to get rid of spirit then this is the book for you.
- Paul Stevenson - Haunted Magazine

Please order your copy here.

Note: All proceeds go to book publishing, maintenance of the S.R.I. website and various charities. -Sunny 

Book Review:  Exceptional, inspiring!

"Among the Spirits" is an autobiography by Irene Allen-Block, a true, open and honest account of her life as a Ghost Whisperer.  Today, the seemingly typical housewife, Irene is so much more.

From the age of four, Irene has been able to see, hear and interact with spirits; the souls, the essence of deceased human beings.  But there is a darker side, the negative, the demonic that has tested her in a battle of wills, to save both the living and the dead.

Irene has the ability to do a clearing, the removal and sending to the light, those spirits that need to move on. When desperate home owners plagued by hauntings have reached out to her, she is there to help.  Since Irene is an accomplished remote viewer, she doesn't even need to be physically present to do what needs to be done.

Several years ago, Irene Allen-Block started Spirit Rescue International™, which is a non-profit, world-wide organization.  This organization, based in Southern Wales, UK, has a wide membership, a few of which are hand-picked by Irene, as her "team".  The S.R.I. Team is composed of psychics, researchers and experts in fields such as Science, Spiritualism, cryptozoology and ufology. 

S.R.I never charges their clients.  The help is free and it's only a phone call or an email away.

I ordered Irene's book, "Among the Spirits". I received the book within a week and began to read. I must make note here, that I happen to be a team member for S.R.I.. I call Irene my dear friend and also the "boss lady" but having read her book, it has really opened my eyes and I now know more about Irene and her work.

"Among the Spirits" is a truly inspiring story, of a young girl growing up in a world that many may experience in hauntings but a world few ever see.  Underneath Irene's tough exterior lies a golden heart and much love for everyone. 

Irene has inspired me to be the best I can be, as I am sure she will inspire you.  Thank you, Irene.

-Sunny Williams


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